[Approved] MarmaJchan VRM Project

[PROPOSAL]: MarmaJchan VRM Model & Video Project

DAO: MarmaJchan DAO
Funding Period: June - August 2023


DAO Introduction

The MarmaJchan DAO is a focused subDAO of the larger Marma J Foundation, primarily dedicated to steering its creative and marketing undertakings. It operates at the intersection of creativity and blockchain technology, with a clear mandate to drive awareness, build brand recognition, and foster engagement within the Marma J Foundation and its vast ecosystem of subDAOs. The objective is to not just be a custodian of the Foundation’s brand image, but to actively shape and propagate it in the digital world, while supporting the greater NEAR ecosystem.

Why Our Team is the Best Fit for this Funding

Our team, a seasoned collective of marketers, creative enthusiasts, writers, and storytelling experts, is uniquely qualified to manage and maximize the potential of the MarmaJchan DAO. The MarmaJchan DAO members include:

Our depth of experience in the NEAR ecosystem lends us an understanding of the blockchain landscape and its creative marketing needs.

Each member is not just skilled in their role, but is also passionate about shaping narratives within this space. Our collective proficiency and familiarity with the environment make us highly capable of advancing the Marma J Foundation’s digital presence. Therefore, allocating funds to our team is an investment in experienced, capable hands that can deliver impactful results.

MarmaJchan DAO Achievements

Since its inception, the MarmaJchan DAO has accumulated a track record of notable accomplishments, showcasing our community’s dedication and efficacy. Our efforts span from effective social media communication to successful event management, and website maintenance.

We have championed social media communication for the Marma J Foundation, ensuring our messaging resonates with our target audience and increases brand visibility. The Marma J Foundation’s social media channels include:

The MarmaJchan DAO, in collaboration with the Marma J Events DAO, spearheaded the marketing and communication initiatives for MARMA J CON, our first annual conference and hackathon. Our collaborative efforts ensured a successful and impactful event that raised awareness, onboarded new users to the NEAR ecosystem, and brought together our community.

Other on-chain activity includes the management of the MarmaJchan Store on Mintbase. This store aims to build the MarmaJchan brand, onboard new users, support the creative community on NEAR, and act as a sustainability tool for the DAO to continue its operations. The store offers a collection of 131 items.

In addition to event management, our DAO has been instrumental in maintaining the Marma J Foundation’s primary online presence - the marmaj.org website. This platform serves as an essential hub of information, fostering our community’s growth and facilitating communication.

Furthermore, the MarmaJchan DAO grew out of the successful DTIYS MarmaJchan contest run by the Marma J DAO. This event inspired over 500 community submissions, resulting in the generation of over 500 MarmaJchan NFTs minted on paras.id and mintbase.io. In the process, we were able to support over 200 creators on NEAR, underlining our commitment to fostering creativity and inclusivity within our community.

DAO Genre

The MarmaJChan DAO falls under the Creative and Marketing genre.

DAO Impact

In the social sphere, our DAO has utilized creative marketing strategies to foster a robust and cohesive community, strengthening social bonds within the NEAR ecosystem. By organizing creative contests, we have technologically empowered numerous users, facilitating their onboarding process onto the platform and introducing them to the exciting realm of decentralization.

Beyond these, our DAO has made a significant educational impact by equipping users with the necessary knowledge and skills to navigate the NEAR ecosystem. Through specific initiatives such as providing clear instructions on how to get a free NEAR account for MARMA J CON, we have broken down complex processes into comprehensible steps. This has not only bolstered user confidence and participation, but it has also ensured that our community members can fully leverage the tools at their disposal, optimizing their interaction with the ecosystem.

The MarmaJchan DAO has used its platform to drive social, technical, and educational advancements, striving to make the blockchain space more accessible, inclusive, and engaging for everyone.

MarmaJchan DAO Project Roadmap

For this proposal, we aim to create a VRM (Virtual Reality Modeling) model of our mascot, MarmaJchan, to further enhance our marketing and communication materials. This innovative approach will allow users to create videos in which they virtually embody MarmaJchan, leveraging their webcam to record dynamic content.

Inspired by NEARchan, the captivating mascot conceived by the NEARchan Guild, we created MarmaJchan to similarly foster community spirit. Echoing the community’s enthusiasm for a NEARchan AI VTuber, we are eager to embark on an analogous journey with MarmaJchan. This initiative pays homage to NEARchan’s influence, keeping the tradition of interactive mascots alive within our ecosystem.

The roadmap for this proposal is as follows:

  1. Team Assembly: Gather a team of experts including VRM model designers, animators, and software engineers with experience in VR/AR technology.
  2. Conceptual Design: Brainstorm and finalize the design of the VRM model of MarmaJchan, keeping in mind its application across various marketing and communication materials.
  3. VRM Model Creation: Based on the approved design, begin the technical development of the VRM model. This would include modeling, rigging, texturing, and animating the character.
  4. Initial Testing: Perform comprehensive testing of the VRM model across different systems and devices. Ensure that the interaction with the webcam for video creation is seamless and intuitive.
  5. Refinement and Revision: Gather feedback from testing and make necessary refinements and revisions to the VRM model. This could include adjustments to the model’s look or behavior to ensure optimal user experience.
  6. Final Testing: Conduct a final round of testing to confirm all adjustments have been successfully implemented and that the model functions as expected across all platforms.
  7. Launch: Once the VRM model meets all specifications and passes all tests, proceed with the official launch. Include a comprehensive guide for users on how to use their webcam to create videos with the VRM model.

Project Milestones

To complete the project, as detailed in the roadmap above, the project will be split into two milestones.

Milestone 1: Create MarmaJChan VRM Model

Description: Create a VRM model of our mascot, MarmaJchan, to be used in Marma J Foundation marketing and communication efforts.

Expected outcome: The following list details expected outcomes associated with the MarmaJchan DAO Project Roadmap (outlined above):

  • Have a dedicated, skilled team of VRM experts assembled and ready to initiate the project, spearheaded by the expertise of @CryptoJoshi .
  • Design a detailed VRM design of MarmaJchan that aligns with the character’s original styling, ready for technical development.
  • Create a functional MarmaJchan VRM model, complete with necessary animation rigging and texturing, designed for optimal interaction with user webcams.
  • Ensure that the VRM model performs as expected across different systems and devices, providing the foundation for refinement and revision.
  • Create a polished VRM model of MarmaJchan that functions optimally across all platforms.
  • Launch MarmaJchan VRM model, accessible for team and community use, complete with a user guide explaining how to create videos with the model.

Activities & Timelines:


Week 1-2:

  • Conduct onboarding and familiarization sessions for the team members.
  • Assign roles and responsibilities, with Rui leading the project.

Week 2-4:

  • Initiate the VRM design process for MarmaJchan, ensuring alignment with the character’s original styling.

  • Collaborate with designers and artists to create a detailed VRM design.

  • Review and iterate on the design until finalized.

  • Begin technical development of the MarmaJchan VRM model.

  • Focus on implementing animation rigging and texturing.

  • Test the initial version of the VRM model for functionality and compatibility.


Week 1-2:

  • Conduct extensive testing of the VRM model across different systems and devices.
  • Gather feedback from testers and address any performance or compatibility issues.
  • Refine and revise the VRM model based on the testing results.

Week 3-4:

  • Finalize the polished version of the MarmaJchan VRM model.
  • Ensure seamless functionality and optimal performance across all platforms.
  • Perform rigorous quality assurance to guarantee a smooth user experience.

Budget: The budget for each activity is detailed below:

  • VRM Creation: $2500 USD
    • Design and creation fee of 2 VRM models @ $800 each ($1600 total)
    • Overhead and licensing agreement @ $900

Target Wallet: marmaj.sputnik-dao.near

Milestone 2: Create Videos Using The MarmaJChan VRM Model

Description: Create 3-4 educational/news videos using the MarmaJchan VRM model.

Expected outcome: Following the launch of the VRM model, we would then create video content as a collaborative effort between the MarmaJchan DAO, the Marma J subDAO’s, and Marma J Community.

Our goal would be to create 3-4 videos that highlight news happening in the Marma J Foundation and/or NEAR ecosystem and/or educational guides. Some examples of video topics include:

  • Announcement of Marma J Gaming games being available on mobile devices
  • The NEAR Digital Collective (NDC)’s initiative for onboarding to IamHuman
  • NDC General Information (why should you join the NDC, what is the BOS, overview of working groups, etc.)

Activities & Timelines:


Week 1-2:

  • Create a guide explaining how to create videos using the model.
  • Script writing for each video by Earnest and Chloe.

Week 2-4:

  • Collaborate with the MarmaJchan DAO, Marma J subDAOs, and Marma J Community to create engaging video content using the VRM model.
  • Edit and publish each video, and share on social media channels and website.

Budget: The budget for each activity is detailed below:

  • Video Creation: 2200 $USD
    • This budget includes a fee for scriptwriting, content creation, editing, publishing, and sharing for 3 videos @ $500 per video. If time allows, we would create more videos, spreading this budget.
    • This budget also includes $700 allocated for video camera equipment.

Target Wallet: marmaj.sputnik-dao.near

What is the goal of the DAO’s objective?

The key objective of this specific DAO proposal is to employ a MarmaJchan VRM model to enhance our marketing and educational strategies. Through the creation of a VRM model of our mascot, MarmaJchan, our goal is to provide engaging news updates and resourceful educational content pertinent to the NEAR ecosystem.

This project is directed towards fostering a more interactive and immersive user experience, thus actively promoting the Marma J Foundation brand. Ultimately, we envision this VRM model to serve as a dynamic interface between our community and the NEAR ecosystem, further solidifying our foundation’s role as a thought leader in the space.

Roadmap To Reach The Goal

In addition to the comprehensive project roadmap detailed earlier, the MarmaJchan DAO intends to utilize the VRM model as an ongoing tool for generating captivating and informative content. This will cater not just to the Marma J community, but also to the wider user base within the NEAR ecosystem.

The success of this project represents more than a single achievement; it paves the way for the sustainable production of engaging video content. By integrating the VRM model into our strategy, we aim to continue enriching our community’s experience and facilitating their understanding of the NEAR ecosystem.

How is the longer-term goal divided into milestones making the DAO reach there?

The long-term goal of the MarmaJchan DAO is to consistently use the VRM model to create engaging content that provides value to the NEAR ecosystem. This larger goal has been strategically divided into manageable milestones to facilitate the project’s execution:

  1. Project Planning and Team Assembly: The first milestone involves finalizing the project plan and assembling a team of professionals with the necessary expertise to successfully implement this project.
  2. Design and Creation of VRM Model: This is a crucial milestone, which involves the design and technical creation of the VRM model of MarmaJchan that aligns with the character’s original aesthetic.
  3. Model Testing and Refinement: In this stage, the VRM model undergoes thorough testing and refinement based on feedback, ensuring its optimal functionality and user-friendliness.
  4. Model Launch and Content Creation: The final pre-launch milestone involves the completion and deployment of the VRM model, coupled with the creation of initial content.
  5. Content Dissemination and Marketing: After the launch, the team will focus on marketing the content across various platforms, reaching out to the larger NEAR ecosystem.
  6. Continuous Content Development: As an ongoing milestone, the team will consistently produce engaging and educational content using the VRM model, thereby continually contributing to the Marma J Foundation and NEAR ecosystem.

By dividing the long-term goal into these milestones, the DAO can systematically track progress, mitigate risks, and ensure successful project completion.

What will the community or the team member’s role be?

For this project, our DAO members and community will take on the following roles:

  1. Project Lead: Oversees the project, ensuring the goals, timelines, and milestones are effectively met.
  2. VRM Designer: Entrusted with the task of designing the VRM model, and translating conceptual ideas into a virtual reality.
  3. Creative Director: Ensures the VRM model aligns with the original MarmaJchan style guidelines, maintaining the authenticity of the character’s design.
  4. VRM Tester: Carries out extensive testing to ensure the VRM model functions optimally and is user-friendly.
  5. Script Writer: Conducts research on relevant topics, crafting scripts for MarmaJchan to deliver.
  6. Actor/Cosplayer: Becomes the person behind the VRM, using their expressions and movements to bring MarmaJchan to life.
  7. Marketer: Strategizes and executes the distribution of the content across the Marma J Foundation’s marketing and communication channels such as social media and the website.

Total Requested Funding

Total Request Amount in USD: $4700 USD

Target Wallet: marmaj.sputnik-dao.near

In closing, we believe that this proposal serves as a stepping stone towards greater engagement and learning within the NEAR ecosystem. We appreciate the Creatives DAO for considering our initiative and for their continued support of innovative projects. We look forward to the possibility of bringing this impactful project to life, continuing to enrich our community and foster growth within the NEAR ecosystem. Thank you.


The proposal was granted approval on June 16th within the funding vertical of CreativesDAO, delineating the following details:

Please check the [Report] June Proposal Review - Creatives Constellation - Google Sheets regarding feedback on your project and the proposal.

Please follow the steps in the guide below in order to receive a grant:


Hi @Paul,

Thank you kindly for approving our project proposal! We have started the process to receive the grant.

All the best,

MarmaJchan DAO


Amazing! It’s so important project. We at fraDAO are discussing this too. It’s a nice way to create a representant in social media.

It’s so important to create this project, cause if we use only services in internet, we have only blonde and Caucasian model, to represent a plural community.

In some services all Caucasian model had a good interpretation, but when the model is not white skin, we see this kind of gesture in her expression:

We at fraDAO send good luck for the project and congratulations.
So necessarily to create and develop our community representative in social media!:heartbeat:


Thank you for your positive wishes and congratulations! We are so excited to develop this project and hope it will better serve the greater NEAR community.

We agree representation is so important. We are excited to lead a project that showcases diversity in the NEAR ecosystem and hope to inspire other DAOs and projects on NEAR to do the same.



[REPORT] MarmaJchan VRM Project

1. General Info

  1. Project KPI Report:

MarmaJchan VRM Project

Project description: [Approved] MarmaJchan VRM Project

Milestones/KPIs Milestone 1: Create MarmaJChan VRM Model

For Milestone 1, we have successfully created three VRM models of MarmaJchan! During the creation process, the models were adjusted based on testing results. The models have been used for Milestone 2, detailed below, to create 4 educational videos. For Milestone 1, we also created a user guide that covers how anyone in the community can access and use the VRM model to create educational videos. All 3 VRM models are available for download on the marmaj.org website.

Milestone 2: Create Videos Using The MarmaJChan VRM Model

For Milestone 2, our team has created 4 scripts for video content to be used for the VRM model. 4 videos have been recorded, edited, and published.

Internal Interaction with NEAR dApps We experienced issues using Astro, so we also used the Sputnik widget on near.org for payout proposals, as well as Astra.


  • cryptojoshi.near
  • nicolesuria.near
  • earnestetim.near
  • bianca.near
  • chloe.near
  • hannah17.near

Activities are focused on artists’ support

  • Completion of 4 MarmaJchanVRM models supported artist and development team (sneak peek below)
  • 257x121
  • Testing of VRM models through the development process
  • Scriptwriting for educational videos307x79
  • Recording of videos


  • Video editing and published videos supported editor
  • User guide created that covers how other users can download the MarmaJchan VRM model, as well as how to create videos using the VRM model.

Sustainable & DAO growth Insert Link to DAO Roadmap: DAO Roadmap is in progress.

Internal community engagement

Below is a list of our recorded community calls during the period of this project. Please note that there were a few times when the calls were not recorded.

Share a comprehensive list of dapps that your DAO interacted with (eg. smart contracts, DAO address, wallet ids etc.)

Comprehensive list of dapps that your DAO interacted with specific to this project:

Activities and Payment (based on your AstroDAO)



  • 3 working VRM models have been created and are available for community use (download available by visiting: MarmaJchan | Marma J Foundation )
  • 4 video scripts have been written
  • All 4 videos have been completed
  • User guide completed
  • We have now successfully completed this project

Community engagement KPIs:

Once the videos have been published, they will be shared on the Marma J Foundation social media channels:


We were able to successfully create all 3 MarmaJchan VRM models and 4 educational video guides! Throughout the VRM testing process, our team learned which applications were best suited for using the VRM models to create and record videos.

Our team was unable to complete the project following the original timetable. As the scope of this project is extensive, we will be allocating more time in the future to ensure the timetable is realistic for the activities.

Published and finalized videos:

Video 1: MarmaJChan VRM Guide: Fast Auth and BOS Profile

Video 2: MarmaJChan VRM Guide: Crypto Heroes

Video 3: MarmaJChan VRM Guide: EasyPoll

Video 4: MarmaJChan VRM Guide: NEAR Research Collective

We thank you for your attention and support!