Thanks @David_NEAR
@Hsmoney please apply for our Entrepreneur-in-Residence fellowship program and we will take it from there.

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Greetings @shashi @David_NEAR
I spent some time to read about the
Fellowship program
And honestly this is not actually the idea I conceived
The hub will run as a sub community under the NPK guild
Though it’s being establish in the universities
It’s more like a community.
To make it’s simple
Let’s use this

Near global community (federal system)
Npk guild $ other guild (State system)


Blochain hub (grass root system)

The reason we have so many sub communities in near is to spread and cover as many part as possible
I propose for a sub community under the NPK guild to boost near to the grass root system .

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Check this out Ambassador Program

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Hello @Hsmoney!
Please add “onboarding-dao” tag, as Onboarding DAO team (me, @Symbolik and @NatalieCrue) will be reviewing your proposal in the fourth week of January.
Many Thanks!

Hello @Hsmoney thank you for having this onboarding initiative, let’s try to make this happen.

  1. When are you planning this activities ?
  1. Hope so yeah ! step by step. What are your connections with this university ?
  1. Your proposal is requesting for $500 USD, this will be 5 people running this onboarding project right ? Who are they ?
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Hi, Thanks for your proposal.

Do you already have collab with some Media houses? Can you share info link about some?

Do you have plans for rewarding some participants of Dance & Music event?

We are having a similar activity going on in Nigeria.

Since It’s a separate proposal, I’d suggest you to post report separate as well.

Can we have accounts tag of designated people for these roles?

Can you describe the budget proposal for these tasks?

Have a nice day! :handshake:

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Hi, I love the focus on students wyho are in the dev stream. I feel this could onboard people into NEAR who may join communities that are building out the ecosystem as well, they will envision and build new applications and tool for NEAR. I’d like to see a section that breaks down all costs and totals.

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As soon as the proposal is Accepted
Activities will start immediately …

I currently study in this university and this is my third year

The only people Available at the moment is myself and @simeon4real
But as soon as activities start we will get
3 more qualify individual(s) to join the board

Thank you for spending time to read this

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At the moment No , we are currently at the initial stage (still anticipating to be accepted ) but they are plans for collaboration
We also have a media house in the campus
So I think it will be quite simple :relaxed:
Though we will have some collaborations with some private media house

Yes actually there is plans to reward the participants

Hehe quite tactical

This idea about this proposal was first created Oct 2021 though it wasn’t really clear
So @David_NEAR ask for a break down which was posted again Dec 21

Though we are planning to an inter campus sport not basically a league
It’s once a year

Yes report will be separate

@simeon4real and npk core members
Don’t really know all though

I basically wanted make proposals for the budget
Each time we have an activity but it seems everyone wants now
I will say we will need $9000 usd in near to run the Blockchain activities in a calendar year
Including all expenses , activities and all Contest and competition
Including compensation to the 5 people who will run the Blockchain
500 usd per month * 12 that’s 6000usd in a year for them
(100 usd a month for them, 5 of them equals 500 usd for them )
3000 usd to run all activities
Music/talent hunt
Community contest etc

You too sir :smiley:

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Here is the requested budget to run the Blockchain
9000 usd in near to run the Blockchain in a calendar year

6000 will go for the representatives running the Blockchain
500 usd for 5 of them
Literally 100 usd per month for each of them.
500 * 12
6000 usd in a calendar year for them

3000 usd will cover the expenses on
The Sports competition
Music/talent hunt ls
Community contest
Or collaboration

So 9000 usd in a calendar year

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Ah Okay. Got it. So it would be a complimentary activity.

These 5 people will organize monthly campaigns in the university to teach about NEAR right?

For the onboarding DAO we have a max budget of $500 for a month, so I’d say to have a monthly plan and structure things according to that.



Still anticipating the opportunity to bring this idea to live


Consider applying for an education grant here:


Hi @Hsmoney read your proposal and comments.

I echo @David_NEAR comment above and suggest you reach out for an education grant.

Just applied for the grant kindly look at the proposal :slightly_smiling_face:
Waiting for the next step

About the contest: You may ask NearMemeDaily Guild or Swine Guild to support meme contest and OWS to support content contests

So basically am going round the entire forum
Seeking for fund

I applied for the grant
And then this :thinking:

You’ll need to await a response from the Education grants team

You described the concept, it’s great. But I didn’t find the steps (when, where, what, how) you will do and details for each step ( detailed report for funding). Also, better to ask for funding each month and provide reports each to see the progress.

Hello :hugs: @mr_free I have a road map for this but am a horrible graphics designer :joy: hope you don’t mind ?

There will be monthly report on this
Every Step we take will be reported on

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