[APPROVED] Make changes to Createbase SputnikDAO Council - April 2021

This proposal is to remove @Sparrow from the Createbase SputnikDAO council and to add @MoniBlockdiver.

Remove Sparrow: The council should be lean (as small as possible) in order to make voting decisions efficiently. 50% + 1 of the council voting “yes” is needed for a vote to pass instantly, so a large council would be inefficient. Currently, there are 5 people on the council and adding Monika would bring it to 6 (requiring 4 to pass a future vote). By removing Sparrow first, adding Monika after will only require a total of 3/4 yes votes to instantly pass.

Adding Monika: Monika is new to the Mintbase team. She is a trustworthy member of the community and will be supporting the community by voting on proposals that get submitted to the DAO. This will keep the total council member count at 5.

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Welcome @MoniBlockdiver to the Mintbase team and to the DAO council.

With many many thanks to @Sparrow for your priceless support and input when we were setting up the process for going through project submissions :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :pray:

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