[Approved] NDC V1 Application from OnboardDAO | HOM-004P-1-1-1 Ecosystem

Near Digital Collective Application Form | Onboard DAO

Section 1 - DAO/Project Information

  • Organisation Name: OnboardDAO
  • Proposal Title: OnboardDAO: Enhancing User Onboarding and Wallet Integration in the NEAR Ecosystem
  • Establishment Date: October 2022
  • DAO’s Category: Ecosystem/Technical Development
  • Project’s Category: Wallet Integration, Technical Infrastructure, Community Led
  • Proposal in Slide Format: onboarddao.org/ndc-slide
  • Original Long Form Proposal OnboardDAO NDC v1 Proposal - Google Docs

Section 2. Previous Funding

Previous Funding: Onboard DAO as an entity has not received any direct funding from any source. Different startups affiliated with Onboard DAO have received grants, startup capital and members have won hackathons.

Section 3. DAO URLs

Section 4. Applicant Information

Section 5 & 6. Team Members & Experience

Council Members:

All our council members each have years of experience in the Web3 space as well as running business or working in Web2 companies. Every council member has had a major impact in the onboarding and wallet space and have founded relevant NEAR native products in the space.

Outside, as we open up memberships we are making sure to have exposure and representation from eveyr major Wllaet team and onboarding infrastructure.

Section 7. DAO/Project Charter/White or Litepaper and Goals

  • Project Overview:
    • Mission: To simplify user onboarding and enhance wallet integration in the NEAR ecosystem.
    • Vision: To become a leading DAO in driving user adoption and technical innovation within the NEAR blockchain.
    • Core Programs: Development of user-friendly wallet interfaces, integration tools, innovation incentive programs for chain + account abstraction + onboarding, and community engagement programs.
    • Team: A diverse team of NEAR experts, developers, and community advocates.
  • Problem Being Addressed: Addressing the complexity of user onboarding and lack of seamless wallet integration in the NEAR ecosystem.
  • DAO/Project Charter: OnboardDAO Charter
  • Alignment with NDC’s Priorities and Goals: Our projects align with NDC’s vision of enhancing onboarding, conversion, and user retention by financially supporting strategic projects that fostering technical innovation in the NEAR ecosystem.

Section 8. Budget

  • Projected Budget: $70,500 for the next three months, allocated to software development, community events, and operational expenses.
  • Project Duration and Commitment:
    • Funding through this proposal is expected to last for 3 months, with the team working part-time
  • Remuneration: The team will receive a small stipend for facilitationg the standing up in the DAO, so we can achieve things.

Budget Spreadsheet OnboardDAO NDC v1 Funding Request / Budget - Google Sheets


OnboardDAO aims to undertake a multi-faceted project to enhance the NEAR ecosystem’s user experience, focusing on wallet accessibility and functionality. This 3-month initiative encompasses the establishment of a general fund to support wallet-related projects that align with OnboardDAO’s vision.

General Fund for Wallet Support and Onboarding Initiatives:

  • Objective: To provide financial support to wallet projects and onboarding initiatives that are crucial for the ecosystem.
  • Key Actions:
    • Establish a fund allocation process, including application, review, and approval stages for wallet projects.
    • Identify key onboarding initiatives that align with OnboardDAO’s mission. Pushing the limits of NEAR as an open web stack and providing necessary funding and resources.
    • Monitor and evaluate the impact of funded projects on the NEAR ecosystem.

Metrics for Success

To accurately measure the success of OnboardDAO’s General Fund, the following refined metrics are proposed:

  • Impact on User Onboarding Experience:

    • Metric: Assess improvements in the user onboarding experience across funded projects, focusing on user ease-of-use and satisfaction.
    • Goal: Significantly enhance the onboarding process, making it more intuitive, user-friendly, and appealing to new users.
  • Acquisition Efficiency:

    • Metric: Determine the Acquisition Cost per Active User, which is the average expense incurred to acquire each active user.
    • Goal: Strive to reduce the acquisition cost per user, indicating that the fund is being used efficiently to attract and onboard users effectively.
  • User Retention and Engagement:

    • Metric: Monitor the number of new accounts that stay active for at least one week and interact with a minimum of three different dApps.
    • Goal: Increase this metric to illustrate that users are not only staying within the ecosystem but are also actively exploring and engaging with various dApps.
  • Social Engagement Score:

    • Metric: Develop a score based on user activities like profile setup, content posting, and interactions on social media platforms linked to the NEAR ecosystem.
    • Goal: Enhance this score to demonstrate a vibrant, interactive community, indicating successful outreach and engagement.

Project Timeline

  • Months 1-3: Setup and initial support for eligible projects and initiatives, with ongoing monitoring and assessment.
  • Beyond Month 3: Continuous evaluation and adjustment of the General Fund based on ecosystem needs and project impact assessments.

Section 9. Project/DAO Longevity

OnboardDAO’s Approach to Sustainable Impact

OnboardDAO is dedicated to creating lasting improvements within the NEAR ecosystem. The proposed initiative, spanning three key projects, is designed not only to address immediate needs but also to establish a foundation for ongoing development and support.

General Fund for Wallet and Onboarding Initiatives:

  • Dynamic Funding Model: Regularly assess and adjust the funding model to meet current ecosystem needs.
  • Impact Assessment: Continually evaluate the effectiveness of funded projects and their contribution to the ecosystem.
  • Community Engagement: Foster a sense of ownership and participation among NEAR community members in selecting and supporting projects.

Addressing Potential Roadblocks

  • Adaptation to Ecosystem Changes: Stay attuned to the evolving NEAR ecosystem and adjust strategies accordingly.
  • Ensuring Financial Viability: Continuously seek diverse funding sources to maintain and expand the initiative.
  • Maintaining Relevance: Regularly engage with the NEAR community to ensure the projects remain aligned with user needs and ecosystem developments.

Commitment to the NEAR Ecosystem

  • Council members of OnboardDAO will dedicate their efforts part-time to ensure the success and sustainability of these projects.
  • Open Communication: Maintain transparency with the NEAR community about progress, challenges, and plans for future developments.

As an NDC House Of Merit member, I happy to recommend sponsorship of Onboard DAO.

The wallets and onboarding Near flow is a major part of the ecosystem that should have a dedicated DAO to work with.

The @web3hedge and the team have huge experience in wallet building and proved their work with Onboard DAO through last year.


Checked out a team that’s rock-solid and seasoned – your presence is needed in the NEAR ecosystem!


100% . I will happy to vote the DAO in


If these team was justice league I would say these team have my trust to save the day as all members are well reputable and outstanding heroes.

Smooth :slightly_smiling_face: a well detailed budget, I like it


On chain poll created



Dear @web3hedge ! Your proposal was approved.

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