[APPROVED] MotionDAO April 2022 Request: Growing layers, connecting dots and difficult conversations

April 2022 is a month for consolidation and growth for MotionDAO in many layers: deepening our knowhow, straightening bonds as a community, grounding the work in local contexts and expanding relevance in the web3 space. We took time in March to digest the huge amount to information from the Kernel process and the new process including KYC.
The participation of three members of MotionDAO at Kernel until April 5th is still sending ripples about the relevance of embodied arts and practices to technologically centered groups. We have been welcomed and supported. It feels good. In a way we are helping to heal the cartesian ‘wound’ of the mind-body split with a more dynamic and sophisticated approach to the mind-body-technology-culture continuum.

We are telling and dancing our stories, sharing our vision and we sharing how Near has been an important protagonist in our developments and outcomes. Here some of the slides of the Kernel final showcase (April 1st)

We will be formally pitching our ‘adventures’ and crafting GitGoin grant applications. Lots of work and learnings.
Inspired by Rebecca we will start publishing in Medium and in April we will publish MotionDAO Origin Story and we will continue with several reflexion essays. Stay tuned!

**Our participation in the Kernel “vortex” places MotionDAO at the center stage in the web3 space. This spotlight has demanded huge time investment, labor and effort to keep up with readings, self-organized conversations, fireside meetings, one one one meeting with mentors. **
It had created reframing and understandings.
We feed the discomfort or change happening. Old habits stop working in this space.
This month MotionDAO is teaching workshops for the course Virtual Communities Digital Justice and Social Activism @ York University (Canada) and Collaborative Practices at the Ammerman Center of Art and Technology at Connecticut College (USA) touching the mind-bodies and creating at least 30 new Near wallets. More network effects
Conservations of international partnerships are ongoing in our troubled international context. Cool connections with other DAOs.

We would like to continue supporting Kernel engagement and development of new MotionDAO hubs in Porto(Portugal), Munich (Germany) and Porto Alegre (Brazil)
Marlon, Jeanne and Reyna are sharing an open source short essay of their experience.

Support for Kernel fellow graduating :

@TheQueen , @JeanneB , @marlonbarriossolano
$1000 each
Kernel fellows support: $2700

MotionDAO hubs: connecting dots

MotionDAO@Brussels Hub

@stefmeul continues the consolidation of the MotionDAO@Brussels Hub building network, contacting artists and planning workspace/gallery residencies through our residency wildcards program.

Invitation to Motiondao member Mariana Carranza @mcpoieses from Forest Stillness project at rezgauche.be and mint an nft tree as a residency wildcard.
Development of the MotionDAO AIR in Brussels open to MotionDAO members.

Overview of rezgauche.be artists network: Kumu

50% support for cost or residency. **Total 400 $** –

MotionDAO@Medellin Hub

Alessandro, Motion Dao Member

“Conversaciones difíciles” | Difficult Conversations

Launching of Two online video stream conversations with members of Motion DAO, 2 or 3 persons for session focussed on the different kinds of experiences of ‘hispanidad’ in a global art web3 community. Some part of budget is to pay the guests, host, technical stuff and documenting. The conversations will be in Spanish.

Total $400

MotionDAO@Munich Hub

@mcpoieses @solsista

Working on consolidating the Munich, Coburg with strong connections with Montevideo Uruguay

Montevideo together with Teresa Trujillo (Teresa Trujillo - Wikipedia)

Munich together with Sebnem (MotionDAO member, solsista.near)

Presentation in Coburg inside the framework of https://www.zukunftcoburgdigital.de.
This promises to be the most successful as it is within a consolidated network that has shown interest and will host us at their locations.
This hub will organize Sessions to introduce the NEAR ecosystem, following the introduction model of MotionDAO, as it was done in the first Sessions, here in German or Spanish :wink:
MotionDAO publication/book

In our Telegram-chat there have been - and there are always new ones - fascinating discussions covering economics, ethics, philosophy, among others, which are linked to Blockchain in a body-cross dimension.
@mcpoieses is staring to “filter” the telegram and discord. chat to rescue these precious dialogues and impulses in a book and to structure them in thematic blocks of dialogues, which were triggered by a word, phrase, image, video or movement. An AR book? NFTbook?
Distribution of the book as NFT, in independent blocks.
It is also imaginable to produce a limited edition printed in risograph, also to be distributed as NFT in Mintbase.
Collaborators @marlonbarriossolano @lenara @JeanneB @TheQueen
Total 400.00

MotionDAO@Porto Hub

Antonio Maia New MotionDAO member

Establishing a connection between MotionDao and Universidade Católica do Porto. They have a Motion Tracking Studio and a 3D animation department that is very interested to collaborate with web3 . I have been facilitating this dialogue and aiming for next school year to start , and already doing some tests in the next coming months
increased interest from Kernel in the movement guild is opening dialogue towards a potential collaboration for the next blocks - meaning MotionDAO could curate the guild alongside Antonio - providing the balance between physical practice and theoretical background


MotionDAO@Porto Alegre Hub

New MotionDAO member Tatiana Rosa mentored by @lenara
Performative Onboarding NFT research as a way of exploring dance and web3.


Kernel Follows Incentive: $1000 each X 3= $3000
63.45 Near each

Brussels $400 @stefmeul 25.38 Near
Medellin $400 @platobos 25.38 Near
Munich $400 @mcpoieses 25.38 Near
Porto 400 @bodygallery 25.38 Near
Poto Alegre $400 @tatirosa 25.38 Near

Total request: $5000 in Near317.46 Near
Exchange reate: $15.76 @ 4:31 PM EDT 4/14/22

The Layers


I have walked through many lives, some of them my own,

and I am not who I was,

though some principle of being

abides, from which I struggle

not to stray.

When I look behind,

as I am compelled to look

before I can gather strength

to proceed on my journey,

I see the milestones dwindling

toward the horizon

and the slow fires trailing

from the abandoned camp-sites,

over which scavenger angels

wheel on heavy wings.

Oh, I have made myself a tribe

out of my true affections,

and my tribe is scattered!

How shall the heart be reconciled

to its feast of losses?

In a rising wind

the manic dust of my friends,

those who fell along the way,

bitterly stings my face.

Yet I turn, I turn,

exulting somewhat,

with my will intact to go

wherever I need to go,

and every stone on the road

precious to me.

In my darkest night,

when the moon was covered

and I roamed through wreckage,

a nimbus-clouded voice

directed me:

“Live in the layers,

not on the litter.”

Though I lack the art

to decipher it,

no doubt the next chapter

in my book of transformations

is already written.

I am not done with my changes.

Stanley Kunitz, “The Layers” from The Collected Poems of Stanley Kunitz . Copyright © 1978 by Stanley Kunitz. Reprinted by permission of W. W. Norton & Company,

MotionDAO at AstroDAO
proposal created by @marlonbarriossolano in collaboration with MotionDAO members.


:wave: hi, I’ve been told @hevertonharieno @FritzWorm @ted.iv @Monish016 @adrianseneca are now the wonderful Creatives team.

So I’m pinging you here to bring some attention to the MotionDAO proposal for April that has been posted already a couple of weeks ago.

Feedback appreciated, the MotionDAO community is looking forward to receiving support for their activities this month. Let us know what the next steps are.


Hi there! Thanks for your proposal! I was wondering if you guys could clarify what the $400 is being used for with the KERNEL X MOTIONDAO potential collaboration?


Hello Adrian,
Those 400$ are to support the creation of the Porto Hub and to incentivize Antonio’s crucial work on MotionDAO collaboration with Kernel mainly for establishing future exchanges. He led the Movement Guild at Kernel and I was invited to co teach with him. Some members of MotionDAO will be leading Movement session and discussions on embodiment on the Web3 space. He is now a MotionDAO member. We will be curating activities together providing the balance between physical practice and theoretical background.
Let em know if you have any questions.


Thanks so much for the clarification and also for your extended patience!

Your proposal it follows the Creatives DAO Guidelines, so it is approved by the Community Moderators. Please create a poll on the Creatives DAO Astrodao, so that the council can vote. When and if the vote of the council is ‘yes’, approach NF for your payout proposal, following this guideline: [New Process] Community Payouts. Also, Feel free to join our Discord Server to Post Your Monthly Reports and Funding Proposals for Better Organization


Thank you! I already joined Discord. Keep us posted.


Hello. Adrian, the proposal in ready in AstroDAO since the 16th. Astro
Thank you!!


:green_heart: So nice pictures of MotionDAO!

… and I love this poem, thank you!

April 2022 Report

I write MotionDAO like this: MotionDAO

Platohedro HUG

In this month of April we have had the sessions of the Cypherplato, the streaming of “accelerator of particularities” with the participation of some people from the MotionDAO group, managing to share with the community close to Platohedro

we also had the opening of the sample " bridge" between Guayaquil and Medellín (Ecuador - Colombia) when we talk about NEAR protocol and ecosystem of education

and the planning and convocation of the course in the teacher in residency Let's go to NEAR

The participation on all meetings of MotionDAO every week

I minted a NFT in MotionDAO gallery in mintbase

mariana report april

This was a month of many meetings, the most of them one to one conversations to concretizing the on going projects:

  • @Sebnem planning strategies for the creation of the Hub Munich brez’n

  • Podcast Platohedro in Spanish was the one collective meetup / The MotionDAO experience.

  • @Florian 3lLobo · GitHub consulting on architecture for Forest Stillness inside NEAR ecosystem / MotionDAO

  • Planning the participation in 34.CoburgerDesigntage Coburger Designtage - Coburger Designforum Oberfranken , focusing on NEAR and MotionDAO:

CDO www.c-d-o.de site-installation / Invitation with possibility to create automatic NEAR portfolio with Forest-NFT gift.

ZCD https://www.zukunftcoburgdigital.de event/ presentation Blockchain and NEAR prototocol / encourage to open NEAR wallet / start 5 NEAR and mintbase sessions.

  • @Marlon consulting about 34.CoburgerDesigntage and a suitable platform for MotionDAO in the NEAR ecosystem

  • @Stef concretizing AIR Forest Stillness in Rezgauche / we deal with the idea of Invitation with possibility to create automatic NEAR wallet with Forest-NFT.

  • @Aniara getting closer and we are very close / about nears and mintbase / possibilities of collaboration / cooperation in MotionDAO a book project / first NFT chapter will be ready in may to be minted in mintbase

  • @Victor structuring our experiences and researches about tools, mint and market platforms to define a suitable one for MotionDAO in the NEAR ecosystem from the UI / UX design point of view

… and continue working on the book MotionDAO to be minted in mintbase

Reyna J. Perdomo _ April Review

  • Participated in MotionDAO weekly meetings until it was moved to Monday. It is not possible for me to participate this day.
  • Had the pleasure to be invited and participated in “Conversaciones Dificiles” Podcast organized by Platohedro in Spanish. Very heartwarming experience and a gift for the eyes to see the beautiful space and community in full blooming. I want to thank @Platohedro for giving me the time and space to talk about my creative proposal, and the vision/mission to include the inner wisdom as the vital source for the new world that we want to create. A host full of gentleness and respect for the other.

  • Continue the research/development of the “Fact-of.Exisitng” , hybrid phygital platform/app project and integrating the ideas that I have shared in MotionDAO with the Kenel community for Wbe3 and beyond! The project is having a major update.
  • Writing a Journaling essay as KB5 fellow to share the learning and developing experience with MotionDAO.
  • Following on the same proposal offered to Motion DAO on “Embodization before Tokenization”,

the short-embodied intelligence facilitation sessions I offered for the purpose of supporting the mapping of the needs and motives of the DAO for the Tokenization process, from the inner experience, utilizing the Design-Being approach. Similarly, I’ve Co-created with @Jeanne Bloch a Conversation on Kernel, or Convo, how they call it there, on:

BEING THE WEB 3 - Embodying the KB5 Flow

by Reyna J. Perdomo


Embodying the KB5 Flow

Part 1: Mapping the body-mind journey

Following up and watching many of the recordings, it came clear to me the idea that this approach can be of service to the community as an ideation method and as part of the Kernel journey. Would love to open up space for the reflection through the inner presence design approach, Design-Being.

I propose an encounter with the unheard language of the body as a silent witness beneath all words that have been said during this journey and let it speak. Following on the words mentioned about: ” the healing patterns as a discovery process, in uncensored learning and grounded in the inner desires, the more agency as a gift to the individual, the more collective action without losing sovereignty, feeling one with nature in the enjoyable environment”

A guided journey to reflect on the Kernel experience through inner presence, to give space and voice to our body-mind rich source of meaning and sense-making. We will explore a body-centric design approach that expands strategy and focus from other ideation approaches, based on transformative embodied experiential methods and practices, and then applies them in real-life projects.


A second part will follow, the idea is to create a recurring space to explore this realm of the body-mind connection. Everybody is welcome!

Reyna J. Perdomo

MotionDAO Hub Brussels rezgauche.be

“Red Pond Real Estate” an installation by Stef Meul

Activity Report March/April

  1. Continuing planning of residency wildcards program:
    Conducted individual person2person orientation and onboarding meetings at our gallery/workspace with:
  • Mindora Duchamp and guest Anna Doyle, confirmed March and April 2022
  • Alice Van Der Wielen Honinckx and Stav Yeini, confirmed May & June 2022
  • Lily Brieu and guests, confirmed for May 2022
  • Delphine Mertens and Lisa Coppi, confirmed for May and June 2022
  • Irene Occhiatto Tommaso Zufa, confirmed June 2022
  • Jeanne Bloch, orientation July 2022
  • Younes Raouassy, orientation, option August 2022 and March 2023
  • Sarah Alves and guests, confirmed for September 2022
  • Mariana Carranza, confirmed for September 2022
  • Castelie Yalombo, confirmed for October 2022
  • Kaliane Meret, orientation, option November 2022
    Depending on available resources, gradually developing a local community, on condition of actually being physically present at the gallery, inviting their peers and engaging in artistic practice, learning and interacting with the technology (use case scenarios).
  1. Conducting ground research into building a solidarity economy towards artistic employment through crypto-economics, connecting with Token Engineering Commons, Omega Group, Consilience Library. Contributed with graphic design and built a test site.
  2. Connecting with local meetup group for support with doing the 100 days of code, python bootcamp. Envisaging to expand skills into cadcad.org for simulating tokenisation of solidarity economy (mid long term, 2023-2024).
  3. Continuing translation of website in french and dutch.
  4. Following a course on UX design (figma) for rezgauche website version 3 (see roadmap).
  5. Rezgauche was selected and participated as founding artists member for alities.io platform launch at celoconnect2022 nft lounge
  6. Contributed 50% of project costs from my daytime job salary to ensure residency wildcards project continuity after requested funds were halved without prior notice.
  7. Started gathering info to develop Brussels Hub rezgauche.be beyond monthly spurts: https://www.figma.com/file/Yb2MgYs7uv9f7TQkotVMun/project-planning?node-id=0%3A1


HubMotionBR April Report

The hub is starting to consolidate and adding core members.

The On-boarding process for core members includes an introduction to blockchain and its possibilities, which is a very new concept for many of them, and they have to be able to see how it can play a role and connect in a deeper way to the dance and movement practices they would like to explore in this decentralized community and DAO environment.

The in depth onboarding was conducted by Tatiana, taking advantage of a “beginners eye” that can relate to people in a similar situation.

To be able to have enough knowledge to stand as a bridge between the “beginners eye” and the “advanced tech understanding”, Tatiana and Lenara conducted several one on one sessions, each one based on questions that emerged from the previous session, in order to allow for an organic emerging of topics that were considered relevant for the context in question.

From the candidates identified for core members, Clara Trigo, Jussara Miranda, HeloisaGravina and Luiza Moraes joined the HubMotionBR.

The Hub started in Porto Alegre (BR). All members are Brazilians
living in different places in Brazil and Europe.

There are intense conversations with other people going on, who preferred to know more about blockchains, web3 and DAOs before joining MotionDAO.

The different responses to the invitation and onboarding process came to be the most significant experience and the very matter of what a performative onboarding could be. It’s about being aware of the conditions for trust and, thus, for collaboration and descentralized decision making. At the same time, it’s about approaching this very process as art.

mind the emotion and take a picture

We find important to make sure that core members are committed to the project and bring involvement, curiosity and engagement, so this was a very productive process so far.

Tatiana also created her own performative onboarding videos, dancing checkpoints of how the body feels to enter the MotionDAO space. The dance performance will be tokenized as NFT and a minting contract for HubMotionBR will be created as a next step.

Among next steps is also:

  • the performative onboarding NFTs from the other members and devising of a policy for how to manage this collection of NFTs, possibly with a child DAO for HubMotionBR;

  • expanding the On-boarding rhizome, with core members onboarding more participant members to HubMotionBR and to dance-tech;

  • start of the resource library.

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Hello all, this is the MotionDAO April report Thank you! [Report] MotionDAO April 2022

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