[APPROVED] Antimétodo - Expondo a Proposta Criativa da Nomade Label

Hello @frado
I’m not member of Gambiarra DAO, i just part of the community, and the store!

I completly agree with you, transparence its the core of the whole community.
We brazilians, that are new in this environment, still trying to figure out exacly what is DAO, what is Guild, how to submit a proposal to Astro, and many other questions. I learn everyday, and many times i miss understand something, but but the community itself has being a place to resolve some of those doubts

Could you just, please, explain me what is a roadmap for a DAO?



Very important! Great proposal.


Hi ! how are you? i like noise music, great job!
about roadmap:
Choice send in quarters or Annual, like this:


@blusw, would you use gambiarra logo and name (inasmusch as NEAR logo and name) at the recordings or at the meetings themselves? Will there be recordings from the meetings, where they will be accessible (as youtube video) and maybe some minted NFTs on Gambiarra store relative to the process? What do you think of considering these things in your project?


@thephilosopher about NFT minted on Gambiarra store, as a Certificate of participation will be an art piece, created on the workshops.
The recorded video will be posted on Youtube, and if there will a Gambiarra Youtube channel, the videos could be available on this medium.

On forward proposals, we could develop more detailed krafts on tokenization(Minting as a counter part its not relevant at this time, in my perspective).
Crypto ticket on future, who knows??? that will be great, but i cant promise something bigger than i can do.
For now, with this budget, and this timeframe, short notices deadlines, i think this proposal is very high qualified artistic and educational content, and it was almost a miracle to join all this artist, that are on nomadelabel and at GAMBIARRA store as well.
For now this is a pilot, could be the first project of a series of workshops with other gambiarra members, i just decided to invite people that im planing for a long time to realize this kind of project. I never thought that will be possible in a enviroment like this one here.

Diego de Los Campos is minting wonderful works, Fernanda also has two pieces at gambiarra.

I think we are focused on interesting meters, that could benefit all artist community around gambiarra and near friends, cause this is the target public for attending this workshops, and the subjects are two topics very important on contemporary art:

Technology - creative programing brings freedom for digital artists, like us :slight_smile:
Diego de los Campos is the teacher of a generation of Florianópolis’s artists, specially the ones who deals with tech, experimental supports, arduino, physical works… and so on

Body - Performance art is a sec XX art form that reconstruct the notions of art, and in the present proposal, Fernanda Valdivieso work 10 years mixing medias(performance and social media as an art frame) and most recently, she has being dedicated to teaching performance.

Im not sure if this proposal feats on this DAO, but i hope this kind of proposal could inspire future ideas.
Any question about some specific details that i wasént clear, please ask me again.
I’m trying my best to overcome my issues with writing
Thanks for comprehension


Here you are, i sold your request:

I thinking this comment apply for this post too:

if you please, as a guild/dao leader, could you forward this message to the designer that made this media, to post here on high resolution?


Yes, I can, my friend. @Natashacremonese would you send to @blusw our logo in high resolution?


yes @thephilosopher its ok


ZOOM Pro account invoice =

Payment Processed

Please review your payment amount below, we have attached a PDF (89.4 KB) detailing your order and terms of your subscription.

Zoom Account Number: 5023091008
Payment Method: Credit Card
Payment Date: 01/31/2022
Amount: $149.90


Sorry, Blu, as we said on gambiarra telegram, a proposal is only funded after it is approved by gambiarra (and your proposal is already approved by gambiarra) and after the funding request is successful (and we did not receive any answers about the funding proposal for now by the creatives). I would wait for the funding in order to spend in the project.

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Hi @thephilosopher, thanks the comment.

I’m aware that i’m taking the risk to invest on this ZOOM account now, but I must work on my schedule, the class starts next week, and in the mean time, i must traveller south to take care of family matters. Than i have no time to wait and also i found a promotional price on my mailbox, so i could’nt resist.

So i just wanna to show the steps of production that i’m taking.
If it will be a mistake to do it, at least i can try to justify next months grants, as retroactive payment.

I will notice other teachers, about the possibility of not getting founds.
In one way or another, I will do my lecture(about music philosophy “Filofonia”), and i hope to see gambiarra members, and other users of this community, on this meeting, to share knowledge and experiences with other humans :slight_smile:


Maybe it got a little confused, but this account is not from Gambiarra (it’s logged into the philofonia account, a personal project), because I’m not a member, but I’m ALSO making it available for other gambiarra actions, but also OTHER activities, requested in advance subject to availability.

The email for appointments is: filofoniamf@gmail.com

I still don’t know if I’ll always have to be present at a meeting to make it happen, so if so, I’ll have to have this time availability, if not, it’s easier to schedule.

-another possible project to monetize for the DAO treasury, would be to buy such a plan, and rent it to those who want to budget for their projects, just as I did to execute my project of the Quintas Paralelas in the metaverse, I rented Parcel do Vandal, which it’s from NxM DAO, who gave the resources to my project.

charging a rent for use, the money goes back to the DAO, and with good fund management, it can further favor the financial health of the group.

-just to share what i have told Gambiarra - MintBase telegram members about how i pretend to use this account.


estarei presente na aula de programação criativa!
to bem curiosa :slight_smile:


It’s available for 4 days, the replay from tuesday’s class.
Updated on 10th feb, on our Quintas Paralelas | Linktree

Esta disponivel por uma semana a reprise da aula de terça-feira, até segunda dia 14

Tópico: Programação Criativa com Diego de los Campos - Antimétodo - Nomade Label
Data: 8 fev. 2022 06:52 da tarde São Paulo

Gravação da reunião:

Senha de acesso: YN646n=%


Im glad to announce that there will be the first use for this zoom account, that wasent from the actual proposal!

@gushlewis will teach some tricks of MAGICAvoxel on 19th and 20th


Project Report of ​​[PROPOSAL] Antimethod - Exposing Nomade Label’s Creative Proposal - for Gambiarra DAO

Project Status: Completed

  • Executed 3 art classes with Brazillian artists from different backgrounds on zoom meeting rooms. The live class was recorded and this class was available on zoom cloud for a week;
    -Uploaded on Nomadelabel’s Youtube Channel full version(for nextsteps get a biligual version on Gambiarra Youtube Channel)
    -Minted posters on Gambiarra mintbase store

Project Accounting: The online classes approaching philosophy, art and tecnologies, and performance in Portuguese, because our goal was to encrease knowlogde and different art expiriences for the community, as “cultural onboarding”, for the people comming in from Brazil get interested by the artist and what those this ecosystem bring new possibilities of art making. The material will be posted on the Gambiarra Youtube,as a documentation of our times and celebrates artists from Gambiarra, making history with Mintbase. Our tree classes was:

1 Creative Programing with the Uruguayan multimedia artist Diego de los Campo

link of full class:

minted poster:

intagram promo: Gambiarra Near on Instagram: "🔵Good Afternoon Artists! Sharing the special invitation via @nomadeagenda : 🖇Antimétodo - free online workshops Creative Programming with Diego de Los Campos Registration https://linktr.ee/5paralelas 👉02/08/22 - Creative Programming In this course we will program together basic geometric figures like circles and rectangles changing their attributes and creating algorithms of movement and behavior logic. The student must have Processing installed on their computer. https://processing.org/download 🔵About the teacher: Diego de los Campos (Montevideo, 1971). Graduated in 1997 from the Faculty of Arts, University of the Republic, Uruguay. Since 1999 in Brazil, was selected in contemporary art salons such as Piracicaba, Ribeirão Preto, Arte Pará and Natal Salon, among others. In 2011 he exhibits individually at the Victor Meirelles Museum "Simpatia", an exhibition that became itinerant by the Sesc of Santa Catarina. In 2016 he exhibits at the Blumenau Art Museum, the Sala Municipal Vichietti and the Juarez Machado International Institute, the series "Antirretratos", and at Masc, "Desenhos de um Real", 4 thousand drawings made in less than 3 minutes each, to be sold for one Real. Nominated for the 2019 Pipa Award and selected in the Rumos Itaú Cultural 2020-2021. Since 2010 he is part of the Artistic Collective Nacasa where he has his atelier and teaches multimedia art courses. #MintBasesSunday #GambiarraNear #nfts #nfts #near #blockchain #mintabse #nftcollectors #cryptocurrency #nftdrop #cryptoartist #nftcollectibles #nearnft #nftartists #mintbasesunday #artist #nftcollection #artoftheday #nftartgallery #artwork #digitalart #bhfyp"

2 Filofonia from Blu Simon Wasem

link of full class:

minted poster (airdroped 25/50 for nomadelabel+gambiarra collaborators):

​​intagram promo:

3 Performance on social media by Fernenda Valdivieso
link of full class:

Or watch all classes on the playlist:

minted poster:

​​intagram promo: @gambiarranear

Bugdet Planned:

150 usd for zoom 1 year account ( to continue the series of free online classes) (already payed, for giving continuation of this project)

150 -@blusw production and lecture

100- Diego de los Campos - teacher

100 - Fernanda Valdivieso - teacher

500 usd in near

Practical Budget:

Because of crypto oscilations, the buget for this project when from 500 USD, to 390,32 USD.
There were fixed costs, that i could not negociate, so this 109,68 USD diference was taken from Blu Simon Wasem payout amount.

Budget = 44,1 near - on 1 NEAR = 8.8710 USD

Updated costs:
Zoom account - 150USD - 16,91 Near
Teachers(2 invited) - 100 USD - 11,27 Nearx(2) 22,55 Near(200 USD). targget: fefernanda.near and diegodeloscampos.near


  • Teachers + Zoom = 350 USD - 39,46 Near

Proposal + Production + Class = 4,64 Near (41,16 USD). targget: wasem_simon.near

4,64 Near + 39,46 Near = 44.1 Near (30% loss)


    • _ +

Updated Project Timeline:

First mited poster already on Gambiarra store:

Airdroped to 25/50 for the partners and friends of this project:

On the next days, the other two posters will be also mited on Gambiarra Mintbase store.


The very high quality technical, theoretical and artistic content on this classed will serve Gambiarra DAO to have this registered on its legacy, together those other very powerful proposals of this month, ( #semanade22 #feminu and the marketing team), that Near ecosystem and Brazilian artist community are building a beautiful history together.

With this series of classes, nomadelabel supports Gambiarra DAO sharing this knowlogde thought the Youtube Channel and other internet interactions.
To reinforce this task, we’ll write a proposal to make it a bilingual content, following the path of social media planing.

Next Steps:

For March, Nomadelabel we will submit 1 proposal to continue this project, Antimétodo, to bring more visibility(with recorded classes and possible metaverse seminars on future) and continuation of this educational branch of Nomade Label, that together with Gambiarra DAO build a more connected network of artists and Near ecosystem community.

1 - Prosal of Antimetodo II -


Hi, @blusw. Thank you for your project and now for the report. I just noticed that some of the links are not present, as some banners and classes. Wouldn’t be better to submit the report with all the links? As we know NEAR is dropping its value, you can ask for your payout proposal now, but please commit here to put all the links in he report before the end of this month, because we are using your report on our general report.

You can ask for a payout proposal of 41.80 near on ASTRODAO. Next time, it would be nice if the other participants of the project could ask for their payout proposals themselves in order for them to learn how to participate on NEAR ecosystem.

I noticed that one of the classes on youtube is not with Gambiarra logo, but with Nomade Label logo, and we seem to have agreed to use Gambiarra’s logo in all produced materials, like the youtube videos. Is it right?

Again, thank you for your project on Gambiarra DAO.


Hi Philosopher.

The youtube videos full version(no editing) were hosted directly on Nomadelabel Channel so the logo was automaticly fixed on the video.


In the Report we explain that we planned to make a Gambiarra bilingual Youtube video version.

Here is the payout proposal:



How many people were present as students in each class, @blusw? And do you know how many from Gambiarra? Could you upload this info in your report? Maybe you could add also how many views on youtube, and this kind of metrics.

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It was an amazing experience to be part of each Antimétodo workshops. @DiegodelosCampos @blusw and @fefesanchez .
I am very grateful for this exchange and I can’t wait to attend the next workshops!