[APPROVED] EFAM DAO May 2022 Funding Proposal ~ Culinary Arts


Project/Council Members: xochicana.near, leahvw.near, ashelseasunz.near

Target: efam.sputnik-dao.near 1

Total Requested Funding Amount: 5000 USD in NEAR

Projects & Timelines:
Hello Creatives DAO!

The generous support and collaboration we have continued to receive through the NEAR ecosystem has enabled our work to grow and thrive!

IRL our organization works to transform surplus produce into healthy juices and smoothies that we give for free to the unhoused folks we organize with.

Each juice incorporates reclaimed food waste and creates a beautiful work of art, bringing light and beauty into the streets. The encampments we work at can be dark, bleak spaces; bringing bright colors, joyful energy, and nourishing medicine is an art that can open & transform those who receive it.

We will create NFT’s that show the behind the scenes of our operation and will educate about the nutritious ingredients we use. These beautiful graphics will educate & inspire about the beauty of this work.

NFT’s purchased will represent a digital marker of Mutual Aid performed in the streets of Oakland CA, each NFT representing a certain number of juices distributed to unhoused Oaklanders.

This work is carried out by a team of volunteers. Our project this month aims to support the livelihood of the culinary artists carrying out this important work.

We Intend to educate on WEB 3 Technologies and onboard 3 members of the juicing team that makes our work possible into the NEAR Ecosystem.

Implementation :


  • Document the juicing process at EFAM

  • Create NFT’s that show this process

  • Incorporate nutritional information about the vital vitamins and nutrients in the juice

  • Mint on Mintbase

  • Various NFT’s will be tied to a specific member of the juice crew and they will receive forever royalties.

Education: I

  • Web 3 tutorial

  • Tour the NEAR Ecosystem (Forum, Astro DAO & Telegram, Discord)

  • Wallet creation

Budget :

$1,000 Council work

$4,000USD in NEAR

$2400 For juice team members to photograph the juice, create Nutrition infographics and compiling art into NFT Format and to compensate them for onboarding onto the NEAR ecosystem

  • $800 budgeted for 3 team members, expecting 8 hours of NFT creation work each @ 100$ / hr

$600 materials & overhead - cups, lids, produce, and contribution to monthly rental fees.

$500 NFT creation: Digital preparations (resizing and uploading) & minting on mintbase

  • 5 hours for one person @ $100 / hr

$500 mentors/educators stipend

This post highlights the work we’ve been able to accomplish within April’s proposal for funding :

And here’s a report back from April’s work.

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Hey @leahvw and the EFAM DAO.
I would recommend creating a separate topic for the proposed project above and linking that into an overall funding proposal for the month like in previous months. I also think that more of a cost-breakdown would be required for the above figures, specifically the main 3000$ part.

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Thanks for the feedback - I’m not sure I totally understand what you mean about linking into an overall funding proposal for the month - I’m new to this and am still understanding what to do! Could you be more specific about what should shift and I’m happy to make those changes?
I’ll go ahead and breakdown the budget more now!
thank you!

Hey @leahvw ,

So, it looks like there is one main project here, which would require a topic on it’s own seperate to this with all of the details and an accurate cost breakdown. This then could be linked in to this post which would be your overall monthly funding proposal for EFAM DAO as a whole for the month.

Here are some examples of layouts:

Here for example, BEAT DAO have listed all the included projects for the month in the overall budget with links to each, then listed their associated cost to each one and a total budget request.

likewise here, each proposal linked in, with a value, then an overall budget proposals with the neccesary details.

Hope this helps!


@ted.iv - I created a seperate project topic, please check it out and let me know what still needs to shift!

Thank you!
Leahvw & EFAM

Hey @leahvw , so I’m still a little bit confused as to the exact direction of this… when you say:

you mean to say that this is what EFAM does outside of this ecosystem or a project that you personally work on?

I think what is confusing me is the lack of connection between the previous proposals from EFAM DAO and this one, so maybe you could assist in explaining?

Thank you!

Hey @ted.iv
Thanks for the feedback again!
Meaning outside of this ecosystem, our organization does this work on the ground.
I think each of our monthly proposals have been a little bit different scope.
In Feb & March, we got funded to create NFTs of stories of the unhoused folks we work with, and provide stipends for them to onboard into NEAR
In April, we got funded for our on the ground work supporting the Lakota reservation in South Dakota, onboarding tribal members, and creating NFTs
For May, we are proposing to create NFTs about our juicing operation and onboard juice team members

Each month has been feeding a slightly different scope of work.
Does that clear some things up?
Thanks again!

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Hey @leahvw thank you for the update. So, this proposal follows the guidelines, but I would just like to make you aware that we will be updating the Creatives DAO Astrodao page and this poll will need to pass before that happens. The deadline for the update is the 25th, but we hope to have it done on Monday 23rd. If the poll has not passed it will be wiped during the update. If you have any questions, please let me know.

Please create a poll on the Creatives DAO Astrodao, so that the council can vote. When and if the vote of the council is ‘yes’, approach NF for your payout proposal, following this guideline: [New Process] Community Payouts. Also, Feel free to join our Discord Server to Post Your Monthly Reports and Funding Proposals for Better Organization

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