[APPROVED] Font Creation Bounty Support

To support the Marma J Foundation’s font creation bounty, I spent about 12+ hours completing the following tasks:

  • Research for programs and applications to create colour fonts
  • Saving and converting the provided files into working vector images
  • Modifying each individual file to meet standards of application
  • Creating and testing font files

My proposed rate for this support is 1.5 marmaj/ hour

Additionally, I had to purchase an application to create the font which in total cost $57.74 CAD

Payout request: 22 marmaj
Target: bianca.near

Sample of both fonts:

Download Both Font Files via Google Drive: Marma J Foundation - Official Fonts - Google Drive

Currently, this colour font is supported in Adobe applications (example: Adobe Illustrator). The font file can be used with other applications; however, the colour is not supported so it will be a standard black font.


I have [APPROVED] this proposal. Thank you so much for all of the work you did on getting the fonts ready to be used. Is there any way to link the fonts here so that they are able to be downloaded? Maybe you could link to the font bounty and provide an example of the fonts as well in this post?


I’ve updated my original post with the additional information and font files :slight_smile: Thanks!

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