[APPROVED] #3 : ZINE #2 : We can't all be cats


Following the idea of zine #1 to be a testing ground for future projects, so will be this new Zine proposal. Our second publication will be a standard A6 format by a resident artist of Doi.Doi DAO @atshim.

The zine will be a 24 page exploration within the collage technique and I will tell a playful story about cats and growing up.

Our previous zine was all digital so we didn’t need to worry about the colour calibration after digitalization so we need to figure out this step too while also personally learning about storytelling.

  • Illustrate and design : ZINE #2 = 300$
  • photography = 100$
  • printing = 100$
  • assembling = 200$

Sub-total: 700$

Thank you all for your consideration,
the DOI DOI team