[APPROVED] 3 Months rental of the Bobby's Places Parcel in CV

Thank you!

Unfortunately was not able to join your last call due to travels, looking forward to your decision then :slight_smile:

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During the call we discussed that 15 marmaj tokens would be a reasonable bounty for work on the parcel for the three months. It has been great to see Bobby’s Places having so much utilization since MutiDAO has been renting the space. The space also looks great!

Please let us know if this also seems reasonable to you/MutiDAO.

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Hey @chloe,
Thank you!
We used the previous values for orientation. Given that we received 10 MarmaJ for the work on the space previously and we had less streams, we had thought that we would use the same amount for the following 3 months. We are planning on having between 3-5 streams per month, which also including changing the space for every stream.

But we enjoy the space so much and the streaming has become a significant part of our DAO, therefore we’re happy to work with the 15 MarmaJ :slight_smile:


After further discussion amongst the council, we would be willing to increase the amount from 15 → 30 $marmaj tokens for this proposal overall if there was more of a connection with the Marma J Foundation in the proposal.

Would Muti DAO be willing to receive and distribute MarmaJ wearables at its Cryptovovels events?

We have the general wings and two MarmaJchan styles voxel heads.

Collection can be seen here: Marma J Wearables - Cryptovoxels

We would even be willing to provide an additional bonus bounty each month depending on how many people ended up receiving the wearables.

Wearable stats can be found on the wearable plage, here is an example for the wings: Cryptovoxels - Marma J Wings - Matic - Collectible

If you are open to this proposal, it would be 30 $marmaj for the 3 months of working on the parcel + giving out CV wearables. Also, there would be an additional bonus bounty at the end of each month depending on how many wearables were given away :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:.

We would discuss the bounty amount on the call with the community.



Sorry for the delay! This sounds amazing and we’d love to distribute them. Let us know what would be the best way to proceed and to work out the logistics of it :slight_smile:

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Awesome, imo this proposal is approved now for 30 marmaj for 3 months so feel free to submit the payout proposal :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:.

Also, just let me know which Ethereum address you’d like me to send the wearables to :ok_hand:t4:.

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Thank you!

I will send you the eth address from muti :slight_smile:

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Awesome, sent the wearables and some MATIC.

I’m assuming this rental period goes from December 1st to the end of February?

Do you mind adding each explorer transaction here or on the main rental post at the beginning of each month?

Rental post: [Asset Rental] Cryptovoxels Parcel - The Bronx (10 marmaj/mo)

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Yes for sure, will do!

& Yes, December - incl. February would be the rental period :slight_smile:

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Just linking in here the payment for the 3 months (Dec-incl. Feb), we sent 30 MarmaJ tokens


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Hey there :slight_smile:
Will just leave the transaction link for the distributed wearables in here for now & will send a more detailed report at the end of the month :slight_smile:

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Awesome, thanks so much! Great to see that so many wearables are getting out there <3.

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Report for December:
4 streams
24 wearables distributed if I am not mistaken :smiley:

& Hopefully many more in the next 2 months!

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report of January:

4 streams
9 wearables distributed (Metamask had an issue on one of the streams)
number of visitors per stream:

Mr Bubble
Pax 93

Pax 28

Pax 57

Maree Lawn
pax 66

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Hello again,

here is the last report/number of visitors of the rental:

pax 20

Bom Beijo
pax 58

DJ Nebraska
pax 8

pax 32

Unfortunately we have not been able to send out more wearables, as Metamask seemed to have had an issue with matic. Nevertheless we distributed a good amount in the previous month and enjoyed the time streaming in your parcel <3

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Awesome, maybe after these 3 months are over, there can be a collab between marmaj DAO x Muti DAO where the parcel is loaned out for free to support initiatives as well :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Sounds awesome, looking forward to more collaborations!

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Just getting back to this: anything specific we should do with the remaining wearables or the bounty? I believe there is also some MATIC left; it seemed to have an issue with the matic network in the last 2 months, we have not been able to send anything out.

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No worries on the MATIC or the wearables. Please feel free to continue to try and give them out as it makes sense to or as people attend naked. If it isn’t working, that is fine as well. These things happen.

It has really been great to see all of the NFTs minted of the events in Bobby’s Places Parcel and to see how much fun the Muti community has been having experimenting with the space. It seems as though it would be reasonable to have Muti DAO use the space for as long as they agree to attribute the Marmaj DAO in their marketing messaging when talking about the Bobby’s Places Gallery, as well as include the marmaj DAO (marmaj.sputnik-dao.near in NFTs that are minted using visuals of the space whenever appropriate <3 ).

The idea here is to grow the partnership between the Muti and Marmaj communities as we continue to plan events together.

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Ok thank you!

We’re currently exploring the new NEARhub space but have definitely grown fond of Bobby’s Places and all its features!

For marketing (especially twitter) when tweeting about it, we’ve added the Marmaj account and also shared guides, the NFTs and updates :slight_smile:

As for the NFTs, those have been created of the Metaverse DAO during their reports, the splits have been added by them. From what I am aware, they are not being sold but if this should happen again, we will ask them to actively add the MMJ DAO address as well!

Thanks a lot for this collab so far, looking forward to many more!