Project members:
Nina Fraser @ninafraser
Juliana Matsumura @JulianaM

Atelier Concorde Association (AC) is financially supported by the 16 artists resident in the Atelier, having in the physical space its biggest resource. The studios of Atelier Concorde occupy 600 sqm over 3 floors. The ground floor has seven individual work spaces, five of them with double height ceiling, as well as a communal area with kitchen. On the first floor there are three individual studios and a work area with direct access to the street. The remaining studios are located in the basement. From September 2020 to April 2021, Atelier Concorde was in charge of the programming of the SUPERSONIC project, funded by CML. This project resulted in a digital platform and the formation of an international community through an online exhibition, open calls, workshops, webinars and digital residencies.

About the project

The amethyst deceiver is a purple mushroom that grows wild in forest areas across UK and Europe. Although it is safe and non-toxic, it’s often mistaken for the highly poisonous and commonly found lilac puff. A simple mis-recognition between the toxic and benign reminds us of the constant presence of the wood wide web’s darker, more poisonous side. If fungus is a communicator, it’s also a parasite, an infiltrator…and this duality provides our entry point.

Artists from Atelier Concorde explore the visualisation of conflicts between nature and modern civilisation, referring to subjects of ecology, hybridity, distortion and materiality that intertwine the artist’s individual practices. Responding to how mycelium grows and spreads, proposing its own point of tension, Atelier Concorde are working together with curator the icing room on a group show AMETHYST DECEIVER, to create an exhibition that demonstrates this entangled-ness. Using the amethyst deceiver as a prompt, each artist is taking an individual fungus as the basis for making new work.

The creation of a Zine as a tangible legacy related to our research and process. Will contain images, text, and any other relevant snippets. We intend to sell this as an NFT inside the Incubadora mintbase store.

Artists involved: Irit Batsry, Pedro Faria, Nina Fraser, Juliana Matsumura, Tiago Rocha Costa, Ana Sofia Sá, Inês Teles, Natalie Woolf
Curator: the icing room
Opening: 20 May 2022 / 18 - 23h
21 May to 27 May 2022


What we are asking for

  • Zine printing costs - print to sell in the opening - 100€ = 107,85 USD
  • Website domain and host to communicate the project - connected to the Zine through QR code - €100 = 107,85 USD

Sounds awesome to me, I want to see this happen :wink:


thanks @ninafraser !

The project is [approved] by Incubadora members. + info soon