[Membership Proposal] NxM Membership

@Monish016 @williamx @rhymetaylor
My name is prithivi raj I’m a musical artist living in GOA. I play the guitar and vocalist front man in my band
I’m inspired by Heavy metal,Hard rock ,Blues rock, Psychedelic rock,Soft rock,Rock and Roll etc

I have been doing music for 11 years but professionally playing live shows in goa 3 months now, where I’ve featured myself as a frontman vocalist and a guitarist for many projects in a live shows and concerts here in Goa india, Recording Artist and voice tutor
I got to know about this platform by my closest friend Maxi @Pover and Mridu @mridu who is already member in this community
But presently I’m unemployed, practicing full day and recording music
Wanting to play more music to upload here in this amazing community,all my life Music is the only source i have to overcome the stress I’m carrying

Music my passion, my oxygen ,my life until I’m alive
Wanted to produce and record more music all my life
I’m super excited and I’m very happy to be in this incredible community… and i want to be a part In your NxM because you have been helping lots of artists and I’m looking forward to have an beautiful future with this community …

I wanted to record plenty of music and upload in Tamago.
You can check my profile as well

Thank you very much