[Approved] Arroz Criativo Social Media, PR and MKT | May/22

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Council members: @roadworks @raquelareia @plantasia (testing)
Wallet: arrozestudios.near

Hello, Marketing Community!

May is presenting itself with the opportunity to explore further the synergy between Arroz Estúdios – our non-profit cultural association, based in Lisbon, that provides workspaces for artists and creatives to collaborate and freely express themselves – and Arroz Criativo GUILD. Our goal is to reach a new audience to our NEAR projects among Arroz Estúdios followers and associates.

Our NEAR Hub will be the first workplace fully dedicated to blockchain education, projects and activities, in Lisbon. We are celebrating the second edition of Black Cat Cinema, the first open-air cinema with NFTs ticketing in Portugal done in collaboration with Mintbase. Arroz Estúdios is also a partner in creating a membership NFT platform that should go live in the coming weeks! Those milestones will be used as opportunities to attract the Portuguese media and create social media content, while promoting an agenda that integrates NEAR and Arroz Estúdios large community (our current metrics / attendees are between 2k-5k people coming to the venue every month, this will increase to around 4k-7k in the summer).

This mkt proposal includes the following actions:

Promote NEAR HUB in the traditional media (newspapers, radio and TV)
Create and publicize a press release about the NEAR Hub and state our engagement with NEAR also through Black Cat Cinema
Follow up

Creating wallets for journalists/bloggers/digital influencers
Contact and invite journalists/bloggers to the events, and create wallets with tokens for pizza and drink (to be purchased with NEAR)

Arroz Estúdios on Instagram
1 weekly post (Feed) about our NEAR engaged agenda (for a month)
2 Stories per week (for a month)

Arroz Estúdios on Twitter
Daily posts, retweets and interactions regarding our engagement with NEAR and its agenda (for a month)

Instagram Ads
Promote 2 NEAR related posts

  • Total requested amount: 725$
    Funding Period: May
    We will analyze the statistics generated by this proposal in order to adjust the strategy for the following months.

Arroz Guild is also on Telegram!

Thank you for the opportunity. Be happy!
Arroz Team


Dear @marketingdao-council please let me know if I can clarify any part of this proposal. Thanks!

Good evening,

Probably, dubbed proposals.

You can use the Sender app to create wallets for free.

If your guild/DAO was established 11 months ago, why you hadn’t posted anything about Near on your Instagram?

Do you use Near protocol dapps in your membership account system?

Thank You and have a great weekend.

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Hello, @Dacha. Thank you for your comments.

I’ll address them below, ok?

Creating wallets for journalists/bloggers/digital influencers
I’ll be happy to look into the Sender app and check how it can help us.

In terms of marketing, I think the proposal to create wallets for our visitors is different from creating for journalists. We intend to give the press a slightly larger budget for a complete experience. The budget would be used to create 5 wallets, with 15$

Arroz Estúdios on Instagram

We did publish NEAR-related content on our Instagram page, as you can see below:

A Tropa Beladona (Arroz Criativo April Budget funding):

The Plantasia residency at VanDAO Studio

The Planting A.I.R. - Artists in Residence (powered by NEAR Protocol for more than 6 months)





The mural painting funded by NEAR (and the give away of 5 free NFTs)


Our goal now is to adopt a strategy of disclosing more clearly the synergy between Arroz Estúdios, Arroz Criativo GUILD and our engagement with NEAR.

NEAR Protocol dapps and our membership account system

Our NFT membership platform is called Enrollmint. It is done in collaboration with Harmonic Technology Guild, Charmed Life Mantra and DAORecords (more details here: https://enrollmint.io/). It is built on NEAR, and for the MVP stage we are using Mintbase as the NFT minting/transfer solution.

I hope to have answered your questions, but I will be happy to clarify any other doubts.

Thank you, @marketingdao-council.


Hello, @marketingdao-council! Is there any other question we need to discuss? Or that I can help you with?

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Thanks for your proposal. Please be advised that it can take the MarketingDAO council up to two weeks to adequately review proposals.

I’ve noted that you answered Dacha’s questions, and the amount you are requesting is reasonable. I can support this for a month, but please submit a report to us showing the results of your activities and how they furthered growth and awareness of the NEAR community and ecosystem.

You still need two more members of the Marketing DAO council to support this in order for it to be approved.


Hi @raquelareia I too am prepared to support your proposal for this month.


Thank you for your support, @so608. I will definitely submit a report.

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Your proposal was Approved on the forum. Please, follow these steps to get approval on Astro DAO


Thank you @cryptocredit!

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We are very happy with your support and very motivated to do our best. Thanks.

@raquelareia Good evening, looking forward to seeing report. Thanks

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Hello, @Dacha!
Please, see the report here: