[APPROVED] Demonstra DAO - January Budget Overview

Project Name: Demonstra DAO

Project Status: [ in progress ]

Project members:

@dani danimore.near
@RebeccaJ rejoh.near
@JulianaM jmm.near

Target Address: demonstra.sputnik-dao.near

Project Accounting: current account balance: 5 N

Funding Period: January 2022

Our Introductory post: [INTRODUCTION] Introducing Demonstra DAO - #6 by dani


Council Matters:

  • Council = 600 USD (3 x 200 USD) 13.2N (each)


  • Astro DAO creation - 5 N

  • Mentoring/Admin work (Editing requests and writing reports, help the other members of the council with structuring the DAO) = 100 USD - 6.6N


Specific Projects:

1. Virtual Catalog - Open Call Demonstra 2021.

*Creation of a catalog about Open Call Demonstrates 2021 - Issue #1: Poéticas Informes.
Content: Demonstra’s open call concept | nuclear team biography | organization of the list of project supporters, partners and collaborators | overview of open call subscription statistics | organization of the content of candidates registered for the open call

*Goal: Cataloging the information that is being created with the Demonstra network for purposes of dissemination, organization, implementation and production of future projects.

  • Design and content management: 600 USD 39.6 N

Estimated dates: Jan 08, 2022 - start of development | Jan 30, 2022 - delivery date

2. Youtube Channel - Demonstra


Online meetings in a webinar format, between Daniel Moraes and a guest, discussing themes related to art, disability and technology. These meetings will be later edited and published on Canal Demonstra (YouTube).

Guest speakers: Vinicius Scheffer (educator at Artemlibras) and Carlos Pastor (spanish curator, specialist in LBGTQI+ and monstrosities) (TBC)

  • Production of 2 webinars: 150 USD - 9.9N

  • Host for the sessions: 170 USD - 11,2 N

  • Fee for guest speakers: 150 USD - Vinicius Scheffer (TBC) and 150 USD - Carlos Pastor (TBC) - 9.9 N (each)

  • Sign language translators for the 2 webinars: 180 USD - 11.9 N

  • Promotion: 150 USD (100 - marketing manager / 50 - $ for boosting ads) - 9.9 N


  • Implementation of Demonstra’s Youtube channel that will contain the videos produced for the Demonstra Channel (webinars, lives and workshops).

Actions: Demonstra Channel creation | Maintenance of monthly schedule | Production and editing of videos that will enter the Demonstration Channel

  • Edition of the two webinars for the Youtube channel: 180 USD - 11.9 N

  • Account maintenance : 50 USD - 3.3 N

  • Accessible communication maintenance: 100 USD - 6.6 N


Total= 2660 USD

Thank you!



  • Values in Near Added after approval


The council would love to approve, but can you please link individual proposals? The tag is created, it will be easier to organize stuff. Thanks!!


Thank you for the feedback!
Yes it is lacking some links, thanks for reminding me. I’m tagging the other members so they can provide more details :smiley: @dani @RebeccaJ


@RebeccaJ created the separated posts for each project. Please have a look. And I already added to the Proposal here.

Thank you


Thank you for the updates! Proposal is approved, please request 175.5 N from the Astro DAO (coingecko 5.1.22, Portugal 20:37, 1N=15.15$)