Introduction: BLAQK STEREO DAO

Thanks so much, I appreciate​:blush:


Hello, only 6 subscribers?

Shallow activity, like only 1 like in some cases.

Your Instagram posts receive around 40-80 likes, similar to my personal account (1500 followers)

So, nice, is a lovely personal account, but not the interaction from a played lead role in African hit, not saying is not true, just pointing out something odd that you may take a look on how to improve and that this may not be a good argument from your side.

And Hey! Have a nice birthday!

I hope that even when the community decides not to finance your birthday party, you find the way to fund it and make it big. Enjoy!


Hi @FritzWorm thanks for you detailed analysis. I literally just opened the telegram channel yesterday as I believe building an interactive community would really help in discussing future projects if this DAO is accepted.

Also my social media is just to show my personality, I can post up to 10 very big names here who have poor social media presence but their names are attached to the biggest projects here so, my posts might not be that interesting on social but who I am here and the work I do is entirely independent of that.

This post is entirely dedicated to “Blaqk Stereo” who is a person on her own, her social media isn’t strong cause I mostly only post about some cartoons I’ve drawn. Lol….
I only presented my portfolio so that everyone here know exactly who I am, what I’ve done and my intentions with the Blaqk Stereo Dao.

Thanks again for the birthday wishes, you are too kind :relaxed: and of course, I can absolutely fund my birthday party, I only wanted to make it an avenue for onboarding.

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Awesome bro… Black stereo to the world!!!

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hey @Hawwal, thank you for the Introduction Post,

Kindly note, the Given Goal Seems More of an Educational Purpose, Which is out of the Creatives Scope, We Creative DAO Moderators would suggest you Reach out to Reach Education Verticle for Future funding Request.

Thank you


Hi @Monish016 thanks much for the help. Well, as much as one of our major purpose is to educate, we intend holding some event that may involve artists…. I actually intend making this my first project Guinness world record which is part onboarding, marketing all under creatives. Would it be a thing that future projects can have collaboration of different DAO’s like creatives and the DAO mentioned above. So as to not forward this to the mentioned DAO and we’re then stuck. Thanks :blush:

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Hey @Hawwal,

it is Totally cool to Request Funding from Creatives DAO Vertical as far as the Events are creative and DAO/Guild Asks for the funding.


Alright, awesome. Thanks a lot. Please can I get a link to their group either on telegram or discord. Also, would it be cool I edit the category and change to vertical?


I totally agree. I think the alpha generation growing up as crypto natives will change the world if we equip them with the knowledge of Web3. Web3 is the catalyst for social restructuring that would not otherwise be possible. That is why I am passionate about teaching young people about what is possible.


Hello community, just want to drop a reminder on this. Because I haven’t heard anything from the community DAO yet, thanks :blush:.

@community-team @Community_Moderator @Community_Moderator @CommunityDAO

Hi @Hawwal, could you elaborate on what you’re looking to have answered / resolved? This looks like a great introduction post and I’m not seeing there’s anything needing a response at this time.
Welcome to the NEAR Community!

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@mecsbecs thanks so much. I appreciate it. Well, I have a proposal that I posted up since February and I wanted it to be my first project under this dao. So I don’t know if I could proceed with requesting project funding under Blaqk Stereo dao. Since we’ve not gotten a tag yet. @community-team @CommunityDAO @Community_Moderator


I am really happy to see the African community growing. Web3 will help Africa become even more independent. I think it’s great that you guys have made it your mission to educate people about Web3! :muscle: Music connects people! :musical_note:


Absolutely, we got so much potential here and for decades, there has only been very little to no access to resources and funding to help boost ideas and build business startups. And with the introduction of Web3, there just might be a chance for every African. And I’m super happy about this and super ready to share the good news to my community. Total and absolute independence from the government and its bodies. Web3 is our chance to check-mate the middle men that has kept people in the dark for too long.

Hi, the Community DAO is not a funding body and I’m not seeing the proposal here. And based on the strong media and video content direction in your introduction it seems you would be best served by posting your proposal on behalf of the Blaqk Stereo DAO to the Marketing DAO: [Guide] How to submit a funding proposal to the Marketing DAO

Good luck!


I wish you guys the very best.

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Thanks a lot, I appreciate. Please feel free to join our telegram. Let’s share​:pray:t5::blush:

Hello Fam

My name is KELECHUKWU popularly know as COTMUSIC, A Music producer, Rapper, Videographer and a multi instrumentalist based in Lagos Nigeria, I have been on the scene of Nigeria’s mainstream music industry, having produced and been part of major brands and projects

I joined the ecosystem late 2021 and ever since it’s has been an amazing and epic ride
I’ve been able to learn a lot and meet and work with new creatives

Huge thanks to NxM, I have also been able to successfully fund and release my first NFT project titled “FIRST WAVE”

“First Wave” is my first project as a Music producer/rapper. A project that features a smooth fusion of Afro-beat and Rap, Highlighting what it’s like to been a “YOUNG NIGERIAN” searching for a greener pasture

I have been involved in a lot of Nxm activities and challenges from Beat attack, to BAYOR EP competition and many other, I won the last Beat attack, and also was amongst the finalist in BAYOR EP competition.

Presently part of the team working on the BLAQK STEREO DAO Guinness world record




Welcome to council @cotmusic we are super looking forward to the awesome things we’ll all achieve in the community with your vast experience.

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Thanks for having me

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