[APPROVED] Budget Arroz Criativo - September

Project/Council Members: @StevenR @Mette @squattingpigeon

Target: arrozcriativo.sputnikdao.near

Guild: Arroz Criativo - NEAR Forum

Current Balance (NEAR): 471N (approx = 4380$)

Funding Period: September 2021

Requested amount: 420N - (3909$)

Projects & Timelines:

Hello everyone,

August was fabulous with onboarding galore. Some key results to share with you guys, the pizza team paid their rent for September in NEAR! And we had a really successful mailout campaign on the hackathon of over 30% open rate across around 6000.

We still have a few outstanding proposals from last month, hence the high balance. But these are still upcoming, just with delays.

You can find the last report here: [REPORT] Monthly report Arroz Criativo AUGUST

At the end of last month and the start of this one we’ve been through some staffing changes, and so are submitting a budget for future proposals which will happen in September.

Operational and automatic DAO costs & expenses:

There will be further updates and clarifications to this as we implement the proposals so thanks for your patience and understanding.


This looks great @squattingPigeon, looking forward to additional links being added. While those come in, @mecsbecs and I will look over the proposal and once will change the title to [APPROVED] when it is ready to be submitted to the Creatives SputnikDAO.

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Hey @squattingPigeon - thank you for your edits. I also look forward to seeing more of the Forum posts for detail into the projects listed here, such as:

  • the Merchandising - store creation (will payment in $NEAR for merchandise be included? why should the Creatives DAO fund the renovations and design of this shop?);
  • the planned financial and revenue split between NxM, Trafka studio and Mazarin studio for the Live jam equipment & NFT Jam (will there be jam session live streams or event components included in this proposal as well? how much additional income is anticipated that this will afford Arroz?)

I’ve commented this on the Planting A.I.R post for September-October, but wondering why this project post is not included in Arroz’s monthly budget request here as it is still very much an Arroz project?


Thanks Chloe!
We should be able to add the relevant links as we start the execution of each proposal :pray:


Hi Rebecca,

Thank you for your continued support for these projects!
I believe you are already somewhat up to date with the becoming of Planting Air so i will try to address merchandising and music studio developments.
I believe the in house merchandising store is to add a new revenue stream for the studios whilst promoting resident designers as well as the studios. Payments in NEAR are part of the plan and should be fairly streamlined as the mobile app is rolled out. This app should also facilitate payments at the bar, memberships, event fees and various derivative products we have in mind.
Regarding the studio refits, the costs are not really budgeted yet but we are working on it. Our purpose here is again to create another revenue stream by being able to let the studios out to other projects. Both new revenue streams should contribute to the self sustainability of the studios in the longer term. Furthermore there are plans to live stream both the Mazarin Live Jam and the Live Film Scoring event in the works. Current allocations in the budget are for preproduction costs. The revenue allocations are not defined yet as we don’t have an overall income estimate yet. The city is heading towards deconfinement and attendance to events seem to slowly increase so we should see good numbers in the longer term.

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Hi all

This has been updated today, please let us know concerns questions and suggested adjustments. Thank you :pray:


Looks great, and I have updated this to [APPROVED]. Please feel free to submit a payout proposal for 420N to the creatives DAO.


Thanks @chloe and nice work getting this together @squattingPigeon, not an easy one this month we know :pray::pray: