[Approved] Jazz Dao August Budget

Guild : Jazz DAO
Treasury : jazzdao.sputnik-dao.near
Council Members : @vicentetbh , @pan_tastick , @squattingPigeon

Dear Community members moderators,

Our report can be seen here if you’d like to see what we’ve been up to last month.

We have 4 events planned this month with our institutional partner Carpintarias de Sao Lazaro’s rooftop otherwise named Miradouro de Baixo. Our Sunday live sessions have been building up an audience steadily and are now regularly fully packed.


Total projects = 3830$

30% council allowance @pan_tastick , @squattingPigeon , @vicentetbh = 1149$

total requested = 4979$

We welcome your suggestions, feedback and thank you again for your continued support.


i see many things happening here!

thanks for submitting your proposal.

I’m glad to support this proposal.


Hello @squattingPigeon, thank you for the proposal,

Can you list out what outcome are you expecting from the live events? What problem they solve? Thank you!

Hey @williamx thank you for your interest and time! I’ve tried to address some of your concerns in response to your comment on our July report. I’ll expand a bit more here. I’m not sure i would speak of a live event as a problem solving venture. Computer programs certainly do that. Our events are a way to practice our art and promote the Near ecosystem through it so we aim to bring active users to the ecosystem like other music guilds such as NxM, DJ DAO etc…We bring users to the ecosystem because without them there is no Near protocol, you don’t have a job and we don’t have a Jazz DAO. So perhaps we help solve the major problem of user adoption or at least contribute to it in some way. Between all the 64 creative DAOs forming this ecosystem i wouldn’t be surprised if we probably present very interesting use cases that possibly help develop a number of major products too…but i won’t speculate about this too much here. Let me know if i can clarify anything else. Thank you!

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Hi @squattingPigeon,

Thank you for what you’re saying here. Just to add in, metrics & numbers may sounds a hard line for the nature of some projects, however that’s what a normal person without much insights about you can understand when reading a single month report & proposal. I also laid out my suggestions on your report :wink: happy to support & let other mods review as well!

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Thanks @williamx,
We definitely understand the utility of metrics and will do our best to include more analytics on our forthcoming reports. We didn’t expect this project to be this popular so we are a bit overwhelmed by work and funding delays didn’t help tbh. We are focused on onboarding everyone properly to Astro atm before we move on to more complex matters. As we grow and learn we’ll have the resources to provide better insight into what we do.
Thanks again for your support and time!


Dear @williamx ,

Thank you for your feedback and for feeding the discussion over here and on our July report! As a Jazz DAO council member I feel like adding some information that might be relevant to clarify a bit to those interested what we actually do and where we’re heading at.

Our weekly events:

Our DAO was created just about two months ago. After a successful launch event, at the beginning of July we welcomed the onerous proposal by our institutional partner Carpintarias de São Lazaro to deliver weekly events on their rooftop terrace “Miradouro de Baixo” in central Lisbon. These consist of Sunday evening events featuring DJs, bands and live acts, with street food and bar available to attendees. Detailed media can be found on our instagram and other social media platforms. As @squattingPigeon pointed out, we were and are currently overwhelmed by the public response to these events, having to deal with lots of different matters at the same time.

Our goal and strategy:

In a general way, we aim to spread knowledge about the Near ecosystem and its tools, especially in regards to the benefits offered to the music sector and its actors, from the artists to their public, and we do this by putting in place different kinds of events and activities focusing on and around jazz music.

Knowing our goal, we also believe that DAOs, as dynamic systems made up by people, are subject to changing and evolving in time due to circumstances and the will of its members and people interacting with it, therefore we are shaping our strategy week by week and month by month as we learn and grow.

Right at the beginning, we got the chance to partner up with a stunning location with institutional support and we couldn’t refuse it. As the response to the weekly events has been truly overwhelming, onboarding of all attendees on site is logistically difficult, therefore we decided to focus our efforts on onboarding artists and professionals we work with first. We are carrying out individual calls with each one, educating them directly on the possibilities offered by web3 and Near platform tools, with special regards to the music sector. More specifically, they are: Francisco Bettencourt - sax performance on 24th of June; Mikey Sibson - DJ on 7th of July; Rocky Marsiano - DJ, Rocky Marsiano & Meu Kamba Jazz - band and Angel Bambu - Photographer on the 10th of July; The Tourorists - band and Anya Karmanova - DJ on 17th of July; Danae Estrela & João Mouro - band and Mãe Dela - DJ on 31st of July.

As we founded our DAO recently, we believe that these initial events, although not directly focused on educating the larger public on these new tools, have been and will (during the month of August) continue to be extremely important to establish a first, solid and engaged community around our project. Thanks to these events, we are receiving great attention and interest from other DAOs inside and outside the ecosystem, with whom we are looking forward to developing futher partnerships in the next months. To foster and consolidate the community around the project, we are committed to continue our weekly events along the month of August, as can be seen in this proposal. Once this is done and starting from September, we are planning to include in our program a more diverse range of activities, broadening our educational efforts and onboarding strategy from artists and professionals onto the general public.

Where we’re headed:

These more diverse range of activities is subject to evolve in time, according to our possibilities and new connections we may make. Nevertheless, we are planning to:

  • Set up workshops on music and Near ecosystem and tools (our institutional partner has great facilities in regards to that).
  • Establish a monthly podcast.
  • Establish a monthly radio show on East Side Radio as soon as they resume their emissions (probably October).
  • Introduce payment system and donations in $Near at our events.
  • Record all performances and mint them as NFTs on our future Mintbase shop.
  • Stream all our events on a dedicated metaverse space on the Near metaverse.
  • Create, along time, a roster of artists who engage deeply with our DAO and might become full members of it, so as to amplify the magnitude of our initiatives.
  • Expand our council from 3 to 5 members.

We are full of ideas for the future and creativity is the only limit! We welcome feedback, discussion and suggestions from the community with open arms.

At last, I’d just like to say that we are conscious that our personal engagement with forum activity and community discussion has been limited so far, as we are dealing with a great amount of work and me and council member @vicentetbh are still relatively new to the ecosystem and its dynamics. We are willing to invest more time and engage more actively with this space, giving our little contribution to the growth of the community as a whole.

Hope my intervention can give a deeper insight on what we do and where we’re headed. Thanks all for the opportunity and support,



Dear Jazz DAO,

Happy to inform you that this proposal follows the Creatives DAO Guidelines, and it is approved by the Community Moderators.

Please create a poll on the Creatives DAO Astrodao, so that the council can vote. When and if the vote of the council is ‘yes’, approach NF for your payout proposal, following this guideline: [New Process] Community Payouts .

Also, feel free to join our Discord Server to Post Your Monthly Reports and Funding Proposals for better organization.

Thank you @squattingPigeon & @pan_tastick for your dedicated replies & info, I also looking forward to August report with a more metric-based information.

Stay #NEAR! Stay #Creatives!