[Approved] Increase privacy awareness and usage of private transactions on NEAR

Project name: hideyour.cash (to be rebranded)

Funding Scheme: one time

Initiative summary: hideyour.cash is a compliant privacy transactions protocol (mixer) built on Near Protocol, currently on mainnet beta. The proposal intends to fund hideyour.cash rebranding, 3 months of content production and giveaways.

Goal: Achieve 15 daily transactions on the app within the next 3 months.

Funding details:

  • Total requested amount in USD: 3500
  • Total requested amount in NEAR: 1775
  • NEAR Wallet ID / DAO: hackachain.near
  • Wallet owner’s name: Hack-a-Chain

Project Overview

Hideyour.cash (HYC) is the first compliant privacy transactions protocol (mixer) on the blockchain ecosystem. It was deployed to NEAR mainnet on March, 2023.

In a nutshell, HYC breaks the link between the sender and the receiver of a transaction, making it private. It works similarly to Tornado.cash, but they have been sanctioned by the OFAC in the USA due to lack of AML features. That’s why HYC has also built-in anti-money laundering features, that block suspicious wallets from using the dApp. Check out everything about HYC at the project documentation.

The goal for the project is to provide on-chain banking secrecy. We strongly believe that to get mass adoption, blockchain needs to provide privacy for its users. However, it has to be weighted with compliance, to make sure that such tools are not used by malicious actors for illicit activities. HYC aims to solve these problems.

Reasoning behind the proposal

Privacy is a basic infrastructure for any blockchain that has a long-term goal of being adopted. However, most people don’t realize that all of their on-chain movements can be traced back by hackers, institutions, governments and basically anyone that wants to check the blockchain history.

It’s important to bring awareness about this matter to the general public to increase the usage of privacy applications, which can be achieved through: education and incentives.

Besides that, after gathering feedback from the Near community, we realized that it’s important to have a more neutral name, since “hideyour.cash” does not represent the compliant and legal nature of our application.


The funds will be used for hideyour.cash’s rebranding, 3 months of content production and 3 months of giveaways. Deliveries include:

  • Rebranding: new name, logo, color scheme, typography and graphics, focused on showing off the compliant and legal nature behind the protocol.
  • Content production: 6 videos (2/month), 10 minutes average, to be added to youtube, which will be breakable into smaller pieces that can be shared among social media. The videos will discuss everything related to privacy, compliance, information about the project, and NEAR. All the content can be reproduced by the NEAR ecosystem.
  • Giveaways: this is a great way of using HYC, since it uses a ticket to perform the transactions. A person can deposit to the protocol and receive a ticket that is proof of deposit. Another person can use the ticket to withdraw from the protocol. I can share, for instance, a “surprise” ticket on our twitter, and the first person who sees it can privately withdraw the funds from the protocol. This is a good way of incentivizing people to use the protocol and test it. The funds will be used to giveaway tickets for the NEAR community, both on our own account, but also through other influencers on the ecosystem.

Grant Amount

The following table describes the amount needed to conduct the activities mentioned above.

Activity Quantity Individual price Total amount
Rebranding 1 $1000 $1000
Content Production (script creation, recording and edition) 6 $250 $1500
1N Giveaway 100 $2 $200
10N Giveaway 10 $20 $200
100N Giveaway 3 $200 $600
TOTAL $3,500


The first month will be focused on doing the rebranding and recording the contents, which will be posted every 2 weeks after the rebranding is ready, until the end of 3 months. The giveaways will be done according to the twitter content strategy that will be created by HYC’s marketing team.

Benefits for the NEAR community

These are some of the benefits that the project will bring to the NEAR community:

  • Privacy awareness for the community
  • Quality content about NEAR and privacy
  • NEAR positioning as a privacy + compliance focused blockchain
  • NEAR positioned as the first one to have a compliant privacy transactions protocol

Thanks for the attention.


Hello hack-a-friends, thanks for your proposal.

I’m happy to support this proposal.

Notes and reasoning:

  • I reached out to the team and invited them to apply following my own personal initiative of giving away some Redeem Code using Hide-your-cash
  • I’ve listened to the recent podcast on Ready Layer One. Would recommend it to people wanting to go deeper.
  • The team has been proactively contributing to the open-source libraries on NEAR, keep an eye out for their work around ZK
  • The team has also been creating quality educational content without any request for grants to Marketing DAO to date.
  • The team is involving the community in the rebranding efforts.
  • There is a consistent precedent for the proposed campaign through the Mixer Mondays
  • The team has an existing distribution channel, they’ve demonstrated the content creation capabilities, and the price point seems very reasonable.
  • The team is also located in Brazil, which is a major strategic region for growth.

Keep up the good work,



One of the better proposals I ve seen in a bit. The team has been producing on multiple medium channels for a while now. This one needs immediate approval.


Hi @Hack-a-Chain thanks for the proposal. I am happy to support this. Here are my reasons:

  • Your project is directly aligned with the KPIs in our guidelines – its adoption stands to increase transactions, users, wallets, etc., in a substantial way.
  • There is a clear way to track performance and progress so we can evaluate the use of funds after the project period has ended. This is really important for proposals – sometimes, we get interesting ideas, but it is unclear how the project will track metrics, and that can make it difficult for the council members to approve.
  • I am often not a huge fan of giveaways because they rarely seem to result in the repeat use and engagement we want to encourage, but in this case, the giveaway actually sounds pretty interesting in that it provides an incentive not only to earn, but to experience and learn about a new way of transacting.
  • I also want to note your team’s ongoing involvement with the community and contributions to the ecosystem.

I look forward to seeing where this goes!


Hi @Hack-a-Chain i have reviewed your proposal and am happy to support. Privacy plays an important role in all aspects of blockchain and web3 and its great to see that you are providing a solution for the NEAR community. Look forward to seeing the results - dont forget to post a Report. Moving to Approved

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Thank you all for your support! We’ll do our best to help the ecosystem!

Hey guys, thanks again for your support!

Moving on with the process, here’s the link for the pool on AstroDAO:




Would love to see a community competition around the rebranding