[Approved] Marketing INA DAO September

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Hello @marketingdao-council,

INA DAO is working with Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube.
@talitafflima is still part of INA DAO and is supporting us in terms of Social Media.

In August we had the INA Supports your superpower 2 show and created the open call Seeds, where we had the show on the 6th of September on NearHub and Cryptovoxels.
We are still creating women-artist-related content that we live stream via youtube as well as interviews with the artists of our community so we can talk about their experience with Near protocol and their work.

Until now we have collaborated with muti DAO, NEARhub, and Paras. We are looking forward to exploring more NEAR-related platforms for artists.

Our monthly open calls, interviews, and female artist-related content need to be promoted, not only to make our community aware but also to bring more people to participate. This is why we would like to apply for support from the Marketing Vertical for September. This way we will be able to continue increasing our social media, working with paid promotions, and boosting the 4 available channels even more.

Currently, we have the following content channels:


Growth from August to September:
Instagram: 411 to 507
Twitter: 243 to 299
Youtube: 33 to 36
Telegram: 113 to 124
56 Minters on our Mint base store

Until now we have posted regularly and showcased all participating artists and updates of the DAO.

We will continue with four weekly posts on our Instagram and Twitter, 3 art history videos, and 3 interviews on our Youtube channel. Also for September, we have a new different open call A visual conversation that aims to bring the community together

For September these are our goals:

  • Twitter: 320 followers
  • Instagram: 550 followers
  • Youtube: 50 subscriptions

During the coming months, we will analyze the work done to determine the best strategies for the future.




  • 150$ to manage the Instagram account (4 posts & stories per week)

  • 150$ for managing the Twitter account (4 original tweets a week & retweeting NEAR-related tweets)

  • 50$ for Twitter Ads and Instagram Ads (Paid Promotions which will be used to support NFT posts as well as the event post to reach a bigger audience during the events)

  • 300$ Creation of posters for the promotion of the youtube events (posted on Twitter, Instagram, and Telegram group)

  • 200$ Creation of useful content regarding how to do it or where to find it.

  • TOTAL IN USD: 850$

  • TOTAL IN DAI (preferred payment currency): 850 DAI

  • NEAR Wallet ID / DAO: inadaoV2.near / KYC through @geminirising

Thank you for your attention.


Your DAO is based on women. Can men receive painting lessons and attend the AMA?
Thx :blush:

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Happy to support. Have a great day.


Hi @stalking
Even though Ina Dao is focused on female or female-identifying artists, anyone can participate in the activities, open calls and even mint on our store.
Here you can find in more detail the Members guidelines


Good day!

Could you please check this proposal?
@Klint @cryptocredit @so608 @satojandro

Thank you very much!!!


Hi @BeluEspina

Thank you for your detailed proposal. While it is an important initiative, I’m struggling with the utility and the big picture outcomes for this type of project.
While I support inclusion, I just don’t see how this project is generating traction in the form of wallets and ecosystem growth for Near’s projects.

It’s a no from me.

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Hi @Klint
Thank you very much for your feedback.
We have seen through the last months how our project is indeed generating traction in wallets and growth for near projects.
For this month this is our Agenda:

  • 2 gallery shows on the metaverse on both NEAR Hub and Voxels: “Seeds” and Oct 04th " INA Supports your Super Powers 2"
  • 1 huge collaborative piece of art minted as an NFT + at least 10 (up to 25) NFTs from each individual part from “A Visual Conversation”
  • at least 15 NFTs resulting from “INA Supports your Super Powers 2” residency
  • 3 AMA videos featuring community members
  • 3 videos from the “Art History; A Female Perspective” series
  • 1 DJ set created for the gallery opening
  • acquiring at least 4 NFTs from other DAOs
  • supporting more than 20 members’ creative activities

In order for this to happen, our social media are fundamental to inform the community and attract more people.

If you go to our last open call A visual conversation it actually says above the comments that people posted to join, or hasn’t commented in a long time, or is the first time commenting- which kind of shows we are getting new people in or back.


Also, you can check our new web page which shows everything we’ve done https://inadao.org/

Thank you for your attention

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Thanks for your detailed proposal and for providing a list of past funding. Really appreciate the level of organisation and transparency.

I support this proposal as it seems to provide good value for the amount requested.

As always, kind reminder that community funds are limited and there is a growing set of expectations to deliver the highest impact possible from the funding available.


Hi @BeluEspina thanks for your proposal.

Considering past reports and the amount requested, i am happy to support.

Now moving to Approved. Please make a Poll on Astro

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Hi ! thank you vey much!!


Can you confirm the wallet address for this, please? In the form it’s different than what’s in the thread.

The wallet is geminirising.near
Thank you very much!

The wallet is geminirising.near
Thank you very much!


That wallet still doesn’t match what’s in the form?

Is it that or geminirisingv2.near?

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so sorry again!
its geminirisingv2.near

so sorry again!
its geminirisingv2.near