[Approved] Engage-a-thon at NEARCON w/ ShardDog: A Grant Proposal for CDAO and MDAO

How we hope to fund this grant:

A collaboration between CDAO and MDAO in funding.

Total amount $8500 split the costs 50/50 amongst CDAO and MDAO. MDAO $4250 and CDAO $4250

Bridging a necessary gap in production and setting new precedents. By seeking funding from both the CDAO and MDAO, this initiative also serves as a model for how NEAR projects can leverage targeted grants to grow their projects.

Summary of Engage-a-thon

The Engage-a-thon is a marketing activation designed to be a highlight of the upcoming NEARCON conference. This interactive event aims to engage conference attendees by offering a competitive platform where projects can create and distribute ShardDogs.

The initiative also incorporates a “NEARCON Passport” feature that is part of CDAO Planet, which serves as a digital journey map for participants.

Fill your Digital Doggy Bag with NFTs and discover new projects building on NEAR Protocol

Featuring booths, multiple projects and brands attending, and some key influencers of different projects at NEARCON and a unique ShardDog associated to collect, attendees are encouraged to visit each booth, engage with the people and projects behind them and collect commemorative NFTs that will unlock different prizes and access from the event and booths.

The more ShardDogs collected, the more chances to win prizes.

Each booth has the option to gatekeep any merch or promo items using their ShardDog.

This will increase wallets created and create intimate discussions with projects and attendees.

Giving context and usability to NFTs, showing off an intuitive onboarding experience.


  • To increase engagement and interaction among NEARCON attendees and projects.

  • To provide a platform for projects to showcase their art and technology.

  • Give context to usability for NFTs

  • To create a content package that includes videos, post-event write-ups, and a dashboard with statistics.

Budget Allocation


*Engage-a-thon : Overseeing and organizing the activation ensuring its coordination and success. Preparing beforehand and onsite handling of activation.

Implementation Plan

Phase 1: Pre-Event (4 Weeks Prior) - have already started organizing teams.

Development: Continuing development of the NEARCON Passport and ShardDog dashboard.

Phase 2: During Event

Launch: Officially start the Engage-a-thon and NEARCON Passport.

Live Updates: Keep the dashboard updated and share live content.

Engagement: Encourage participation through announcements and live leaderboards.

Phase 3: Post-Event

Content Package: Compile videos, write-ups, and statistics into a comprehensive content package. This case study is used to leverage and iterate future activations

Prize Distribution: Announce and distribute prizes to winners.

Review and Analysis: Conduct a post-mortem analysis to measure success and areas for improvement.

*Engage-a-thon production total: $3,500

Travel Stipend for on and offsite Facilitator (plane, lodging, Uber): $2500

  • Wallet Prizes (randomizer): $500

We want to encourage people to use NEAR for transactions outside of Nearcon. Giving small increments of NEAR allows those onboarded to continue transacting on the network.

  • Physical Prizes (merch): $500

  • Marketing and Content Creation: $1500

Socials posted already

Launch tweet - https://x.com/sharddog/status/1713905891324334192?s=20

Call for projects - https://x.com/sharddog/status/1714619518692008284?s=20

This includes video content with ShardDog/Ready Layer One team, write-ups, recap threads, other socials, announcements/followup and marketing materials onsite for attendees to deepen understanding of activation. Pre/During/Post.

Metrics for Success

ShardDog’s collected per day.

  • Engagement Rate: Number of ShardDogs claimed and NEARCON Passports filled.

  • Content Reach: Views, likes, and shares on post-event content.

  • Participant Feedback: Post-event surveys to gauge attendee satisfaction.

ShardDog will not receive any funds from this grant; it is entirely dedicated to supporting the NEARCON 2023 event.

Wallet for funding: readylayerone.near

Total amount $8500 and from MDAO $4250 from CDAO $4250

We will try to split the costs 50/50 amongst CDAO and MDAO. Bridging a necessary gap in production and setting new precedents. By seeking funding from both the CDAO and MDAO, this initiative also serves as a model for how NEAR projects can leverage targeted grants to grow their projects.


The Engage-a-thon aims to bring community engagement at NEARCON, strengthening the NEAR community through creativity and collaboration.

We believe the Engage-a-thon will not only be a NEARCON highlight but also set a new standard for community engagement and collaborative funding in future events.