[Approved] CUDO DAO JANUARY Social Media, communication and marketing

Hello again! @marketingdao-council


Funding scheme: Monthly

You can see a summary of our 2021 activities here:

The CUDO DAO is trying to expand the reach of its social networks to try and get its projects to reach more people and consequently get the NEAR brand out there more. Beyond that, we aim to become references when it comes to audiovisual production within the NEAR ecosystem. Our Instagram accounts, Twitter and YouTube channels have existed for a little over three months, but until then with engagement and reach only with organic efforts. For this period we felt it would be essential to have a fund to be used for boosting campaigns for our content.

Today we have the following content channels:

  • Website
  • YouTube Channels:
  • Instagram accounts:
  • Twitter account:
  • Our intention is to unify the youtube channels just on CUDO DAO, making it easier to manage. That way we can make the YouTube channel a channel with regular content and attract a larger number of subscribers while Instagram and Twitter will serve as a gateway to our audiovisual content.
  • At the time of writing this proposal, the CUDO DAO twitter channel has 105 followers, the Instagram channel has 237 followers and the Vertebra 167. These are low numbers given the 1000+ views we have on our content. We have a goal of reaching 1,000 followers on each of our channels in the coming months.
  • We will continue with daily posts on our instagram (we produced more than 60 NFTS per month by more then 10 different artists), a new video a day on our YouTube channel, and 5 posts a week on Twitter. All included in an overall strategy aimed at increasing the visibility and relevance of our content in the audience.
  • This proposal is for the month of January. During the month, we will analyze the work done to determine the best strategies for the year 2022.

A couple of previously funded monthly proposals in the Creatives DAO category:

Funding Details:

  • 200$ to manage the Instagram channels
  • 200$ to manage the twitter channel
  • 200$ to manage YouTube channel
  • 200$ to google ads and Instagram ads
    • Total requested: 800$ = 55 N
    • cudo.sputnik-dao.near
    • CUDO DAO

Reference: 1N = 14,59 USD

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Thanks for your attention. :pray: :pray:


Good morning! As I see last time you got approval from Creativities team, because your December’s proposal still waiting for reviewing

Can I close your December’s proposal and work with new one? Or for you more comfortable work with Creativities team?

Have a great day!!


Hello @Dacha. Thanks to reply.

We have formulated a new proposal that is more up to date with our intentions since in December we had no response. So, yes, you can disregard the December request, but if you have any feedback about this proposal to help us improve our proposals we would be very grateful.

This month we are again submitting a proposal to Marketing, for marketing-oriented activities. And a proposal to Creatives that will be published later, exclusively focused on the production costs of our projects.

Any comments, questions or feedback, we are very open to hear from you.


Excited to continue the work and with new projects for 2022 :clap:


Hey guys,

Great proposal!

What are the nature of the ads you’re running? I think IG can be a little hostile to crypto-focused ads.


Thanks for the answer, David.

Our intention with the ads is to choose the best pieces from each project and boost them. Since we have several projects, two being about videos, one about photography and one about illustration, we understand that choosing the most plastic ones to boost can guarantee us more likes, followers and engagement.

Although Instagram is hostile to cryptos, I think we have a good point, which is that our products are, before NFTs, pieces of art in themselves.

For example, the História de Bagagem videos are testimonial videos that function like real videos but carry the name NEAR in the credits. In other words, by promoting and increasing the reach of a História de Bagagem video, we are automatically boosting and increasing the reach of NEAR’s brand.

As audiovisual producers, we think about this a lot; increasing our reach is carrying our partners’ names.

What you think?


Good evening. Sorry, for delay and thanks for hard work in December. Happy to approve it.


Awesome stuff, I just wanted to make sure we weren’t stepping on IG’s toes.

Happy to approve, please submit a proposal to the DAO adjusting for NEAR price movements.


Thank you @David_NEAR. Done, 52N (1N = 15,35 10:35 today (Lisbon Time)).


We’re excited to create more and more things between our DAO and the Marketing DAO.