[Approved] Jazz Dao June Budget

Guild : Jazz Dao
Treasury : jazzdao.sputnik-dao.near
Council members: @pan_tastick , @vicentetbh , @squattingPigeon

Fellow community members,

Following an acclaimed launch we’d like to organise further events, register as a non profit organisation (aka association in Portugal) and start saving for a deposit to acquire commercial premises where we can set up office, a record store and possibly studios. Commercial property in the vicinity of Lisboa still remains affordable and is still the best self-sustainability plan we could think of. We believe such a goal is relatively realistic within a year or two. We intend to borrow once we have saved sufficient capital allowing that. To this effect we will also need to build a decent business track record hence our registration for a legal wrapper.
According to Bloomberg Analytics and many crypto analytics outlets we are headed into a recession. Investors are withdrawing their assets for from digital asset markets and the only asset that seems to be holding its value seems to be real estate hence our strategic consideration for investment. We are also considering investing into metaverse real estate if our budget grows in the coming months.
We have 4 events on the pipeline this month. Artist are not really revealed in proposals as we are still discussing things with venues and artists. We are aiming to at least promote 1 new live act per month as well as existing members of the DAO.
For June we are anticipating the following:

  • 375 euros = 400$ to register as a non profit
  • 500$ staking on defi to save for a downpayment to buy commercial premises/headquarters
  • 400$ event at Amor Records : 100$ workshop Leader/300$ for 2 Djs+2 live musicians
  • 400$ event at Cosmos CAC : 200$ for 2 djs+200$ for 2 live musicians
  • 400$ event for popular Santo Antonio Festival in Alfama : 150$ for 2djs + 250$ live with 3 musicians
  • 400$ event in Miradouro de Baixo/Carpintarias de Sao Lazaro : 150$ for 2 djs + 250$ live act with 3 musicians
  • 200$ Designer for crafting the Jazz Dao Logo
  • 300$ council work and social media management

We are expecting between 30 to 70 people for each event. They are all going to be donation based and we will be working on onboarding the venues and artists we work with as a priority. We do not have the resources to deploy an onboarding station at the moment for attendees but we will do our best to introduce them to our tools one to one where we identify interest.
It is also our intention to run talks and regular events at Carpintarias where we’ve been offered the opportunity to run regular weekly or bi-weekly events and support for those. We are currently discussing the details of this exciting partnership.

Total Requested : 3000$

Thank you ever so much for supporting us!


Hi, where can I learn more about JazzDAO?


Hi @ComandoBurrito thanks for you interest. We are a very fresh seeding guild launched in May. This is our introduction, our instagram, our telegram, our twitter. Please join us!


Dear @creativesdao-mods, we’re very aware that you are busier than usual. It would be great if we could at least get confirmation that we are not getting funded this month/anymore so we can cancel all events and let all venues and artists know so they can reallocate their time and schedule.
Most of this DAO and Golden Blue/Isodea’s artists and council are all relatively new to Web3/Near so it has been a great challenge to get things off the ground.


Hey #jazzdao !!!

Great to hear swing on Ecosystem!

I would like to introduce a member of #nomadelabel-dao / Brazillian community over here, @improvise !!! He mite be a good feature for future cross collab DAO interaction :wink:

I am also up to the swing, when i’ll cross the Atlantic ocean, we make this JAM!

*lea_blua playing at EAT + Chá com Bolo, picture of @Dazo *

we still reviewing your proposal, we’ll answer asap!


Beautiful picture …shame we’re not in the same city…in the meantime we can collab on recording projects…and may be livestream to a live gig when we have the means and tech.

I’ve detailed our medium term strategy a bit more above. We’re trying to diversify the artists for each event as much as possible so we’re still working on that…reason why there are no names on proposals. I’m still working on onboarding artists 1 to 1 and coaching council so we have a couple of payments outstanding…We lost some treasury in the last market dump and considering borrowing from another DAO. Last but not least i’ve updated socials with more insight into our first event. Anyway glad you’ve not ditched us yet :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


hi wonderful people!!
always a pleasure to be able to collaborate in the ecosystem!!!
happy to participate with @nomadelabel,

here we go!! looking forward to celebrating 10 years of improvising with the community!
and happy to be able to participate here in the ecossistem with our SPIO - São Paulo Impro Orchestra

big hug!




GUME conduction - SPIO @improvise


Big love to Nomadelabel from Lisboa and please to meet you here @improvise :pray:

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Dear @creativesdao-mods , we have production meetings today for an event on Friday and another one the following week. It would be great to have your input so we can proceed or not with bookings. Thank you !


Dear @creativesdao-mods ,

It is the 22nd June today. As a DAO that has received its first funding and had widespread community approval we’d like to know why our budget is not approved yet. If you’ve no intention of funding us this month please outline your motivations clearly below so they are clear to everyone. We’d like to remind you that as moderators your role is to distribute funds fairly according to clear guidelines stated in this forum and not according to personal preference. Our second reminder is that these funds belong to the community and are not your personal property as some of you seem to deliberately or not suggest with their behaviour. Our last reminder pertains to the community etiquette also clearly outlined in this forum as it seems that some (or one) of you are operating on the very limits of it. Again i’m not going point at anyone in particular to abide by this very community etiquette. It is not my intention of course to offend any of you with this message so i do apologise in advance if i did that in any way. You are accountable to us as much as we are to you in the spirit of transparency and your recent behaviour has not been very readable to many of us so we’d like to invite you to help us understand your functioning and motivations.

Thank you!


Hey @squattingPigeon Sorry for the inconvenience caused Also,

We would like to say that we never had any such intentions towards any DAOs requesting funding towards creatives DAO. We are dealing with a way lot of stuff, especially this month Pls find it here and we are not using this post as an excuse to review the proposal late, Honestly there is some miscommunication between reviewing this proposal, and again we are sorry for the inconvenience caused.

we are completely aware of it, Also, Creatives DAO has been one of the quicker spaces to have funding approved, We never intentionally miss out on any proposal. Also, We never worked on personal preferences, if you feel this Please schedule a meeting with me to get this addressed

Again I would love to understand more about this feel free to schedule a meeting with me
Calendly - Monish, We @creativesdao-mods never thinks of this way, Especially DAOs voting towards Daos on Creatives creates a More decentralization on Creative DAOs.

Hey @squattingPigeon Again feel free to schedule a meeting with me , we would definitely love to take feedback and get it sorted



Hey @squattingPigeon Can you pls Provide the cost breakdown for this line item?

Also, Please Add Metrics for the Success of this Proposal


Of course! Will do that right away!

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Sorry i really thought we were being let go. I didn’t realise you’re still delayed by your workload thank you for clarifying this. Last month we had between the 29th and the 7th to do everything. and now we will be in a similar situation for even more work. A lot of other DAOs have been funded at the beginning of the month so i hope you understand our concerns and the difficult situation this puts us in. Anyway i hope we all see better and easier days soon! :slightly_smiling_face:


All done! let me know if you need me to update anything else :pray:

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Hello! This proposal follows the Creatives DAO Guidelines, so it is approved by the Community Moderators. Please create a poll on the Creatives DAO Astrodao, so that the council can vote. When and if the vote of the council is ‘yes’, approach NF for your payout proposal, following this guideline: [New Process] Community Payouts. Also, Feel free to join our Discord Server to Post Your Monthly Reports and Funding Proposals for Better Organization


Hi ! amazing pictures, got me really curious to hear the impro orchestra. Do you have any videos/ recordings?

Thank you for sharing


We will be minting @improvise new solo today :wink:

I hope till the end of this year #nomadelabel-dao will organize a Spio Orchestra gig :wink: i will let you know!


What do you guys think about planning a 2 months proposal time frame, so than we could split those payout in 2 parts( 5k per month, as always) but you will gain more time to plan, execute and report(1 report for concluding 2 months activity), what do you think abou this?

I think that DAOs can benefit to have more time to receive the approval and execute they plans on more secure way.

Glad to be supporting this project!
Thanks and congrats

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That’s a great idea @blusw ! It will allow for better management overall definitely :slightly_smiling_face:

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