[Approved] Banner for Music Open Jam

My proposal is print banners for weekly Open Music Jam in Arambol, Goa

Request 70 $


Good evening. Happy to approve it from me. Have a great day! Waiting for cool photos from the event :blush:


@Dacha as always - handsome ! :muscle:


So nice of you to support events!


Some video report from event
Thank you


Wow. Really, cool :wave::wave::wave:

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Thank you for your fast Activity @Dacha
Its really very helpfull :clap::clap::clap:

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@johanga why u dont like old banner?

On video u cant see any banner?

This event is weekly not one event, if u can read, then i can use other banners for next event s

My goal is make event with any NEAR banner in any place i go, cause i want people can see NEAR logo on NEAR events which i making or i join and also i create video on events with any NEAR banner required for video (old or new doesn’t matter) more important thing for me is - banner HAVE TO BE on my NEAR events, or events which i join. And now we are not same guild i request fund from outside. I hope u understand my vision about banners.

If u want just making fun about me, lets do better fun about your monthly guild report i can help u with it :muscle:

I think my request 70$ for 100 people event + video report is much effective investment then
ur request 155 N (~2300$) for involve only 15 people for NFT quest , like i saw in NFT quest Telegram group. I think this not so funny but fun.

Goa guild report have to be done soon? or u can take few weeks more to create it?

@johanga just screenshot from now. To remind how many people on NFT quest
19 - 5 (goa team people) = 14 people​:fire::fire::clap::clap:

For this NFT quest ur fund is ~ 2300$

Great work :clap::clap: