[APPROVED] GraffBase - Graffiti DAO and Community

Greetings everyone!

Introducing GraffBase, a community of Graffiti Artists from across the globe!

We have set up a DAO already through graffiti.near that you can find here, created a Social Token called $GRAFF and a store on Mintbase that will be used to create multiple stores for the various Graffiti crews and projects through which we will mint NFTs.


We want to curate a gallery show with a collective of Graffiti artists from Malaysia to launch GraffBase. The show will take place in Cryptovoxels to highlight the NFTs minted by the collective and will be featured as a part of CAWA.

The objective is to onboard more Graffiti artists from across the globe and help establish a community that uses NEAR and Mintbase for their NFTs.

Visit the linktree to connect via the socials.


We are requesting a total of 200 N for the following

  • DAO, Social Token & Mintbase store Setup (10 N)
  • NEAR Names & Tokens (10 N)
  • Design elements for launch (30 N)
  • Cryptovoxels build, rental and event support (100 N)
  • Launch Party support (50 N)


We plan to launch during Crypto Art Week Asia (July 9th - 17th 2021)

Target Address is our DAO - graffiti.sputnikdao.near


This is so awesome! Super excited to see where this project goes! Love that the token is launched alongside the minting platform so that token economics can be used to promote and incentivize community growth/sustainability.


@vandal your project is approved. We love the idea of getting the graffiti artists community onboard using several blockchain tools: social tokens, DAOs, NFTs, metaverse events…

You can already submit a payout for the full amount, since the project funds will be managed by the DAO and you are a trusted member of the community and completed several very successful projects already (we should make a list, I think it’s more than a dozen projects by now :slight_smile:

Please make sure to keep us posted on this thread about the project developments. We are looking forward.


Thanks @lenara appreciate it! I was on a call this morning with the artists in Malaysia working on the onboarding and explaining everything, it’s a process but we’re getting there! We will have some updates soon as we get ready for CAWA!