[Approved] JANUARY 2022 Argentina Guild members Marketing budget

Hello everyone! Here we have the Proposal for our funding to kickstart the NEAR Argentinian Guild, we are basically starting this last two weeks and already have made the required steps to start our own guild.

Here we share our Vision and Mission, in case anyone wanted to read the whole proposal and our projects for the next months to come:

The budget we require falls on the category of Social Media and Advertising.

We have been promoting our channels and socials on our own and would like to take it a step further to get to a bigger community and audience if possible. With no funds so far we managed to get a team of certified developers and we even count with @leamanza a L1 and L2 NCD in our team to start preparing new projects and apps for the NEAR ecosystem.

We are proposing a Monthly funding scheme just for the Socials area, regarding future proposals with our second and third pillar (detailed in the post above) that would include academic and development initiatives, those would be treated apart from this proposal in a way that we provide you with different timelines and a more detailed project schedule.

Regarding metrics, impact and timelines:

In Argentina, we are relatively new into the NEAR ecosystem as a community, but we are no newcomers when it comes to crypto and blockchain.
We have a growing audience day by day in socials and users that we aim to bring into the NEAR ecosystem and into our community as well.

Our Telegram was founded on January 10th, 10 days ago since the creation of this proposal and Twitter only 2 days ago, on January 18th. We managed to get 78 members on our Telegram and 41 followers on Twitter since.

Of course these numbers don’t talk that much by themselves but we are just getting started and this was not funded by anyone. With funds we expect these numbers to grow much faster and get to a bigger audience.

We already have a big impact regarding communities since there are a lot that are starting to hear from us and our biggest advantage on our growth would be the team of Devs we managed to get into NEAR. We have as mentioned above, a Certified NEAR developer and 2 Electronic Engineers which have as a main goal to dedicate full time into crypto and developing dapps and smart contracts.

We have as a timeline getting to 100 users on Telegram which we are pretty close right now and 100 on Twitter which would be our main goal since we have to develop a little bit more that area. We intent to use most of that funding in socials to promote our Twitter with collabs with other projects and rewards for those who help us in expanding further our guild and account

Funding Details

The total required for this Marketing and development campaign would be 100 USD to be allocated for the Telegram development in which we have already some initiatives to spread the word about our guild. 100 USD to be allocated into Twitter for collabs and rewards, and 100USD to further develop the second and third pillar of our mission that would consist in getting in touch with universities and recruiting more devs into the team (a lot of our newly graduated devs also want to start learning about NEAR and we expect to have them certified to work with us), those 100 extra would cover the costs for transport, food and more services that will be required in meeting with said universities and explaining our mission in order to get partnerships with them and creating courses to teach people about blockchain and NEAR.

Gross total of 300USD to kickstart our guild. The leads in each area of our guild will be:
@nacho.near as Guild Lead, Second Pillar coordinator and Telegram representative.
@Turco as Twitter representative.
@leamanza as Third Pillar coordinator and Dev Team Manager.

The wallet used for the guild and distribution of assets will be: argentinaguild.near
As of this moment the owner will be Ignacio Marchesini, and we expect to have a treasury manager looking ahead in time.

Thanks for everything! I’m entirely at your service in anything that is needed
Special Thanks to @FritzWorm also in helping with the creation of this proposal.


Hey totally support your Guild, I saw few members on the Certified Analyst meeting today :star_struck: with #near-hispano-guild

Partners, please if you are able, give them a try :vulcan_salute: or further advice :wink:
@Dacha @David_NEAR @cryptocredit @satojandro

Cheers :beers:


Good evening! Happy to support new community members and approve your proposal.

Remark: it’s only my decision, we have 6 councils in DAO :blush:

Have a great day!


Thanks a lot @FritzWorm and @Dacha happy to be guided by you. Have a very nice weekend!


Thanks Dacha, let’s wait for the @marketingdao-council to share more feedback :vulcan_salute:


What a solid and detailed proposal! Twitter partnership/collab does wonders on social media growth - would suggest doing Twitter contests/campaigns to grow NEAR Argentina’s Telegram community as well. Very excited to see this guild kick it off! :slight_smile:


Hey gang,

Awesome to see this :tada:

Happy to move it to Approved tomorrow if there are no further comments from @marketingdao-council


Hello David! How is it going?
Which would be the next steps to follow now? Do I need to present a petition on any DAO, maybe astroDAO to get the approved funding ? Are there any particular days in which the funds will be transferred?
Thank you very much :blush:


Hey, look at the the step

Create a pool → fill out google form-> get your payment

Have a great day.


Great Dacha thank you very much for the insight! I just looked the video with the walkthrough that explained the steps. Still had to add the target wallet and address the amount of nears based on the CoinGecko price. Just added that to the chat in the poll. Thank you!

Felicitaciones Nacho!

We have some top contributors from the region - Metapool co-founder, Meerkats team, among other stars. Very excited to see the growth of Argentining Guild over time.

Poll has now been approved by Council on AstroDAO, you can move on to submit google sheet for KYC and Payout proposal to foundation as per latest payout guidelines.


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Muchas gracias sato! :blush:

Pleased to be part of this important mission that is building the NEAR community in Argentina, will do my best.

I wanted to know, I’ve followed every step in this post regarding the new payment method:

I have followed the instructions in the video, all the walkthrough. Maybe I missed any step? I created the poll in the DAO, afterwards realized the KYC form (still waiting for the email to complete the KYC). Do I have to make another payout proposal? Here in the forum? I thought the poll in the astroDAO (and KYC) was the last step. Anyhow let me know if there are still more steps to do and i’ll follow. I did every step on the video but don’t know if there are any more to do.

Hope you have a happy weekend, take care :blush:


You need to wait for the NEAR Foundation Finance Team to send the funds, so long as your KYC and Poll is all good, shouldn’t be too long.


Hello David! Great then, thank you for clearing that up. Yes, the Poll is all good and the KYC should be too! Then I will patiently wait :blush: have a nice weekend. Thanks everyone for the help!

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