[Approved] First month budget for Goa NEAR OpenWeb Guild (December2021 - January2022)

here is our common team’s proposal for the Guild
until it’s not approved we’re ready to work on separate events like meetups and music fests.
probably you can comment here as well - what is needed to improve or correct for proposal become proper-done and approved

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OK thanks for this. Are you creating proposals on behalf of Dmitry? For transparency sake I’d advise setting up a DAO and have funds move via the DAO rather than one individuals wallet.

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yes. Dmitry is our team-leader.
i’m responsible for creating guild-proposal and some other proposals and i’m easy with english
as you can see, Dmitry’s wallet here now

Question: what to set up first - DAO or the Guild?
if we have to wait for Guild request to be approved and then to apply for DAO? or we can set up DAO separately?
and if there’s any instrustion or guidance for creating DAO?

thank you a lot !!

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Just my personal opinion here… If you’re already a team, it really makes the most sense to become a Guild. I think the @Dacha mentioned before that there was funding allocated to the project, I can’t remember from which guild it came from.

Anyone can create a DAO. You don’t need to have a Guild first to do it. Go https://app.astrodao.com and set one up!


Hey guys @vandal
@johanga please tag me if we discuss about me too☺️

I would like guys to create posts not from my name. Please lets do from now posts not from my name. Thank you :blush:

We would like create guild but i don’t want take responsibility for all guild till some stable funding process. I want to know many answers before i taking care about guild if guild need this.

ok, i take responsibilty for the Guild and a role of a guild-leader
@denni_wild is our creative drector
@dmitryne responsible for video production and some activities that he chooses

we’re in the process of setting up DAO

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Why i take lidership on guild in beginning?

I just want start this process NEAR community in Goa and dont want to stop it.

Now we have many talanted and fantastic people who can take care about Goa NEAR community. I always supporting u, keep it going :muscle::clap:

Now i would like to be just member of Goa NEAR community


Hi @johanga great to see the NEAR community in Goa taking shape!

When you have set up the DAO post details and I am happy to approve this proposal @marketingdao-council

Remember to update your proposal to include the DAO wallet ID

Good luck with the project and I look forward to seeing the results


This is all good with me, too! Looking forward to seeing the results :tada:

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We are all happy to hear it :cowboy_hat_face:
We were apply in DAOIncubator yesterday - send them our plans and ideas. I am sure their mentorship and guidance will help us a lot. @David_NEAR

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done :pray:

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This proposal isn’t directed at the correct DAO.

You can follow this guide for submitting funding proposals to the MarketingDAO:

thank you for support
as i understand, for applying to Marketing DAO Vertical this proposal has to become [Approved] first,
and i can’t understand, what is wrong here, i follow the guide as exactly as

  1. Post a ‘new topic’ in the Marketing Category under the Marketing DAO Subcategory
  2. Add the marketing-dao , proposals and daos tags
    here is correct, right?
    where is mistake?
    please, could you help me with corrections
    it’s my first such proposal
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It’s now approved.


@cryptocredit if we need to do something more here or just to wait?
we’ve started working on our plan, but for fullpower involvement we’re waiting for approving proposal by all council members, right?

Hi @johanga just checked your proposal on the Marketing DAO. Everything seems in order and there is approximately 4 days remaining for the council members to vote.

I am sure the @marketingdao-council will complete the voting process shortly :slight_smile:

Congratulations @johanga, the proposal has now been approved by the Marketing Council. Apologies for the delay, keep up the good work! AVB

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if i have to do smth to recieve the funds? or just to wait? )

@satojandro thank you
we’re doing our best


The funds are in your wallet. Looks like the USD denominated value is incorrect. Click through it and you’ll see the NEAR.

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Here is report Report. GoaDAO December-January - #2 by Dacha