[Approved Membership] NXM guild from GOA DAO


My name is Maxim. I’m a musical artist living in GOA. I play the flute (Indian classical instrument known as Bansuri), and other musical instruments too.
I’m inspired by Indian classical music( Raga)
I’ve recorded and uploaded on Tamago few tracks which got appreciation from people and which motivates me to make more quality music.

Now I’m really keen to create more relaxing and meditative content along with other good musicians whom I plan to onboard to NxM. create wallet and show how royalties work for us.
(In June I helped to create accounts and upload music for 4 musicians)

I knew about NxM and their project 6 months ago from GOA DAO in which I involved.

My Tamago page is TAMAGO
and instagram Login • Instagram

All right is belongs to me.

I want to be a part of NxM because you helping artists to grow. And I want to grow with artists and you too

Soon you will get know about my projects



good start of onboarding Goa musicians to NxM !
@Pover with his flute is playing with amount of various artists pure original jams and improvisation
happy, proud and grateful :pray:


Thank you johanga :green_heart::pray: You halping a lot :blush:

Hey @Pover happy to approve your membership badge, please share with us your NEAR wallet and add yourself to NxM Members!

Thank You!