Project Name: DoiDoi DAO


  • The art for the zine is closed. The concept for this first publication is about exploration and loneliness. It’s a graphic journey through nature and it’s hidden wonders.

  • The zine is ready to be printed! We are running some last tests for the format. We made a Leporello, this format refers to a printed folded page or pages that resembles an accordion. This zine format is also known as CONCERTINA fold. Exploring this format has been a real challenge, for creative and mostly technical reasons. The pages were printed in A3 format, front and back and they have to match perfectly to be glued together and folded. It took us a while to figure out the right method but you can see the progress in the photos below:

It’s folded in 9 parts, front and back. The beginning starts with yellow tones and the second part (reverse) it’s much more pink, resembling a sunset.

Our strategy

  • Print the zine and organize a launch date;
  • Update and launch our website;
  • Promote the zine on doidoi’s social media;
  • Create a digital integration for the publication.

Next step

  • To run some more testes so the zine so it’s well aligned front and back;
  • To print the cover and interior of the Leporello;
  • Photograph and prepare the content for social media.

Thank you all,
the DOI DOI team