[Closed][April + May + June] Instagram Community Accounts Budget

IG Community Accounts

Month : April + May + June
Tagging @marketingdao-council to review

  1. Tags Visibility Milestone
  2. Previous Track Record
  3. Account Statistics
  4. Reward Breakup
  5. Connect with Us

1. Tags Visibility

Min. 50% increase in the tag visibility growth within 3 Months
[April→ June]

#NEARProtocol [10893 → 15,000]
#NEARnews [1232 → 1800]
#NEARcoin [1256 → 1800]
#NEARtrading [1112 → 1700]
#NEARnft [10762 → 15000]

2. Previous Track Record

March 2022: Report : [Approval Pending]
February 2022: Report : Payment Received
January 2022: Report: Payment Received
December 2021: Report: Payment Received

[Before Starting] Tag Visibility

[After March Report] Tag Visibility

3. Account Statistics

Right now we have 6 Active accounts and by the end of June we will have the following stats in the accounts. The target is to active 10 Functional Accounts with the following mentioned targets.

  • 2 Accounts : 1000+ Followers
  • 3 Accounts: 500+ Followers
  • 4 Accounts: 200+ Followers

4. Reward: $10,000

Reward distribution to our community account holders for Instagram Activities, reward structure referenced by Open Web Sandbox work.

Focus Activity Reward
Write-up Content about NEAR Projects/Guidelines along with the Posts 2 USD per 50 words
Reels Create a video/Reel going over NEAR related topics/projects, technical tutorials, guides, etc 10 USD (around 2 minutes)
Design Banners or similar simple designs 10 USD
Design Illustrations 20-30 USD
Promotion Share post on different community groups (outside NEAR Community) 3 USD
Engagement Hosting Instagram LIVE 70 USD, min 50 viewers
Account Growth 200 Followers Milestone, one time 100 USD
Account Growth 500 Followers Milestone, one time 200 USD
Account Growth 1000 Followers Milestone, one time 350 USD
Influencers Reach 3000 Followers Milestone, one time 1000 USD

Moderators Fees: $ 800 for monitoring 5 Accounts,
Total 2 Moderators will take the responsibility to moderate 10 Accounts.

5. Connect with Us

Telegram Group: Telegram: Contact @nearig
Submission Form for requesting IG Posts: NEAR | Instagram Posts Request



Been doing great work and keeping the visibility of NEAR on Instagram, This makes us ahead of other chains because we see not many crypto projects are on instagram. They underestimate the impact of it. Instagram has a great number of audience ranging from every age group and region.

I like the proposal here seeing the delay in monthly payouts even after submitting the reports on time. I would like to add some points here that let’s keep a threshold amount of reward per account so that not only one account claims it all.

Let’s keep the engagement % rate when we reward for account growth. Engagement is important. 1000 or 3000 followers won’t make sense if we don’t have engagement on posts.

And what about naming it as Instagram Ops? :wink:


Nice Add-ons Done by @naveen_in Instagram Live , These Will Surely Create huge impact on Existing Audience and New Audiences .

Live Stream also Benefits Us to Attract and Have user experience tooo

Reels Will be the best source to gain mass audience , According to Study After Instagram Reels Feature launch 75% people Open Instgram for reels .

I am Grateful to Big Part of Near Instgram Community and Bring More Value through Near_insights Paltfrom :fire::fire:



This is good point to be considered. For the proposed three months we can consider the threshold of $ 700 pm for our existing accounts and new accounts starting with $300

Make sense. Engagement % rate is needed to be considered along with the number of followers.

Sounds good to me IGOPs :heart:


The goal is to interact with the audience/followers in real time and help them to understand about the near protocol :100:

Nice share :ok_hand:


I honestly believe that this is a great proposal to continue supporting the efficient work that has been carried out in terms of social networks, specifically in relation to Instagram, which is one of the most important social networks of our time, being the favorite of young people and students who are the engine of the development of Blockchain technology for the near future. It is important to understand that an Instagram account is not just beautiful designs, reels, videos, followers and interactions… IT IS EVERYTHING, the set of activities that make an account grow according to the algorithmic parameters of the social network; That’s why EVERYTHING is important and there are many ways to achieve goals depending on what Instagram really wants and that is, spending time within the social network. :wolf: :wolf: :wolf: :wolf: :wolf:


This is a very amazing proposal. Nearprotocol has great visibility on every social media platform except Instagram. And Instagram is a huge and wonderful platform. Instagram allows you to build your image through pictures and videos. we have to pay attention to this. We have to reach as many people as possible about Near’s amazing projects and Near’s informative information. and this proposal will help Near protocol’s to grow on Instagram. Through this More people will Aware about Near protocol and it’s amazing projects and people will connect with this wonderful ecosystem. This will be a revolutionary step in the direction of taking forward the Near protocol


This is an amazing proposal!

Promoting Near Ecosystem on Instagram is a very brilliant move, This will help promote the growth Near Ecosystem…Kudos guys​:muscle::muscle:


Continuing to maintain social media posts is critical to growing the community and ecosystem. In this case Instagram according to Semrush, based on total website traffic, Instagram is one of the top 5 most visited sites globally, with over 3 billion monthly visits.

It should be noted that although the majority of users connect to Instagram through the mobile application, this statistic is relevant since it reminds us that many people could also see the NEAR community posts from their computer; and thus continue developing while being informed with one of the most important social networks in the world!


Happy to support. Have a great day.


@Nicolasp2 :star_struck: :star_struck: Excellent information for an Instagram post… the importance of IG for NEAR!


@marketingdao-council Members!

Kindly take a look on our this proposal. We are the leading Instagram Community Account community working since Dec’21. Now we would like to increase our reach and efforts.


@marketingdao-council Members!

Kindly take a look on our this proposal. We are the leading Instagram Community Account community working since Dec’21. Now we would like to increase our reach and efforts. In our community we want to demonstrate the importance of using Instagram for NEAR, which is one of the most important social networks in the world! :rocket: :rocket: :rocket:

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Good morning, another one proposal was approved [Approved][April][Funding] Instagram Community Accounts

Could you please revise this one (new post)? Thank you.

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Thanks for the updates.

I will create a new proposal for the upcoming months soon.

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