[Approved] - Gambiarra-dao - GAMBIARRA MARKETING 02/2022

We will put this suggestion in the full presentation that will be made in February and presented to Marketing DAO. The resource is too little for so much that is already being exposed in the proposal.


This is going to be huge!!! congrats! looking forward to see it approved!


thank youu soo much!! Beautiful work :heart: hugg lovely


Thank you very much for your comment! Come back often!


Uhuuul, nice project guys :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:


I like what you are proposing to do to build a community around Brazilian art in connection with Near and Mintbase.

I’ve been helping to advise the MarketingDAO, and in looking at what you are proposing to do, I think you may actually be undervaluing your work and time. You are proposing to do a lot of social media activity, community building on Discord and Telegram, etc. It’s time-consuming!

Do you have a plan for creating the graphics/media you will use for marketing activities? If so, how does that fit in, who will do this part of the marketing?

As I was reading, I wondered if you might need to increase funding request and time involved in order to accommodate all the work outlined.


Good evening! Would be great to see @creativesdao-council opinions about your project. Thank You


You have my vote :white_check_mark: :100: Let’s start right away @creativesdao-council


Thanks for the link. As the proposal is specifically for the Marketing DAO, I believe it is not related to the Creatives Moderators. We have been seeing how Gambiarra DAO was created and are following their activities in terms of the creatives.


Tabar do you suggest we send it to Marketing-DAO directly?

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hey @Natashacremonese , it’s already in the right category. It’s enough to have it with the marketing dao tag.


thank you soo much!!!


Thanks for the vote and the trust, we will give our best in this project.


We are part of Gambiarra DAO, and our desire to start doing social media is great, we would love to do this work and so we accept this value that was proposed to us initially. But we are already finalizing the proposal that will be sent to the DAO marketing, in the month of February to March.


Ok, thanks. I support your proposal. Have a great day. Thanks @FritzWorm for quick response.

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Yep, this is now tagged as marketing.

Hello, will be great if you guys can take a look here @marketingdao-council as now even the title is for Marketing on february :cowboy_hat_face: and this looks a very good proposal. :100:


Thanks for the reply. Based on what you’ve outlined, this looks like a reasonable proposal to fund.

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Happy to approve guys, please follow the new funding process


Report of the week. 131 followers on instagram, about 60 people liking the page on facebook. Engagement with exponential and organic growth.

Project Report


Project Status: CONCLUDED


DISCORD: Gambiarra

TWITTER: https://twitter.com/GambiarraNear

INSTAGRAM: Login • Instagram


YOUTUBE: Gambiarra Near - YouTube


Gambiarra DAO’s marketing in the month of February carried out through its team advertising campaigns that generated good results for DAO as well as for the NEAR and Mintbase platforms, generating engagement with audiences of artists who already knew NFT’s and also with those who did not.

It was possible to conduct outreach to featured artists through social media and organize important links, actions, and galleries/exhibitions.

Weekly posts were made in addition to the proposals, as we had demands of more than two posts per week, we presented projects, highlights and also shared workshops held through Gambiarra DAO.

The professionals are responsible for: Retweeting, sharing, responding and forwarding those interested in participating in the store, as well as participating in the discord, and responding to artists in the publications.

Each professional made a report on their area, which was delivered to the Gambiarra DAO group, in PDF format, as well as to anyone who requires it, maintaining transparency.

Our proposal for the month of March is already described with the demands that arose in February, and the necessary adjustments to continue the work of advertising and marketing Gambiarra DAO, so that it gets better and better, and meet the needs of our DAO.

For example: Give more attention to Youtube channel, which already exists, boost highly relevant publications, increase the number of posts on social networks and interactions, increase the hours and days of monitoring the discord, to help the new, and those who have questions, develop a site that presents the Dao, as well as their actions, components, etc…

USD 500 for the production team and organization of Gambiarra’s advertising and marketing.

Accomplished tasks: Social Media, design, publications, creation of the Discord, monitoring, recordings, graphic arts, copywriting, sharing, tweets, retweets, interactions with artists and DAOs, videos, among other tasks.

Project timeline updated:

In the first week of February the GAMBIARRA Server access link was created on discord, through Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, we had welcome invitations containing the Server link.



The videos shared on youtube, as well as the links in the “Tutorials” channel on discord, allow new members to learn about DAO, NEAR, Mintbase, and learn about.

Next Steps:

Publish the proposal for the month of March where are the new demands that have arisen, as well as the improvements to be made. We intend to progressively continue this work, publicizing the actions, artists, governance, DAO, etc; Improving each month, and helping artists find collectors, and spaces to experience their artistic potentials, we also intend to put social actions linked to Gambiarra DAO.



In Gambiarra’s Discord we are with 116 participants, 7 warning posts, 5 news, 9 tutorials, 2 meetings. A new category called FEMINU was created due to a need of Gambiarra DAO with 9 channels, because the proponent of the FEMINU exhibition needed to have an accessible place for the introduction and organization of the exhibition with its participants.

The Discord monitoring schedule, Tuesdays and Saturdays from 6 pm to 8 pm.


Today we follow 152 and have 227 followers (73 new followers) on Twitter. In the last 28 days the numbers shown are as follows: Tweets 116; Tweet Impressions 17.5K; Profile Visits 9,814; Mentions 447.

INSTAGRAM - Month of February - 223 Followers / 236

41 Publications, Being 3 Reels and 37 Cards, 31 (Graphic arts for publications), 256 stories.

Reach - 13,780 Impressions, 669 Views, 61 Touches on site, 2619 Reached (2447 Non-followers, 172 Followers)

FACEBOOK - Month of February - 305 Page Likes, 314 Followers, 1169K Reach, 48 Posts.


Channel stats: 9 videos published, 23 subscribers and with over 230 views with impressions reaching 421. Playlists were created: Gambiarra Artists (1 view); Week of 22 (none); Astro DAO (2 views); Week of 22 Tribute (1 view); First Steps (2 views); MintbaseSunday (none), Talk of NEAR (1 views); CUDO DAO (7 views); DAO Incubator (3 views) and Mintbase - The Site (15 views).