[Approved]Blockchain Club of Uganda Guild Community Growth November Budget

November proposed budget

Please note that I am editing this proposal as it was deferred from October because of the marketing vertical sputnikdao inefficiencies. Refer to [BUDGET] Marketing Vertical DAO Budget Request for November 2021

Further note that there a few developments regarding our Legal registration. Our paper work is already underway. However, the Uganda Registration Services Bureau(URBS) mandated us to have a running website. I will therefore add this cost on the registration budget.

Bearing in mind that this budget is a continuation of our initial proposal with 4 milestones, this is our proposed budget for November.
It is also worthwhile to be updated with our Guild Monthly report (September), also milestone one for purposes of transparency.

Guild Registration
• With advice from the Sankore and NPK Guilds, the Blockchain Club of Uganda found it inevitable to register with the National Registration Bureau.
• This has impelled us to take this importantly in the smooth running of our guild activities.
• Therefore, our monthly budget will include registration and tax dues.
• This will require us a budget of $1200
• As already noted above, we shall add $1300 for a website, which is a prerequisite to register with URBS
• The sub total for this is $2500

Guild Logistics
• In reference to our September milestone, we came to realize that we need some equipment in execution of our work.
• These include Projector set and a portable public address system. This is because we realized we shall hold future events in some facilities that lack such equipment.
• We shall also need a wide pull up banner to elect at our events.
This is a breakdown of these costs.
Item Cost($)
Projector 500
Projector Screen 80
Portable PAS 300
Camera 850
Banner 170
Sub total 1900
Note here, for further clarity, that this equipment will be purchased once and will be used for the rest of the Guild events.

November Workshop( Was carried forward)

• In fulfillment of our Guild proposed 4 months mile stone, we shall hold a workshop with the National Information and Technology Authority (NITA) for our second milestone.
• We found it befitting to consider this group as a priority because the government is in its preliminaries of laying down a legal framework to regulate blockchain and cryptography which will need a great deal of benchmarking.
• We hope to position our guild strategically to be involved in this cause.
• This will equally imply being involved in future blockchain based research. We shall therefore engage NITA in a workshop this month.
• This event will target the formal sector including government bureaucrats, bankers, and researchers.
• We shall also take the audience through creating Near wallets
• A total of $500 will be distributed to the audience on their newly opened Near Wallets.
For reference, this was our September event BCU Guild Convention - Google Drive

            This event will cost us $2000

Maintaining Near Local Social Media handles and channels.

• We have social media channels for twitter and telegram where we share Near related content, articles and announces in both English and the major dialects (Kiswahili and Luganda). Telegram: Contact @BlockchainClubUg https://twitter.com/BlockchainClubU
• These channels are managed and handled by the Blockchain Club of Uganda Head of Communications.
• Added to social media maintenance, we have established close relationships with mainstream media. We are on the look to maintain these relations.
This will cost us $500

October Goals
• Centering Near at the center of the Uganda Blockchain legal framework
• Having more Ugandans (approximately 50) create Near Wallets.
• Growing our online audience by 30%(twitter and telegram)
• Establishing close relations and Featuring in Mainstream media https://campusbee.ug/news/blockchain-club-of-uganda-to-set-up-blockchain-developers-hub-in-kampala/
• Getting Ugandans to enroll on the Near Academy https://near.academy/
Final November Budget

Guild Registration + Website 2500
Workshop (milestone 2) 2000
Social Media 500
Guild Equipment 1900
Total 6,900 (690N 1N = $10 at time of posting)
Target wallet: bcuganda.sputnik-dao.near

@David_NEAR @cryptocredit @Grace @satojandro & @jcatnear
Please let me know if this is good to go.


This is a great one. Very prospective foresight. NEAR takes over Africa.

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Thanks @IgbozeIsrael for your recognition. We are taking an incredible trend

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It’s really awesome what your team is doing. NEAR protocol taking over Africa.

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This is the yearly cost of registration and taxes, to be included in this months budget, or is this an ongoing expense?

These assets are to be purchased and then can be reutilised for all subsequent events?

Overall the application looks good! Very excited to see the NEAR community grow in Africa :slight_smile:

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Hi @satojandro sorry I didn’t clarify that the registration fee is incurred only once and the equipment will be used for the subsequent events. Thanks!

@David_NEAR @cryptocredit @Grace & @jcatnear Please let me know whether this is fit to be posted in SputnikDAO the so we can the work rolling.

These amounts are ok with me. Please note the right NEAR equivalent once approved by other council members. Also, in the future, please separate your monthly report from your next proposal. Thanks!

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Thank you @jcatnear
There has been a tremendous shift in the Near equipment. I will surely update as soon as other council member approve.
I also take a discerning note of separating our monthly report from my our next proposal.

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I am quoting the @marketingdao-council again as this proposal was deferred and edited with a few more additions.

Would be awesome if you guys set up a DAO on Astro and had the funds sent there, rather to an individual’s wallet.

You can find a guide to setting up a DAO on Astro here.

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Thanks @David_NEAR, let me engage the rest of the club members and we get this done ASAP

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Hi @David_NEAR this has been taken care of.


Hi @Mucu256 fast work on setting up your Astro DAO… great move!

Good luck with your project. I look forward to seeing the reports…

Happy to approve @marketingdao-council

Me too, please submit a proposal to the MarketingDAO on Astro here

Hey, @Mucu256.

Is there a public group for The Blockchain Club of Africa guild? if yes, I’d like to have a link to the group.

Also, please do well to check your messages box here on the forum. looking forward to your response(s).

Kind regards,

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Hello @simeon4real sorry for the slow response. I got your PM but I have been a bit busy working on my dissertation. Meanwhile, our guild website will up tomorrow(2nd December). Please allow till then to provide it. these are our socials. Telegram and twitter.
Blockchain Club of Uganda
https://twitter.com/blockchainclubu More information on our monthly task will be available in our report at the end of this week.

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upd : link on report Blockchain Club of Uganda Guild November Monthly Report