[Approved] KIL X NXM Live Event - October 2021

KIL X NXM Presents Keep It Local Live!

KIL is an entertainment platform that promotes and represents local talents across Asia. As to date, we have organized over 30 live events and with the support from NXM, we would like to organize our first event on a virtual space. Keep It Local Live is a concept where we showcase the hottest or newest talent from our local scene. It can be anything from an album release, a tribute show and an exclusive showcase.

To commemorate our collaboration with NXM, we would like to do a monthly feature that will showcase,

  1. Live performances by selected artists at The Playground via Cryptovoxels. The event will be streamed via Twitch. Proposed Artist for the first show in October would be Roshan Jamrock, Jumero or Maha Jeffery

  2. Collaboration with local visual artist to sell their NFT’s at the virtual space during the event.

  3. Proposed Date for Event : 17th October 2021.
    Duration of event : 2 hours

  4. To open KIL store via Mintbase to sell NFT’s by local acts from our community. NFT’s will also be sold at the virtual space during the event.

  5. All KIL headlining artist will join and help promote the NXM community group via social media

  6. Budget
    Artist $100
    Venue Rental $50
    Visual Artist $75
    Management $125
    *7 NEAR to be paid back to Vandigital from the Management fee - Setup Cost for Mintbase Store

Total $350

Target Wallet : keepitlocal.near

The main vision for the event is to expand our initiatives to a virtual scale and to give local artist an opportunity to promote themselves in a unique environment.

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Welcome @JudeKIL and thanks for kicking off this proposal here in the governance forum! If you could link in the socials for KIL that would be great, so those reading this can have a chance to learn more and follow the work you’ve been doing. See my comments below:

  • For the date I’d suggest the 16th or 17th given all the activities already planned for Oct
  • I’d like to see KIL store on Mintbase! Let’s work that 7N into the budget for this
  • I’m preparing a guide for NxM members who will be proposing events, so I will link that in here for you.
  • I like the vision, if you could expand on it to include the NFT element and how it will benefit NxM. Ideally, we want to support initiatives that involve directly or help to grow the NxM ecosystem. This would mean integrating the participating artists into the NxM community (Telegram) and also being active as much as possible.

Another thought I had was to connect with @steven for the NxM Anthem, this could present a great opportunity to collabo with existing NxM members and maybe Roshan (or others) could do something!

After going through the above, let’s figure out a budget for this.


Thanks for update @JudeKIL Can you include the target wallet for this proposal pls. Will it be keepitlocal.near?

Also if you could include a time and clarify while artist will be performing that would be great. I know you mentioned Roshan, so would be cool to do an onboarding session with him if possible soon!

I’ve sent 7 N to keepitlocal.near for you to create the store, I’ll guide you through the process when you’re ready to go!


Thank you brotherman :call_me_hand::100:


Hey @JudeKIL you can submit your payout request to the NxM SputnikDAO and mark the target (payout) to keepitlocal.near


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