[APPLICATION] Programa de Bolsas Artísticas - gabrielsiams.near

  1. Nome e Near ID (Carteira NEAR):

Gabriel Siams / gabrielsiams.near

  1. Localização (cidade e país):

Lisboa, Portugal

  1. Contas das redes sociais (se houver):

instagram: @gabrielsiams

  1. Site ou Portfolio digital quando aplicável:


  1. Artist Statement - conte-nos sobre a sua prática artística e intenção poética; max. 5-10 frases

Gabriel Siams is a brazilian transmedia artist and has video, photography, installation, sound, sculpture and performance as their devices. Usually they works with the concepts of Identity - and its transition points; Hybridisms between the natural and the technological; Memory - physical and digital.

  1. Sinopse do projeto - de que modo esta bolsa contribuirá para o projeto? Que tipo de trabalho artístico está a pensar concluir com esta bolsa? ; max. 5 frases

Transitioning Mirrors is a project that develops from the transformation of materials, such as plastic into metal, with fire as the main transmutation tool. The series focuses on the transition points present in memory, identity, nature and technology. The fellowship will then help me to explore new technological possibilities in this series, which I have been working on for a year. And for its best development, I need greater financial resources such as the purchase of materials and supports.

  1. Exemplos de trabalhos artísticos recentes ou não - max. 4 obras (se já não estiverem disponíveis no portfolio/website/mídias sociais)

You can view my work on my website.

Thank You!


Hey, Gabriel! Thanks for your submission!

We hope to announce the results by February 1st. Good lucky :dizzy: :star_struck:


Olá, Gabriel!

Thanks for your application! We had more participants than ever and the selection process was not easy for the jury of this 3rd edition.

We used the following evaluation criteria: » Quality of Artwork » Past Experience » Fitting with Incubadora concept »Quality of application »Impact of the Stipend on the artist/project

It was a very hard decision, but unfortunately, your application was not selected for this edition.

You are more than welcome to apply again in the next rounds! Stay tuned :crossed_fingers:t5: :hugs:

Cheers :purple_heart::dizzy:

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