[Approved] Dérive - a drifting verse on metaverse - Metacoin's Decentralized Project

Proponent: Blu Simon Wasem

NEAR account for payment: wasem_simon.near

Project Timeline: 10th ~24th FEB

Project: Dérive - a drifting verse in the metaverse


  • research meta-spaces, to record visual material
  • creation of audio-visual NFT collection(Mintbase + 3xR)

The process of observing images on metaverse, serves as source from the artistic creation, reflection Blu Simon Wasem perspective. The manufacture of the artfact will be performed, recorded and edit by the artist.
The capture will via browser visiting, exploring and recording unexpectedly footage composition.

The ethic and aesthetic reference gazes Guy Debord’s concept of Psychogeography, applied to made metaverse context.

Dérive is a method to explore urban space, in a critical posture of observation. A provocation against the establishment from the members of the Letterist International and Situationist International. It works as a strategy of observe how the city is constructed, as well as how it makes us feel. In the present proposal, Dérive will serve as a route map, leading this work in progress audio visual artistic creation.


The product from this into a collection of 16 NFTs, to create a 16 piece 3xR space.

“Create galleries for all NFTs… as an NFT.”


Vernissage on 24th Feb, will be held at wasem_simon - 117 Block Fork - Cryptovoxels

Example of Blu’s galleries:

Nomade Label general room:

And Nomade Label @luixoluixo and @filmesdeinfiltracao spotlight:

An artistic collection made as a tribute do Near ecosystem(specially 3xR environment), and the other metaverses nearby(as crypto voxels parcels and spaces), will serve as promotion and diffusion of web3 and NFT world, as well testifies as a cryptoart document, artifact and picture of the era.

The collection of NFTs minted will share 30% of the revenue with metaverse.
On 28th February Blu Simon Wasem will host a vernissage at Metaverse-DAO parcel, rewarding participants and ReTwitters with airdrops attendance certificate NFTs designed by the artist.


**TOTAL: **250 USD in NEAR/DAI

Blu Simon Wasem

Artist portifolio - lynkfire.com/blusw

Curator - lynkfire.com/nomadelabel

clippings -


@JohnX @gushlewis @thephilosopher

Beatifulll work Blu!!*

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I liked the proposal, @blusw. Let me ask you one thing to see if i understood it properly. You will mint 16 NFTs made with metaverse images and audio, and mint 1 3XR NFT from the project, all of them with 30% for metaverse dao. This is wonderful. Can I ask you one more thing? Could you use our logo, from Metaverse DAO and NEAR, and put us as sponsors?


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you understand right!

For sure will showed, cause in the end, always a promotional media for a founded project comes with LOGO from the supporters, i that it as standard practice, so i didnt wrote down cause i thougth that was implicit.

Im sorry about my dislexy

In the end, this a:

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Wonderful, @blusw. Good to know it. Lets see the voting for the approval. It seems there are 2 metacoin holders that are going to vote: you and Jack.

Thank you for the opportunity council members, for opening up this opportunity for a collaborative decision-making process like metacoin.
Unfortunately, this month my schedule was full booked by other proposal that have being approved. I feel that it is enough to carry out at this time, it can affect the quality of my work, and my goal is to deliver the best of what I’m able to offer within the ecosystem. No more, no less.
As i always say, quality > quantity.

I hope to be available, and with more cohesive projects for next opportunities.

How can I proceed with this post?

I need to delete it, add a note in the title… how to proceed in cases like these in the forum

Thank you members, see you in the poll B)

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Oh, it would be nice if you could comment that you removed your submission at the decentralized project post here at the forum.

If there no other submissions, i consider keep this proposal

I will just rearrange the outcome (soon i will update)

in stad of:

I will work on static image sequence, like a Zine from those prints of metaverse,
to make more straigt forward production.

Than you can still you this founding to return to your DAO as NFTs, or there are other projects already?

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Sorry, but I am not quite sure of what you are asking, friend.

Project Report

Project Status : completed
Project Accounting:
Blu Simon Wasem created on avatar called Dragomir Artenie, and spent around 20 days of February, using metaverse as an artistic residency, at this meta atelier on SHED´s Parcel at 3 Aegina, near Helios in Helios(463W,691S,

16 Nfts was created by the artist, and minted as a 3xr Galley (15 glitched works + Poster)

This “site specific” / work-in-progress , this a Meta-exhibition, to honor Metaverse DAO this the first NTF artistic collection inside metaverse-dao.sputnik-dao.near Mintbase Store.
Its a very important to say, this art works are based in refecences the art history, as Gambiarra project #Semanade22. In this case, to focus in on French Anarchists avant-guard inspiration.
It shows to artist connoisseur that mintbase and Near ecosystem has a great respect for Contemporary Art, as well shows a educational concerns about rework art from the past, for keeping recreating the new.

The final action is the Exhibition that features other project proposed on this forum for Gambiarra DAO called Quintas Paralelas:

24/02/2022 - 20h (brst) - Dérive Vernissage , and
Quintas Paralelas Surreal Podcast meta-screening

at wasem_simon cryptovoxel´s parcel.

@thephilosopher @gushlewis @JohnX