[Approved] Chill&Shill budget August

At Chill&Shill, we have hosted 120+ spaces and have only requested and received funding for 64, so I understand where you are coming from.

The reference to your proposal was not intended to imply any issues with ReadyLayerOne, but rather to provide a context and a reference point for our new podcast initiative, allowing it to be evaluated in relation to similar content categories.

We fully support ReadyLayerOne as one of the most prominent, consistent, and high-qualty content creators on NEAR.


I dont know if I am allowed to give my opinion … All I would add, if I may, is to simply compare the funding received by other applicants and assess it based on key performance indicators (KPIs) and the quality of the content to determine if the requested amount is appropriate in this case.

Hey, thanks for the feedback, this sounds very reasonable

There are only 2 platforms on NEAR hosting AMA shows consistently as their main activity Chill&Shill and NEAR@NIght.

Both ask around $250 per space and do 16 spaces.

If you analyze the last reports form both projects, you will see that average consistent attendance on NEAR@NIght is around 40 attendees, while the usual numbers for Chill&Shill is around 150, with majority between 80 and 200.

This is a 300-400% percent more views at a similar funding point.

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I would have to insist that my comment is correct.

By taking a quick look, at Chill&Shill and Near@Night latest proposals, linked below, anyone can clearly see that NEAR@ night mostly has around 40 total views per space, where Chill and Shill is closer to 160, with majority of spaces between 80 and 200.

Both projects request funding at around $250 per space.

Bottom line: similar funding, 2-4x difference in KPIs.

This is not to compare one project against another, but to compare KPIs within the same niche in the NEAR content space. NEAR Chill & Shill and NEAR at Night are the only projects in this niche. We support NEAR at Night and believe it’s an awesome project doing important work in the NEAR ecosystem.

I believe comparing specific KPIs across similar projects at the same price point should answer your questions.

Also, to add some more context to the conversation about KPIs, I would like to submit these screenshots with some data points that reflect similar coefficient of around 3x around written content engagement.

Reports referenced here:

Thank you for the support. Excited to keep growing NEAR ecosystem together.

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After reading a lot of comments, I’d just like to add that @waxnear has consistently kept moving the train of NEAR community in the right direction.

Maybe the budget is ok, maybe its a bit off… As per proposed plans… I think the council will do a better job at evaluating that.

I’m just here to say that i appreciate the work done by him and his team so far.

More room for Chill n Shill to grow.


Firstly I want to say I’m so happy to be part of the NEAR community and to also be able to contribute my opinion as part of the community members. I want to specifically thanks Wax for unboarding me to NEAR through his platform which is the Near Chill&Shill community. Many of us in Near today even in this comment section gets to know about Near through Wax and the numerous spaces he always hold on his platform and also get to know about various projects specifically on Near. I’ve been in the crypto space for a while now and I’ve seen a lot of community spaces come and go. Chill&Shill still remains my best and favorite most consistent space. Especially during this bear season when we’ve seen many communities disappearing, a lot of people losing hope in blockchain and don on. Chill&Shill is one of the only space you join and here positive things about blockchain and many projects that are still bringing in potential especially to the Near Community. You guys comparing Chill&Shill to other spaces are not been fair at all because it’s definitely different from all the ones out there. I believe Near needs to support this community with everything they can because many of us won’t be here if not for Wax Chill&Shill. I’ve so much faith in Near and the future of Near and I always thanks Chill&Shill space for showing me the potential in Near.


Thank you for constructive feedback and request.

Please refer to this comment to compare funding and KPIs between us and the only other platform on NEAR that does the same thing we do - twitter space shows/interviews.

Regarding funding requested for video-podcast initiatives, it seems to be in line with other video-podcast proposals, in fact, significantly lower. As it is a new initiative for us, we can’t provide any data point for it yet to compare with others.

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Near Chill&Shill stands as an exceptional educational hub that deserves utmost recognition. Its impact in terms of marketing and growth within the realm of near Blockchain is unparalleled. Through consistent efforts, Chill&Shill has not only educated but also nurtured a community that exudes positivity and strength. The influence it has exerted, shaping near Blockchain enthusiasts into true pioneers, cannot be overstated. Thus, the undeniable truth is that Chill&Shill truly deserves this acknowledgment.

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Strongly support Wax and Chill & Shill team! One of the best showcases for NEAR projects and faithful communities.


Can testify to the great shortform content. The decentralization content has had a massive footprint on TikTok. We need to do a better job of turning the NEKO Morning Show into great short-form snippets like you do!


That’s the niche we are trying to break into as well! We need more NEAR-content on the short-content focus platforms. I also believe it should be lighter and more digestible content oriented towards general public, considering the user-base there.


LFG :fire::rocket: lets chill :clinking_glasses: and shill :microphone: Everything in the NEAR Ecosystem

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Chill and Shill is one of the original OG spaces for NEAR. Both Chill and shill & N@N are invaluable to the NEAR ecosystem and provide a much needed platform for projects to give their updates and amplify community news.

I must say that the quality of Wax’s community has certainly gotten better and the questions that are being asked are thoughtful and relevant. I support this proposal.

I also note the above comments as regard to the new initiatives, the marketing dao budget is limited and there are a lot of key players who rely on the grass roots funding to keep themselves going. I hope the council can find the best decision and support every project as best as they can.

After all, a rising tide lifts all boats and the only way we can move forward as an ecosystem is by playing positive sum games.


Thanks for great feedback and your support, it really means a lot!

We put a lot of effort into not just hosting spaces, but cultivating an active and engaged family-like community, while educating and empowering them to contribute meaningfully in the NEAR Eco.

Being made aware of the limited budget and considering the amount of great initiatives in the ecosystem, we are definitely open to modify our proposal, but would like to hear from council first before making any edits!


Thank you for your patience while reviewing your proposal.

As Dacha mentioned, our core KPIs for August-September are focused on the NDC election and voter education for proposals.

I suggest you start doing fewer AMAs and focus more on better quality content, 2 AMAs per week are recommended that focus on NDC elections and why participation matters, as well as talk about project building on BOS.

We also want you to have a BOS page and encourage your followers and participants to actively participate on-chain, which will allow us to track future progress.

For your Video and podcast interview, I can’t support this one since it is more of an experiment pending your reports on its outcomes.

Please, could you edit the proposal and reduce the number of your activities?

Happy to support $3000 when edited for the suggested number and your social group’s activities.

Since we are recommending 2 AMAs per week, try not to clash with N@N and others too.

@jarednotjerry @Dacha

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I agree with this and let me explain a little further.

There are a lot of AMAs being funded, but with the specific KPIs being towards BOS and NDC it makes sense to reduce the total number across the ecosystem until focus shifts back.

For me, i would be okay supporting 1 podcast as a trial to see how you are going to approach this. And also, seeing how engagement differs.


Hi @waxnear – thanks for the proposal. I want to note your contribution to the ecosystem and the work you do on a consistent basis to support/grow the community.

I’ll say something here similar to my reply to Trove Labs/Near at Night, Nearity, Near Insider, Boneyard and LazyFi. For August, MDAO must allocate funding with a focus NDC election and BOS.

Additionally, here’s the reality:

  • We have $203K+ in funding requests coming from the community for August
  • We have ~$46K to deploy
  • We cannot fund everyone
  • The funding we can allocate is limited and needs to go to the ecosystem KPIs – which are NDC election and BOS content

I think we may need to reduce funding to a flat rate for this month (I’m thinking $2-2.5K based on the volume proposals we are reviewing for August) across a number of projects in order to get funding to multiple projects and work together to amplify the ecosystem.

Given the current situation, I think it is likely MDAO will have to limit funding to a grant in a specified amount for the purpose of producing content supporting NDC election and BOS. And then we can reevaluate in the future after the election. The election success (at least 500 votes) is crucial to future Grassroots DAO funding.

Are you open to a revision based on the above?

Thank you for your feedback!

We’re in agreement with the proposal to host two spaces weekly, emphasizing NDC and BOS. This aligns well with our ongoing efforts. As an update, we’ve already organized multiple spaces featuring speakers from GWG, and our recent election space with a panel of five candidates saw a significant turnout. We’re committed to continuing this trend by featuring a variety of Work Groups, election candidates, and notable NDC speakers. We’ve also scheduled discussions focused on BOS later this month.

Given these updates and the intent to streamline our efforts, here’s our revised budget proposal:

  • Spaces: 8 sessions x $250 = $2,000
  • Giveaways: 8 giveaways x $20 = $160
  • Threads: 8 threads x $80 = $640
  • Twitter Content Creation: $600
  • Telegram Management: $300
  • Educational Videos on BOS and NDC: 4 videos x $200 = $800
  • Total: $4,500

It’s worth noting that in a recent marketing call with the NEAR Foundation, there was a strong emphasis on the importance of video and long-form content, hence why we have included in our proposal. Moreover, the videos and threads will both be focused on NDC and BOS, as can be seen in the examples provided in the proposal.

Of course we understand the overall situation with MDAO budget, and are open to make more edits if needed. Looking forward to your feedback!

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Thank you for your editions, as you stated, you are well aware of the situations.

We would greatly appreciate it if you could make some additional changes too.

Thank you

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