[Approved] “Attraction” EP

My name is David and my artist name is davidnice, born and brought up in Lagos Nigeria, for a very long time now it has been my dream to bring about an outstanding Ep that can hit the nxm store market, I’ve been into music since I was little, I’m opportune to have work with a lot of Afro beat singers in Lagos Nigeria, this project attraction will bring about love and attraction as this month of February is a month of love , my Ep comprises of 3 hit songs and believe me when I say this is gonna be a blast, so far I have worked with so many art like chidex, dapper music and so on,

You can check out one of my hit single on Apple Music

This project is gonna be minted as NFT on nxm mint store and I trust it’s gonna be an outstanding one.

So however we are looking at 500$ for this project, I’m gonna be putting a great team to get the best out of this.

This is how the 500$ is gonna be spent.

  • Music production and recording for the two track : 219$ : 18.25n

  • Mixing and mastering for the tracks : 200$ : 16.6n

  • Art work : 25$ : 2n

  • viral video : 56$ : 4.6n

Total is 500$ : 41.45n

I’ll be working with one of the best mixers here to get the best out of this project, however any funds or additional expense will be on my cost…
I’m ready to give my all for this project,

looking forward to a favourable response… @Monish016 @nullzero

Thank you,



@Monish016 @Paul awaiting your response…

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Hey @Davidnice,
You have my support regarding your proposal.
Please be informed that we are implementing new process of NxM membership via NEAR Guilds App, please join there, as stated wallets there will have privilege to request funding from NxM.

In order to join, please do the following steps:
:black_small_square:Open NEAR Guilds App,
:black_small_square:Find NxM Guild,
:black_small_square:Log to the app using your NEAR wallet,
:black_small_square:Join to the community using your NEAR wallet!


Done, Thanks for making me part of this :relaxed: @Paul


Hey @Davidnice happy to announce that your proposal has been approved, as you can request for 50% in advance, please submit a payout request for $250 to AstroDAO!

Many Thanks!

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Hey, @David Can you pls Throw us the Update for the Attraction EP Project? cc @Paul @vandal


Update: All songs recorded, produced, mixed and mastered successfully,

Fully minted and here is the links,

So therefore my project have been successfully completed as I’ll request for second pay out…

Thanks brother @Monish016 @Paul


Hello mr Monish. I know it was a very big disappointment. but this is just the beginning trust me! I can say it was not my fault, I tried my possible best to make it earlier but the producer had some issues in his instrument after I’ve recorded the 3 songs remained to mix and mastered, And I was really worried, we just have to push it! I thank God everything when successfully.
I Really appreciate for the patience and for being cool with me…
My “ATTRACTION Ep” have been summited. Thank you and mr Paul for putting me through, Big love out there :heart::crown:

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