[Application] Marketing DAO Advisor - Wax

Hey everyone!

Would love to be considered for this position and contribute to growth of Marketing DAO

Some info about me

Background and experience:

  • Founded Wax, a NEAR KOL Twitter account, hosting 100+ Chill & Shill events with 80+ projects and founders

  • In-depth knowledge and understanding of the NEAR ecosystem, especially marketing and community side of it

  • Familiar with all Marketing DAO processes, tools, documentation, read lots of proposals

  • Proven track record of building community engagement and driving ecosystem growth

  • Excellent communication and analytical skills, able to objectively assess proposals and provide constructive feedback

Personal qualities and values:

  • Objectivity in analyzing and assessing proposals

  • Self-management and the ability to “get shit done”

  • Being a team player, committed to collaboration and collective success


I want to help improve the marketing ecosystem on NEAR, contribute to its overall success in the niche that I understand best, and make a meaningful impact on something I believe in. NEAR is my homebase and i’m passionate making my positive contribution to it

My unique advantages are deep familiarity with NEAR ecosystem, first hand experience of web3 marketing and community building on NEAR and beyond, familiarity with Marketing DAO operations, experience as a builder and long-term active member and contributor to the ecosystem;

Thank you for reading and looking forward for any feedback :slight_smile:


Wax is a great marketer and super enthusiastic about the NEAR community. We met at the Near house at Consensus and I was impressed by the insight he has on marketing and curating a community around Near. I’ve also been to some of his Twitter space. It’s not a huge space but everyone is tuned-in and the information is invaluable. I’ll highly recommend him for this role.


Firstly I would say I got introduced to $NEAR by WAX.
He has really done so well for the near community entirely, from educating new and existing users to hosting several projects and AMA on $NEAR ecosystem. He has shown assertiveness and consistency over several months with most especially the wonderful community(NEAR CHILL AND SHILL) which he has used to impact and educate thousands of newbie into the protocol.


Wax is one of the top KOLs in NEAR Ecosystem who has consistently showed results in community building and giving a platform for new projects to come and share what they are building on NEAR.

Personally, i was introduced to NEAR by Wax Chill& Shill spaces.

I really like the way he handles the spaces and keeps the community active. So, i think Wax would be an ideal candidate for the aforementioned role.

Goodluck, Wax!


I think that the application put forward by Wax to join the Marketing DAO and contribute to its growth is a great idea. As someone who was introduced to the NEAR ecosystem by Wax, I can say that he has a wealth of knowledge and experience when it comes to this space. He’s been an invaluable resource to me and have helped me understand the ins and outs of the ecosystem. He’s what I would call a mentor.
I believe that adding Wax’s skills and experience to the Marketing DAO would be a positive step forward. His dedication to growth and development would surely make a significant impact on the entire NEAR community.


Wax is such a great dude am sure and confident he’s going to do well in this position


Wow all this while I thought Wax was already part of the Near Marketing DAO. I can categorically speak for myself that I picked interest in Near with the help of WAX. He host a space at least 3 times in a week called Near Chill and Shill where he invites many projects solely on Near and sometimes Aurora to come shill there project and also unboard new users to Near generally. I’m very confident that WAX would be a great asset to this DAO and would help unboard many more users if given the full support and opportunity. I can’t think of any one else who is more fit for this position :100:


Wax introduced me to the Near ecosystem system and I got to know and love what they are building.
I held my first near token after winning a giveaway on wax Ama Twitter space which is held twice a week… thanks to wax for all his efforts on educating community members on the potential of the Near Blockchain. I don’t think I would have had any idea on what Near is without the help of Wax


Who better than Wax, who has literally spoken to almost every unknown project on near and Aurora. Actually, he can screen projects during his spaces.


This seems like a perfect natural fit - Wax has shown great commitment and passion for the innovation, growth, and community building in the NEAR Ecosystem (& Beyond).


Wax is very knowledgeable of the NEAR landscape and just a great vibe. During Consensus I had the opportunity to meet him IRL and discuss ecosystem details for a week, and I’m convinced he’s a great fit for an official role within NEAR.


Wow I knew lots of people learned about NEAR form my spaces but didn’t expect such prominent contributors to be among them. Thank you

Wax is more than qualified for this role. I believe he will be a strong advisor for the marketingdao and a great pick. His work on broadcasting near to the world speaks for itself.

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We have been following Wax’s work for a while now, and I can say that he’s one of the people doing the most for marketing on NEAR.

Besides that, all of our interactions have shown great opportunities to market ourselves for the ecosystem and grow together.

You have our support!