[APPROVED] Interdisciplinary cultural Onboarding event “BLOCK PARTY” @Nucleoa70

muti loves to collaborate and is happy to be part of this event which will happen on the 26th of November in the space of Nucleoa70 in Lisbon.

We’re happy to work alongside members of Arroz Criativo, Gruta, NxM and individual artists to create a special event which brings together creative minds in Lisbon.

Event infos:

Exhibitions by Elizabeth Prentis & Sozhino Studio, da.ph.n.e (muti), Miro
Performances by Elizabeth Prentis, Mariana Barros tbc

Live acts
Ghetto Fam x Karl Godard (Arroz Criativo) x André Navarro (muti)
The Tourorists (muti)
smokedfalmon (muti)

DJ Sets
Vandal (NxM)
Astrea (Mãe Solteira) b2b VEIA (Gruta/City Node)

Onboarding station 17-21:00 (wallet creation & Neardrop of 0.5 for the first 50 gifted wallets)

Attached is a document with all the costs associated. As this event will be funded by 3 different DAOs (Arroz Criativo, muti & Lisbon City Node), all funds will be sent to the wallet blockparty.near and all payouts will be made through this.

As muti nurtures creativity and supports artists, we’re happy to provide 400 USD/ 44N (coingecko 18.11., N 9.19$) from our savings to support artist payments. One muti member will also be available to help on the onboarding station and to inform about the participating DAOs.

Other funding proposals for this event:
Arroz [Proposal] Community growth, collaboration and onboarding event
City Node [PROPOSAL] Interdisciplinary cultural Onboarding event “BLOCK PARTY” @Nucleoa70

[more infos such as flyer will follow]



The event went really well, we onboarded 8 guests & added a NEAR drop, created 5 more wallets for artists. The remaining N will be kept in the communal wallet for the next onboarding.

Except for Guetto Fam, who are harder to reach will be onboarded by @squattingPigeon, all remaining artists and soundtechnicians etc have been paid out. Numbers can be seen here.

We had 146 paying guests at the door plus a guest list of 15 pax. The space has been very happy, as have we, and we hope to repeat this kind of event.

  • Update: every artist has now been paid, incl. Guettofam, who have been onboarded
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