[Approved] MotionDAO August 2022: Collective Practice, Motion and Encounters [Main]

I start with this image of our first in person encounter already happening in August 2022 just because we are already in motion and yesterday August 8th we swarmed in the K-Format gallery space.

I am aggregating in this proposal several initiations of the unstoppable and prolific body minds of MotionDAO members. We all have been harvesting and sawing seeds of hope with concrete action in the web3 landscape.

This August, we are having this benchmark encounter at Kassel Documenta in collaboration with K-Format Gallery. Some members are appearing in person and others are attending remotely. his month is full of encounters and collaborations, deepening research and development, MotionDAO Edu in Ghent and Brussels…
We are seeing several pieces supported by MotionDAO/Near Collaboration:

These are the MotionDAO instances for support:

Request: 2100 USD

Request: 500 USD

Request: 400 USD

Request: 500 USD

This proposal was rolled from July to August 2022
Request: 400 USD

Request: 500 USD

Request 300 USD

This proposal was rolled from July to August 2022
Request 300 USD


5000 USD

“Because the actor always moves among and in relation to other
acting beings, he is never merely a ‘doer’ but always and at the same time a suferer.
To do and to sufer are like opposite sides of the same coin, and the story that an act
starts is composed of its consequent deeds and suferings. These consequences are
boundless, because action, though it may proceed from nowhere, so to speak, acts
into a medium where every reaction becomes a chain reaction and where every
process is the cause of new processes.”
Arendt, Hannah. The Human Condition.


Hello Motion DAO! Could you please link or share your reports from July? :slight_smile:

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yes, will do in the July proposal!!

Thank you for adding those reports. It is awesome to see that your website is up and always exciting to see all of the great stuff you are all going. I wanted to bring up to you that it is a bit difficult to find all of your reports. It may be beneficial to show all of your deliverables in one overall report as I am having a hard time finding reports for many of the proposed projects:

Dance and the blockchain

seed members meetings

soma yoga sessions

brux4s hub

online interactive performance

DEB/Paris Hub

New York VR

Platoherdro hub

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Hello Adrian, thank you for the feedback and i found this two.
please give us until Monday. One of the main factors is that we just got the July funding in August 10th.

I will be posting them and I will aggregate them on a one report.

Hello Adrian,
All the reports from July are in the comments of the July proposal.
Platohedro Hub and NewYork VR are pensing because their proposals were rolled to August 2022.

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Hey @marlonbarriossolano thanks for providing the reports although I do not see them in one report. Here is a guide on how to properly submit a report so we can have a better understanding of what you are submitting:


I understand the late funding made things difficult in terms of achieving deadlines but the reporting could still be improved regardless.

Yes, thank you, I will put all of them in one report. I just got the last one tonite.

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Thank you! I very much enjoy the unique projects you are bringing to the community. I would like to point out that the proposals are lacking in clear deliverables. This coupled with the difficulty in reporting makes it very hard for moderators to understand where funds are going and what is exactly expected as outcomes from theses funds. As Creatives DAO has been evolving the last few months we have been asking for a list of metrics/deliverables in overall proposals so that when reports come in we can clearly see what was accomplished. You can take a look at the guide here: [GUIDE] How to submit a funding proposal to Creatives DAO

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Hello Adrian, I have made changes to the main proposals and added some important aspects. Let me know if you have specifics feedback about things that we need to improve.

Hi Marlon! Thanks for the updates, I am not able to find the metrics/deliverables in your main proposal.

aha, so, should I create metrics and deliverables for each of the sub proposals from the members??
Each sub proposal has its own deliverables and sometimes expected metrics…can you tell me the ones that are lacking and I will see what can I do?
let me know,

We are looking to see metrics/deliverables located in the main proposal that clearly indicate what will be accomplished with this total amount of funding - so an outline of what will be accomplished across all projects.

perfect; I will create the summary tomorrow 18th. In the aftrenoon.
I am teaching the whole day.
Thank you for the patience,

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Hello Adrian, It will ready tomorrow. I am waiting from some members to add their deliverables and metrics.
Thank you,

Hello MotionDAO!

I’am happy to announce that your proposal follow Creatives DAO Guidelines, and have being approved by the Community Moderators! Please create a poll on the Creatives DAO Astrodao , so that the council can vote. When and if the vote of the council is ‘yes’, approach NF for your payout proposal, following this guideline: [New Process] Community Payouts .

thank you Adrian,
this means a lot to us, the process of discussing deliverables and metrics has been very fruitful.