[APPROVED] NEAR Ecosystem in Minecraft

Project: Near Ecosystem in Minecraft

Funding scheme: Monthly

Value for the Near community
The goal of the project is to set up a Minecraft server that will teach the NEAR ecosystem in a simple game.

We are here to fulfill certain goals and objectives on a regular basis:

Attracting new audiences to the Near ecosystem

Educating people on web 3 technologies and in particular Near

Writing basic tutorials example: creating a wallet Near (how to create a wallet directly from inside of meincraft, the order of steps)

Creating an entertaining gaming space that is comfortable for web 2 and web 3 users

Collect information from major projects built on Near, collect all related information to post on the Minecraft server

Also smaller projects in the Near ecosystem will be able to rent huts built on the spawnpoint in order to put information about their project there
Rental period - from the beginning of the rental period to the 1st day of the next month
price - 2Near (the first month the price will not change)

Introduction of the project team

We are participants from different countries

Participants and their roles:
@Plufix - project coordinator and active forum representation, collaboration agent, guide writing, Discord and Telegram channel
[Community manager. last/current project: Telegram | Discord | Twitter ]
[previously had a paid server “Plufix land” term - 8 months]

@Nemesel - system administrator of the project, connection of different addons needed for the project, server management.
[previously engaged in server management “Plufix land” term - 8 months].

We are just starting to set up our social media accounts, but at this point we are well prepared to open channels with a high quality professional approach. .

Telegram channel

Telegram chat

Discord server

A few problems that are solved by this proposal:

Attracting a new web2 audience to our Near ecosystem, no similar projects have been discovered before.

Teaching different, basic functions of nir ecosystem in a playful way. Which will enable even a child to create a wallet Near.

Fun platform for any member of Near ecosystem. Work in the ecosystem abounds, we can offer all participants to join and have a good time on our server

By following these simple steps, we will constantly bring joy to the projects on Near, their teams and users.

Metrics for tracking results:

Number of subscribers on
Telegram - 70 members
Discord - 20-40
-At least 7 roles and 20 servers on our Discord channel
Constant online on the server 10-15 people

number of participants in the competition - we will record and analyse these figures month by month.

Interactive media:

  • AMA - 1 per month
    count of listeners;

  • Telegram 5 posts per week

  • Discord 5 publications per week

Funding details

Manage the whole project and actively provide on the forum, conduct discord and telegram channels, search for players traffic on the server, writing tutorials = 400 usd/month

server management, connection/setup necessary plugins server design = 200 usd

server costs - 50$

additional rewards for extra effort and results for the community - 50 usd

= 700 usd for 1 month

Near Wallet ID : nearminecraft.near


How many people from w2 would you like onboard in w3?


after discussion with my team I can set our first goal as to attract 100-150 people.
I have an experience of work with Human Guild as well as in other similar gaming projects.
Also happy to attach here files of our first results on the server :slight_smile:


Great idea @Plufix , looking forward to see it in action :fire:


Thanks for the feedback, hopefully we will open the server to the public in the very near future


Hey @Plufix,

Creative angle with the proposal. Sounds interesting.

Can you outline the steps and deliverables for each training you’re module you’re creating? I’m just trying to understand the nature of training:

What are the core subjects + learning objectives

What is the medium of delivery?
Video, infographics, guides, etc

How the rental program works and how do you intend on growing the community?

This is an interesting one- looking forward to understanding the project a bit more.


my kid likes playing Minecraft a lot. and they are watching other play for hours lol.
some serious amount of Minecraft players out there.

I like the idea of promoting simple blockchain and Near Protocol stuff out there in a simple but visually attractive attractive and rewarding way but I would like to ask a couple of questions:
1- how many Minecraft Online servers out there?
2- do most online minecraft players play on official servers or are there other non-official ones?
3- how many daily average players be online on those servers?
3- what are our goals regarding the topics above?


Hello, we already have a marketing plan and the idea of its implementation.
As stated in the proposal I have experience with servers (about 8 months) management and adaptation to the players was at a decent level.

On marketing:
I have my own Twitch channel which has the status of “companion” As well as about 350 subscribers (plufix), in addition to this on my channel there are many familiar streamers who played on my last server and will be invited to the opening day of the server “Near ecosystem in minecraft” that immediately gives a big boost.
The second phase.
Placing the server on the server monitoring sites Minecraft, which will also help attract new and new audiences.
The third stage.

Creating Twitter and Tick-Tock, creating content on these resources and attracting an audience from there.

Learning Objectives:
Every player, even without knowing anything about web3, will show up at the respawn point and see very nice buildings with their descriptions and links to resources (Near Foundation example).
In addition to easy and playful learning Ecosystem Near, we will help create a wallet (will be made entire guide on Meinkraft, which will be described step by step: a link to the purse Near and further guidance. And you will be able to open this guide directly in Meinkraft, as well as a link that will further transfer to the wallet Near.

Rental program:
Large projects such as : Aurora, Pagoda, Near Foundation , Proximity labs will be 100%. But any other project that will be or already built on the Near protocol, can rent land at the spawnpoint and place their resources there, this will help them attract new audience and spread information about their project.
Rental price : 2Near
Rental period : until the 1st of the next month

I hope I was able to answer your questions. I’d also love to hear your feedback or suggestions.

  1. There are a lot of servers, not one thousand and probably not a million
  2. Yes, there are also unofficial servers (we just will not be official - it gives a big advantage, as players who can not buy a Meinkraft vcevshe can still play it and go to our server)
    Just on the non-official servers plays on a lot more players than the official.
    Found the statistics on the Internet, which writes more than 112 million people play in Meinkraft every month.
  3. Our goal is in addition to the usual gameplay (which will also be no less fun), training any player who came to the server to teach the nir ecosystem and dazhn make the first step - to create a wallet.
    Perhaps in the future, it will also be useful to send to the server people from the ecosystem in order to demonstrate projects ecosystem in a game and a unique format

thank you, looks like a good marketing opportunity to tell youngsters about web3 and Near

sorry but I’m still missing this

which will be our target server (or will there be multiple servers)? how many average players are logging in daily to that server?


At this stage we are busy equipping the server that would be all the amenities for players and our plans exactly realized (screenshots above)
Server will be only 1, if it will definitely work as we plan then it will be possible then to connect a few servers for the mini-games - this will naturally increase costs but I think will attract more audience.

Always glad to hear feedback, suggestions.


it has to be approved
just in order to perform such an experiment

i suggest you @Plufix to have a person who can help you with report and more important - with its analyzing

good luck!


Thank you for this feedback, we may need another person on the team in the future who is very familiar with the basic mechanics of attracting an audience and analysing how we attract an audience. For now, I’m taking this job on myself.


Hey guys,

We already have a Minecraft server and we’d be happy to host your creation for free. This would allow you to avoid paying server costs and it would also allow you to invite our existing community to engage with your content too

Our Minecraft server already has NFT-utility and Play-and-Earn integration. We are currently using Ethereum and Enjin, but we’re planning on integrating all of our games into NEAR, if we can get a grant.

Here’s some more info…
Minecraft - Survival Infinity | MyMetaverse
Other games - Play NFT Games and Participate in Gaming Experiences | MyMetaverse


That’s cool!!
What do you think of making AMA and contest during preparation? :slight_smile:

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It 's a great idea to teach and introduce people to WEB 3.0 . Do you have any experience or knowledge in the field of WEB 3.0 ? If so, where did you get them or where did you work in this field? How will you attract new users?
Thx :blush:


Good afternoon, I don’t want to upset you but I recommend you to read Mojang’s article about the NFT garter ban. It can hurt the ecosystem and its reputation, it’s a very thin line in Minecraft and cryptocurrency, that’s why I started doing it myself. I have experience in running servers in Minecraft as well as legal experience, that’s why I’m approaching it with maximum caution.

But thank you for the offer, but as you can see we are on the server will represent the face of Near, on this need to treat with maximum responsibility.

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Of course I have experience with both web2 and web3 players.
As for marketing, there is an answer above, I will be glad if you read it.

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Yes, we’ve had our Minecraft server and NFT integration live for about 4 years now. Our NFTs have always been mainly free-to-play-and-earn and we have no cryptocurrency embedded in the game, real value currency is the only thing actually stipulated to be against the rules in the EULA.

As for NFTs, we saw a lot of predatory NFT projects start to launch in Minecraft this year and we knew Mojang wouldn’t like it. As predicted, they have come out and confirmed that publically.

Now we will continue to build responsibly until such time Mojang reaches out to us directly and we can explain the value of having lightly-monetized, non-pay-to-win NFTs in their platform, as opposed to the overtly monetized DeFi-focussed projects that have been undermining their business model.

Obviously, we can’t be sure how that conversation will go, but we are more than prepared for it. In fact, we’re looking forward to it :slight_smile:

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What experience do you have in WEB 3? What project did you work on and for what time? I want to learn how to work in WEB3, so I need a good teacher. :blush:
Thx :blush:

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