[Approved] Datality Grant proposal 03/24/2022

Great input @so608!

Our SMM strategy kickstarted by focusing on raising awareness on what Datality is building, which gaps it fills and the solution it brings by integrating data marketplace & blockchain. In order to achieve that our Twitter posts aims:

  • Web2 public already involved in data market / interested in participating (as sellers / buyers) but mostly still “blockchain naive”
  • Web3 developers also building data projects which can integrate/build on top of Datality and enrichen the ecosystem
  • The NEAR Community: which even when not directly involved with it’s use case may embrace such an unique project being built in the ecosystem and actively contribute either on community building process and on spreading the word about it.

Twitter seems to be the crossroads that links the 3 above but LinkedIn also may reach out the much needed institutional/academia audience (where the bulk supply & demand of data is) and, finally, take them to a common place where the community will take roots (I’d say Discord suits perfect for that).

Finally, the question arose for me: which target group is THE paramount in order to get traction at this stage?

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Hey @so608, great questions and suggestions! Our project will have two wings for the collaboration – crypto and institutional. For the last one, we will reach out to big research institutions to provide us with the data we need and fill the platform with it. For the crypto wing, we are looking for partners that are companies with a unique solution built on Near and for the prominent projects in DeFi, NFT and GameFI spaces. We will join our forces with the Near Foundation and leverage their support to add more value to what we already have. Upcoming AMAs will be announced on our social channels, so stay tuned for the first one.

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Hello, @marketingdao-council !

Is there any further information we can provide to help you make a decision on our proposal? If you have all you need, could we move it to an official vote?

Many thanks!

cc: @Olha-Datality @valeriy.nemyrov

Hey Clint!

Just to clarify; is this a funding request to the MarketingDAO? Or are you requesting a grant from NF?:

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Hey David!

This was intended for MarketingDAO because the SMM and community-building activities are similar to the previous grant awarded. We figured we were in the right channel. If not, we can pivot and resubmit in a more appropriate area.

I’ll amend the category as it might be overlooked if that’s the case

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@Clint-Datality very happy to see your high quality proposal. Happy to Approve and good luck with your plans!

Looking forward to see your progress report in a month :slightly_smiling_face:


to make my decision, thanks. Cc: @valeriy.nemyrov

  • information about campaign;
  • blog content (information about content and links);
  • visual assets branding ?

Hi Dacha,

All available on our SMM resources:

Here you go we started with parallel execution on Twitter + Linkedin.
From middle of March we added Twitter manager to have more focused engagement.

Profile / Twitter

Ok, thanks for information.

Overall, Datality project spent $5700 form marketing dao on

7 articles (didn’t get information about video production)

Web-site, QA session, and 100 test cases.

As I mentioned earlier, we have thousands community members who ready to help you with testing.

Was covered by direct OWS grant

Already covered by previous grant.

And last crucial question, how many active users on Datality platform you wanna have by end of year? Thanks

Hello @Dacha !

In fairness, it was $6500. ($5700 was FRG portion which we quickly removed from operations.)

Only partially covered by OWS. We used over $2000 from MarketingDAO’s $6500 grant to secure more time from @valeriy.nemyrov which he used to lead, recruit, plan and establish Datality’s social media team. It was the right move.

Same as above. OWS paid $800/month to get Valeriy started, then we drew from the $6500 MarketingDAO grant to retain more of his leadership and impact every month.

Basically, what I’m saying is that we accomplished our SMM so far on about half the planned budget ($6500 actual budget vs. $6500+$5700 planned budget). It may not be as cost-efficient as some other NEAR projects, but Datality is complex with a huge scope and huge market cap to draw people to NEAR which requires a special principal team. We have it now.

Many thanks.

Ok, thanks, happy to support Datality project (especially, when owner invested own money).

I see we have consensus here, so your proposal was Approved on the forum.

Please, follow these steps to get approval on Astro DAO


Hello, @marketingdao-council!

Please find the AstroDAO proposal here:

Many thanks for your confidence in us working together to benefit both the NEAR community and Datality together!

cc: @valeriy.nemyrov @Olha-Datality



The poll has now been passed by the Marketing DAO Council, you can proceed to pass KYC if you haven’t already and submit the payout request to the NEAR Foundation.

Follow this guide here for more information:


Dear @Nicolai_Datality @Clint-Datality , looking forward to seeing report. Thank You :blush:


Hey Dacha, here it is https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1_ejqelz82IJvCFn25f4GQ6Ui1AVFpDt10TERBFIAMgY/edit?usp=sharing.
I would love to hear your feedback! Is there something else I can help you with?


Thank you. Could you please make it visible for everyone? Thank you

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Dear Community,

Datality project wanted to share the comprehensive overview of the 8 month effort within NEAR Ecosystem.

Would love to get your feedback and suggestions.

NEAR Foundation Grant - July 2022 - Traction & Accomplishments.pdf (488.9 KB)

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