[Approved] Blaqk stereo Dao official website (July)

Hello, this is part of the Blaqk Stereo July Budget.

This website we intend to build is going to be the official website of Blaqk Stereo Dao and also the place we will be posting the profiles of the Guinness world record holders as well other activities we will be having in our Dao as we proceed.

It is a more organized way of representing our DAO and we intend to host it on Squarespace.
The domain has already been purchased from Porkbun.

3 weeks

Details of expenses below:

Purpose cost($)
Hosting $270 to $300 for a year.
Domain $30 (for two years)
Graphics (3D & 2D) $500 (covers for all the designs to go up on the website)
Total $800

Requesting: $800

The design process will be directed and carried out by me and a member of Blaqk Stereo DAO who is a professional website designer “andrepryme.near”

payout: blaqkstereo.sputnik-dao.near



Hi @Hawwal,

Since I believe that proposal for website should fall under Marketing vertical, here’s some question:

What service are you going to use? since even the most expensive option on Porkbun (the one that you mention above) is 10$/month.

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Hi @williamx,
yes is it true porkbun offers hosting options from as low as $10 a month but they, however, make use of services like Weebly because they are not directly a hosting website, they only offer domains and email hosting at very affordable prices. The service we intend to use to host this website is Squarespace as they have a very reasonable price hosting range and they have very attractive models than would really speed up our workflow in the creation of this website.

Hi there @Hawwal, we have come to the conclusion that we are not knowledgeable enough about web building to make a conclusion around if these prices are fair. So proposal regarding website building should be proposed to Marketing DAO for this piece of your project, so @marketingdao-council can review your proposal.

Sidenote: Please regards the conversation here

And also please revise the main proposal after this.


hello @williamx, acknowledged.

Hello @Dacha, Tagging you for visibility on this. Thanks.

Hello @satojandro @cryptocredit tagging for visibility on this aswell

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Happy to support. Have a great day!


Thanks so much. I really appreciate :slight_smile:

Thanks for your proposal,

Considering that this is a small section of a wider proposal already approved by creatives, I am willing to support this.

As always, please submit a monthly report. Any unused balances can be carried forward to other proposals. Looking forward to seeing the new website!


Thanks so much, a full detailed report will be posted as soon as the website is up and running. :slight_smile:

Before I render a decision:

According to your report, you state:
“We are currently awaiting the adjudication process from the Guinness team”

Can you show any screenshots of the outreach and response from the Guinness Team?

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Absolutely. I will drop some screenshots from my conversation with the Guinness team on the report post and share here under this response aswell.

@Klint Here it is:

Thanks :pray:t5:

Happy to support. Moving to Approved

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@cryptocredit Thanks so much for the approval. I appreciate :slight_smile:

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Hello, @marketingdao-council Here’s the poll to the proposal on Astro

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