[Announce] Aurora Stars Force (ambassador) program

For Aurora Community DAO purposes, the Aurora Stars Force (ambassador) program is developed to be launched for NEAR/Aurora ecosystem and communities!

:a: Application form is opened for Community members and we’re happy to invite you to fill it in

120 applications are already received! :star_struck:
Many thanks to all of you, whom we’re happy to see among them :blush:

:newspaper: The full description of the program you can read in the article on Near.Social or here:

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:bell: Aurora Stars Force (ambassadors) program is part of Aurora Community DAO at Near Digital Community (NDC).

It has been established with the aim of cultivating a dynamic on-chain-based Aurora Community with the following core goals:

  1. Increasing transactions in NEAR/Aurora Ecosystem
  2. Raising awareness about NEAR and Aurora and its technological impacts
  3. Encouraging the adoption and integration of Aurora network
  4. Facilitating knowledge exchange within the NEAR/Aurora Community through collaborations
  5. Nurturing professional development among Councils, Leaders, and Ambassadors.
  6. Driving active participation in the Ecosystem development

How to start
Embark on your journey as an “Aurorian” by following these steps:

  • Fill out the Application form

  • Meet the listed Criteria to be accepted into the program

  1. Be acquainted with Aurora by following Aurora’s official socials:

Twitter https://twitter.com/auroraisnear
Telegram chat Telegram: Contact @auroraisnear
Telegram News channel https://t.me/auroraisnear_news
Discord https://discord.gg/PEfxNssB
YouTube https://www.youtube.com/c/auroraisnear
Medium Aurora Platform - Medium
LinkedIn https://linkedin.com/company/aurora-is-near
CMC Join The Crypto Message Board At Community Today
Near.Social: auroraecosystemnews.near

  1. Ambassadors should have an Aurora.Plus/Aurora Pass account.
    If you don’t have one yet, please download Aurora Pass and create an Aurora Pass wallet using the following links:

Next, create an account on Aurora.plus and sign in to Aurora+ using your Aurora Pass credentials.

  1. To demonstrate your knowledge and involvement in the Aurora Ecosystem, you will need to pass at least 1 sprint on Zealy and/or spend 1 week on the Galxe campaign.
    When submitting your form, please don’t forget to mention the wallet that is connected to the Quest platform.

  2. We require a minimum of 2 weeks of active participation and engagement within the community.

  3. Some additional requirements may apply.

These requirements are integral to the Ambassador selection process and highlight your genuine interest in contributing to the advancement of Aurora Community’s vision.

Ambassadors Levels

In the Aurora Stars Force Program, there are four levels, each with unique responsibilities and rewards. By completing tasks and earning points, you will progress through the levels, unlocking additional benefits. Each level requires consistent on-chain activity and participation on social media.

Level 1: Aurorian
As an Aurorian, you are an active member of the community, participating in various ecosystem events and engagements by performing tasks on Zealy.
To maintain Level 1 status, achieve a minimum of 300 transactions per month.

Level 2: Believer
Believers take on the role of content managers, creating compelling material to drive transactions on the Aurora network. This includes creating tutorials, organizing engagement contests, and testing ecosystem dApps, etc.

To maintain Level 2 status, aim for a minimum of 500 transactions per month.
The duration for this level is set at 2 months, after which you may claim a badge of transition to the next level by posting a report on the forum, or alternatively, you can continue to contribute as a Believer.

Level 3: Adept
At the Adept level, you are entrusted with managing the community’s social media presence, organizing events, conducting investigations, onboarding new partners, and providing technical integration support.
To maintain Level 3 status, strive for a minimum of 600 transactions per month.

Level 4: Aurora Guardian

At the pinnacle of the program, as an Aurora Guardian, you play a crucial role in guiding and nurturing the community, working towards achieving KPIs: 400 daily transactions and 250 daily Unique Active Wallets (UAW). Usually, leaders with solid regional communities can reach the level.

This Level is suitable for Aurora Community Leaders

:earth_africa: Aurora Africa Telegram: Contact @AuroraAfrica @IgbozeIsrael
:brazil: Aurora Brazil Telegram: Contact @aurorabrasil @andersonbr
:cn: Aurora China Telegram: Contact @Aurora_chinese @murphy1
:india: Aurora India Telegram: Contact @auroraindia @sachinmurali03
:indonesia: Aurora Indonesia Telegram: Contact @AuroraIndonesiaHQ @derymars
:earth_americas: Aurora Latam Telegram: Contact @AuroraLatam @Turco
:tr: Aurora Turkey Telegram: Contact @auroraisneartr @cizi31
:vietnam: Aurora Vietnam Telegram: Contact @auroravietnamofficial @HaiVu
:venezuela: Aurora Venezuela Telegram: Contact @venezuelaaurora @ramgor
:star_struck: Aurora Reddit Reddit - Dive into anything @rahulgoel007


As part of the Aurora Stars Force (Ambassador) Program, Ambassadors have the opportunity to earn rewards based on their respective levels of involvement and contribution to the community. For completing each level according to the reports, participants will be rewarded with XP tokens, which can be exchanged for tokens.

Potential monthly rewards based on levels:

Level 1. Aurorian - 50$
Level 2. Believer - 200$
Level 3. Adept - 500$
Level 4. Aurora Guardian - 750$

It’s important to note that at each level member is required to complete tasks from the previous levels to be eligible for earning more points (and tokens) and producing more transactions per month than in the preceding levels.

The total possible payment for each level is a sum of the tasks from previous levels. For Level 2, it amounts to the 1st and 2nd Level’s tasks, resulting in a maximum potential reward of approximately $250 per month. Similarly, Level 4 includes tasks from Levels 1, 2, 3, and 4, with a maximum potential reward of approximately $1500 per month. That will depend on the number of tasks done during the months, its report, and its value.

These reward structures are designed to incentivize and recognize the dedication and efforts of our Ambassadors at every level, encouraging continuous growth and active participation within the Aurora Ecosystem.

The Trial Month

The inaugural month of the program will be conducted in a trial mode, welcoming the participation of the 66 most deserving Aurorians.

Each subsequent month, a new round of applications and Ambassadors’ selection will be conducted.

Our tools:
On-chain (transactions) and off-chain (social media) data is tracked on https://auroradao.club/

The Aurora Stars Force (Ambassador) Program (part of Near Digital Collective - NDC), is a proactive initiative by the Aurora Community, dedicated to maintaining our existing achievements while continuously nurturing an informed, enthusiastic, and on-chain engaged community. With a strong focus on raising transactions on the Aurora network, facilitating knowledge exchange, creating awareness, and driving the adoption of the Aurora network, this program plays a pivotal role in propelling the growth and success of the NEAR/Aurora ecosystem.

The program is subject to change. May add, modify or delete any Program term or condition, in its sole discretion, with or without notice, and may terminate the Program at any time without notice.


As a platform on Aurora also building on #BOS would love to leverage Stars Force to have people explore NFT solutions on our platform. Please DM on telegramf or more details