[Approved] 'Andrea grows' - an interactive, informative web comic about Agriculture on the NEAR blockchain

@serste as soon as this is done, we’d like to make you store of the week and talk about your project in depth!
When do you think it can be done?


Hi Maria, I’m in talks with vetrely, the artist creating the turnip glass pins, and she’s starting this upcoming week to work at them.

She’ll create 15 pins that will go to complete phase 4 alongside the other objects in the
Collector’s box. The process will take approximately two weeks.

Phase 3 is almost ready as well.

Thank you for the opportunity of being featured, is there anything I can help with?


yes, as soon as a release date is out, we can plan an interview!

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Glass pins update: work in progress for phase 4

Definitive design:

15 glass pins ‘Turnip’ in process:

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So we are entering the forth and last phase soon??? @serste

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YES! Also phase three is being finalized, here’s the latest pics of both the coloured version of the first comic strip and the 15 pins.

I will mint the physical products’ NFTs this week and generate the QR codes that will then accompany them in the Collector Box.

Should I submit two separate payout proposal or conflate the last two phases in one?

Thank you Maria, have a nice Monday morning,


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