Keep It Local Live - December 2021

KIL would like to kick off with 2 events in December that will feature two headlining acts from South East Asia. The acts will deliver an exclusive showcase performance on Cryptovoxels and promote the launch of their NFT’s through Mintbase. The goal is also to onboard the respective artists and their fans to connect with the Near community and participate in our future initiatives. KIL’s goal is to also educate and bring value to new and existing community members.

List of Activities

  • 2x Keep It Local Live Events featuring 2 headlining acts on 29th and 30th of December at Cryptovoxels. Hip hop artist Ashtin and Beach Pop Group Jumero will be our featured artist for each event. @vandal

Links to Previous Events, in collaboration with NXM

Links to previous KIL Events and Social Channels

Instagram : Login • Instagram

Telegram : Telegram: Join Group Chat

Clubhouse : Keep It Local Asia - Clubhouse

Mintbase Store : keepitlocal

  • Marketing and promotion Ads to spread awareness on kil-dao and both Keep It Local Live events across various channels including FB and Instagram.

  • Design 8x posters to accomadate both Keep It Local Live events ( Poster size, IG Story, Twitch and tutorial poster - (Mintbase/Cryptovoxels)

  • Design 3x NFT’s for each headliner that will be sold on Mintbase

  • Artists and headliners for Keep It Local Live will be added to the NXM community via Telegram as method to onboard new members to this Near community.

  • $ 50/5.599 N to be given out to 2x attendees in conjunction with a contest / giveaway that will be awarded to the attendee with the best shared caption on social media that will be tracked via the hashtag #kildao

Funding Breakdown

  • Keep It Local Live ( 2X Live Stream Production, 2x Artist) - $ 2000
  • Marketing and Promotion - $150
  • NFT Designs - $100
  • DAO Facilitation - $ 250