[APPROVED] Artist Stipend for Creative Collaborative Project

Project Title:
Dichotomies and rupture: dystopian responses

Project members:
Rita Isaac - isaacr.near
Maria Ferreira - neebythesea.near

Funding period:
November 2021 (depending on monthly budget deadlines)

Hello, my name is Maria (aka neebythesea) and I was recently introduced to the world NEAR through muti collective. I´m very excited to learn more about this community and meet some of the creatives here. This is my first proposal with long term friend and artistic collaborator, Rita (aka Isaac R), who has also recently been introduced to the NEAR community.

Dichotomies and rupture: dystopian responses

Having known each other and worked together in the past, our artistic practices have shared themes and visual elements, generating dialogues almost out of sheer existence in close proximity. Drawn to the possibilities of exploring dissonant combinations of image and sound, we are proposing to create a rupture in the dialogue between our work and break the subconscient contamination cycles by using a mutual interest to challenge each other in this collaboration, without discussing the work in progress. To achieve this, we´re proposing to send each other a visual or audio prompt, to which the receptor must create or capture a complementary sound or image. We won’t discuss the prompts received nor ask for further details, only react and respond, creating a visual or audio match to what was received. Therefore, the aim is to create audiovisual pieces together but autonomously, and as a result of a response instead of an agreement or discussion.

We will send each other one prompt per week, over a period of 5 weeks (for the duration of November). Each artist will work on this project a minimum of three hours per week, distributed across capture of video or sound, editing and creating through other mediums - painting or drawing. Throughout this project we´ll have ten constructed dichotomies that, due to the audiovisual nature of the work, will also have a strong digital component. At the end of the five weeks we´ll regroup and discuss which two final works will be minted into nft´s.

This project, experimental at its core, is in itself a work in progress and we aim to use its yields to ultimately create our own gallery / shop with all the resulting NFT´s.

What we are requesting from the DAO is a stipend of $200 to be split between the artists towards the editing time and any material costs along the way for the initiation of this project.

Requested Funding
$100 per artist

More info about Maria Ferreira:
website: https://mariamferreira.com/

More info about Rita Isaac:
website: https://www.ritaisaac.com/

If you need any other info, please feel free to ask!
Thank you,

Maria & Rita.


Thank you for this proposal! Changed it to approved as we’re super happy to fund this project!

We’d suggest to pay 100$ at the beginning of the project & the remaining 100$ after completion, once the NFTs have been minted.

We will let you know when we have received the funding so you can send the payout proposal :slight_smile:


Thank you so much for your reply.
We are thrilled this project has been approved and we’ll be keeping an eye out for the funding confirmation as per your instructions.

Once again thank you for the opportunity!

Maria & Rita


Hello lovelies :slight_smile:
Please proceed with your first payout of 100 USD/ 9.5N to our DAO:https://app.astrodao.com/dao/muti.sputnik-dao.near

Use this forum link for the proposal & let us know if you need assistance :slight_smile: Looking forward to the outcome of this project! <3

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Heya guys,

Just posting a bit of an update: unfortunately this month was quit hectic on the personal side, for both of us actually. So there are a lot of “conversations” started, just not as much replies like we would like.
I made a little video just to exemplify some of the visual material that we are working with at the moment. We encountered some issues on the pace that we are working with thought. But that’s exactly the challenge to go through since we are so used to talk and the point is not to.

Here is the link

Thank you!
Maria & Rita


Thanks a lot for the update, even though the month has been stressful.
We’re looking forward to the outcome of this super nice project :slight_smile:

Hi all, following on Maria’s last update, we are still working to narrow down on the final pieces to mint and aim to deliver at the beginning of January.

Until then , please check out a sort of work in progress compilation through the link:

Dichotomies WIP

Have a great festive season,

Rita & Maria


Oooh we’re soo looking forward to the final pieces!
Happy holidays to both of you too!

Hi folks, I hope you had a great festive season! Please see below some project details, a short description of the works and the links to the selected final pieces.

Project name: Dichotomies and rupture: dystopian responses

Final works titles:

Project members: Rita Isaac ( isaacr.near) and Maria Ferreira (neebythesea.near).

Work description: The original idea was to create a dialogue between us without really having the talk, creating this process of proposal-reply. And it was challenging. At some stage, it did cross our mind that if the idea were creating the pieces together and not in response to each other, the process would have been quicker. Nevertheless, we did finish our “conversation” - for now.

Maria was amazed at how most of the sounds around her were so industrial and low. Especially when seeing the videos I (Rita) sent and thinking straight away about the sound she wanted to use, searching or even chasing that sound!

It was a pleasure to do this work, and we want to thank Muti once again for the support.
We’ll look forward to hearing from you with the following steps and most welcome feedback :grinning:

Rita and Maria


Thank you so much, this looks awesome!

Payout for the final part is approved. We will let you know once the pieces will be minted! Would you mind us adding them to our Youtube as well?:slight_smile:

Hi Hi,
Thank you for the second payout!
Not at all, let us know if you need us to do anything else or if you need anymore material :slight_smile:

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