[Approved for $5k]: Road 2 LouiEvolve [2024]

6-month roadmap.

Median number of dApps used by P95 accounts retained for 1+ week





Social engagement score — some compound metric of number: please see metrics with screenshots below.

In the last two months, the LouiEvolve team has distributed 5 different NFTS totalling over 526 NFTs collected.

122 unique owners

154 unique owners

126 unique owners

77 unique owners

47 unique owners

This is the announcement insights when we announced last year, before NEAR and before a lineup was revealed.


We hope to continue setting new precedents, and standards to serve as an example for a thriving and productive web3 music community.

NFT holders from 2023 will get upgraded VIP Ticket Packages

The rollout will include 5 months of social media content creation and promotion along with 3 events.

3 IG Live AMA’s with NEAR ecosystem partners

2 long-form podcast-style video: highlighting the event, why, and how we are using web3 the improve the fan and artist experience.

3 sizzle reel-style promo videos

LouiEvolve Passport: for the 8 weeks leading up to the festival, we will drop one of eight NFTs that will be part of the passport, released in a combination of Instagram stories and partnering with other artists at their shows before the festival. Collecting NFTs will be eligible for prizes such as merch, VIP tickets, and other redeemables.

LouiEvolve Artists Orientation and Onboarding Party: Pre-festival orientation where all artists get a review of the event while learning more intimately about opportunities in web3. Last year’s speakers included affiliates of Jack Harlow and Timbaland.

Onboarding Goal: 50-75

Collaborative Workshop w/ Industry Leaders: The LouiEvolve network partners with music and entertainment industry professionals for community presentations and discussions on niche subject matter such as royalties and web3. For this iteration, we will feature discussions surrounding the emergence of crypto, NFTs, and web3 in the entertainment industry, what artists need to know, and how they can take advantage of new opportunities by prioritizing the fan experience.

Onboarding Goal: 50-75

On-Site During Festival: posters and banners will be displayed throughout the venue for attendees to collect special edition NFTs from LouiEvolve artists that work as standalone collectibles or may be used for perks or access to future events.

Onboarding Goal: 150-200

NEAR Lounge

The venue we are scouting has a “speakeasy” area where we plan to have the artist lounge and in a perfect world, a metaverse viewing space. This would be the NEAR x Music Lounge where fans that have bought into the web3 offerings will converge with their favorite artists and get exclusive access and experiences. This gives a tangible web3 experience and provides context to why NFTs are more valuable than “number go up.”

Buying or Acquiring an NFT= access to afterparty/artist lounge and speakeasy

We are improving our white-label marketplace for LouiEvolve.

We would like to have a refresh/redo on our LouiEvolve site and even better be able to merge to create a better synergy of our web2 louievolve.co site and build upon the skeleton of the art.louievolve.co.

Improvements to Marketplace We Hope to Include:

Fiat Onboarding: We want to make the buying experience as simple as possible, with the option to pay with fiat by credit or by crypto.

Redeemables/Including Tickets: an easier way for our team(s) and vendors to validate tickets, merch purchases, discounts, and coupons on-site.

A/V playability in wallet.

P2P Communications: the ability to be able to communicate with our community wallet 2 wallet to build foundational platforms to spread key messages, and invites.

Merch: easy to buy merch with fiat or crypto. Discounts for paying in crypto?

Token-Gating: token-gate access to new drops, tickets, and events.

Airdrop/NFT Gallery/Leaderboard/Passport: A display of all the affiliated NFTs that have been dropped or made available and what potential use-case/redeemable, if any, they may have.

Dashboard: The ability to manage display NFTs, affiliations, circulation, and rewards.

Buy/Sell/Auction NFTs: would be cool for others to be able to sell their NFTs on the platform. Even cooler is they had to hold a specific NFT to be allowed to do so. Less priority.

*****Button to create wallet easily next to wallet connect?

Announcement of Festival End of November

Begin 5 month campaign on the road to LouiEvolve.

Weekly social media posts, videos and interviews of Louisville-related artists and affiliates.

Includes discussions and live videos highlighting NEAR and why and how LouiEvolve is integrating the innovative new web3 tools.

Bring in members from the projects involved as guests to deepen learnings to establish the building blocks to onboarding and understanding how these digital assets have physical world applications for artists and organizations in real-time.

Rhyme Taylor: 10+ years in event coordination with a longstanding track record of building in the Near ecosystem.

Tay G: Founder of LouiEvolve. Is an established community facilitator with 10+ years in community building, events, music and hospitality.

LouiEvolve on Instagram: "Special shoutout to @502merchgawd for curating LOUIEVOLVE a platform for artist to excel. We know it took a village to raise this festival up and definitely appreciate the initial co-founders and supporters alike AND those helping out currently ✊🏾💜♾️ Tay G really out here being selfless for the city and Louievolve is his BABY ✌️ Let us show Tay some love man , if you came to Louievolve and enjoyed yourself this year or in the past ;SHOW SOME LOVE ONE TIME BELOW🚨🚨" 1

Collectively, the LouiEvolve team (5 core members) has more than 50+ years of experience in events and community building.


Throughout this process, we are looking to onboard two new developers to help continue building and growing alongside the community.

Quantitative and qualitative information.

Pre-Festival Content Creation will include up to 5-10 Reels over the next 6 months

1 Long Form Podcast Episodes.

2 Side Events for artists, onboarding and education.

2 Promo Videos

more than 1500 guests attended LouiEvolve 2023

125 airdrop links were created


34 NFTs claimed

8.3% of attendees interacted with the NFT display.

The NFT display was completely passive, as there was not available representation to walk attendees through the process, making onboarding a completely independent process.

We had 40+ people at a post event workshop that were ready to be onboarded but could not due to technical difficulties and dev support.

With proper tech support, we look to exponentially exceed these numbers and have the ability to compound upon experiences, using NFTs as access points before, during and after the festival, throughout the year.

Socials have been well received with interest validated throughout the community. It is a matter of being able to properly service the community and give the tools to build and navigate a web3 ecosystem of their own. We just need consistent support to build upon and build out the community

Genre - What category does your DAO fall under





Any other

It falls into all of the above categories.


What kind of impact is creating or is on the track to create (e.g. defined by social impact, tech innovation, DAO to DAO collaboration, helping in mass onboarding, growth of NEARs name etc)

Website: https://www.louievolve.co/

Goals: 20% of all attendees to interact on-chain in some way.

Establish new use-cases and a relationship with attendees for future activations with LouiEvolve and NEAR.

Benefits to the Near Ecosystem: A continued case study showcasing a range of direct applications from an active and growing creative community with established entertainment industry ties. Establish new use cases and a relationship for future activations with emerging artists, fans, and NEAR.
Grow in stride as we use events to establish and integrate long-term web3 strategies, use-cases, and activations. showcase a range of direct applications for an active and emerging creative community with a dynamic feedback loop and flywheel of users and improvements.
Education. Education. Education.

LouiEvolve NFT Marketplace featuring performing artists and other affiliate organizations.

Select artists will be airdropping NFTs to audience members on the days of their set.

QR codes by ShardDog will be displayed with select artists on stage for users to scan. (projector pending)

LouiEvolve will have posters displayed throughout the venues for members to collect special edition LouiEvolve NFTs that may be used for perks or access to future events. These will be free collectibles.


UI/UX Marketplace Tech improvements, (fiat onramp, merch, tickets etc)


Pre-show promo and marketing camera crew: $1,500

Onsite and post-show promo and marketing camera crew $1,500

Photo, video, and editing

Merch/Marketing Materials/Signage/Posters//: $2000

Total: $10,000


Hey @rhymetaylor
Thank you for your proposal and significant contribution to CreativesDAO and the entire NEAR Community, especially during this year’s NEARcon!
After carefully considering your objectives and the KPIs shared with us by the HoM, we recognize the substantial value in your proposal for the Creatives and your community. However, we regret to inform you that we are unable to cover the marketing part of your project. Therefore, we are keen to approve only the following line item:

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