[APPROVED] Make changes to Createbase SputnikDAO Council

This proposal is to add new Createbase Facilitator Ricardo Andrade (@talktoricardo) to the Createbase DAO council.

It also optimizes the council, bringing the members count back to 5, while keeping the number of minimum votes needed to pass proposals to 3.


In order to keep the council changes under one thread, we are adding here the following request:

Remove from the Createbase DAO council:

This change is requested since they are leaving their roles as Createbase Facilitators at the end of August.

This will bring the council member count to 3, and the minimum votes needed to pass proposals to 2.

Maria just started at Createbase, requesting her to be added to the Sputnik Createbase DAO as a council member: mariamneu.near. @marianeu

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