[Announcement] Resignation as Marketing DAO Council

I am stepping down from my role as Marketing DAO Council.

I have a very long track record of community governance and first principles approach to fighting for accountability and high standards dating all the way back to my opposition to the House of Guilds, and more recently of Creatives DAO and even NDC budgets.

I have also contributed openly over time with posts such as A Vision for Grassroots DAOs, which principles such as Default Dead have not been adopted by GWG and Marketing DAO Charter.

I’ve been the mastermind behind:

  • the revised Guidelines for Assessment of Proposals, which set a very high standard for accessing community funding from Marketing DAO. This successfully stopped a growing trend of low quality and scam applications.
  • the Marketing DAO Charter. Which is the gold standard for what the DAO should be.

I have always taken a proactive, principled approach, notwithstanding the most adverse conditions that include relentless, personal attacks and inadequate compensation that puts me below minimum wage for my home country.

Despite the toxic, worsening environment of NEAR governance, I believed this fight is worth fighting.

Sadly, it has recently become clear to me that I have become a minority within the Marketing DAO governance while also being the public face of the DAO. I am no longer able or willing to stand by an organisation, and to cover for a group of people, that are not living up to community expectations. As my attempts to bring the DAO closer what the Charter requires it to be have been rejected, I have decided to part ways.

Preparing for this moment, I pushed very hard for an Advisors program. It has been great to see quality talent come forward and I hope the DAO is able to grow past this and evolve with new talent in accordance to the expectations set up in the Charter.

Next Steps

  1. I will continue to work on the Trust and Charter and ensure those processes are finalised.
  2. I am up to date with all proposals for the month of March
  3. I will assist with the onboarding of new Advisors
  4. AstroDAO proposal to officially remove me from DAO.
  5. Pending conversation to assess whether it is still appropriate for me to be a Trustee of the Marketing DAO Trust (under what circumstances I would be willing to take on that role).



Big loss, IMHO. Your points in different discussions are always important, detailed, weighted and specific.

I perceive this step as another alarm signal about the state of NEAR Governance.


I learned greatly from your comments when I first joined the Guild program in 2021 and I have watched the kind pillar you have provided to the Marketing DAO especially when the Near Governance restructured while the NF Core members were leaving the governance in the auspices of the community.

AVB’s resignation and the manner in which it has happened rises questions in the Near governance which gives a million reasons of worry to the community. Whereas some of the reasons he raises in this announcement and in his recent proposal may not carry enough information to someone who does not sit on the MArketing DAO meetings, every one must worry of how “decentralised” the Near governance is.

@satojandro I support your individual decision for such a step as I would do the same as it is important to compromise your standards especially with the dedication and sacrifice you have rendered to the Marketing DAO.
All the best in your next endeavours.


Hello,Great news! The political and conflict of interest epoch ended when AVB left MDAO, and now it’s time to build and elect a new council on AVB’s space.

Thanks for your great job!

A great loss for MDAO. True Near believer.


The NEAR Ecosystem has been loosing many OG’s, people that had been compromised during first days, working during months, and leaving without return.

Many of them by having their own vision on how things should be done, sadly.

I think we have shiny yellow flag (close to red) that something should be done to have a more brilliant ecosystem where anyone can grow and Most Valuable Players persist on the time .

Is NDC the way to fix this? @blaze

Or is NF? @MarcusNEAR @DavidM-D

Or is by NEAR community and believers by themselves?

Hope we can find a way, before more valuable people leave.

Thanks for the support AVB :saluting_face:


Thanks for all supporting, and good Luck in your new journey.

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MDAO councils are going to miss you, thank you for your support and great job for the ecosystem.

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Your contributions have been invaluable to the ecosystem. NEAR stands to lose a lot. Hope things can be fixed.


Your work’s been a total game-changer for the NEAR ecosystem. It’s gonna sting if we lose you. Seriously hoping we can iron out these kinks.

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I applaud AVB’s courage. Clearly he is taking a stand for his principles.

Wish there were more transparency from these DAOs about the specifics. Hard for outsiders to comment without knowing more. That in itself may be part of the problem. It sounds like situation cannot be remedied from within the current structure.


Hello,ecosystem is not loosing OG. AVB is a part of your MetaPool team, NEKO coin founder, Misfits.

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Well…sad to see this.

Imo…throughout the various ecosystem dramas - and there have been some :upside_down_face:…AVB’s “north star” was an aspiration for that early 2021 vision of what NEAR could be…“The Shining City on the Hill” of Web3…etc :+1:

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Hey AVB, Just want to first and foremost express my appreciation of all you have done, and continue to do for the NEAR Ecosystem/Community. As the web3 space is a new frontier, as with any pioneering initiatives, there will come with them inevitable growing pains. Despite this, you never waver in the face of adversity, and as you shift your focus to other initiatives, I know you’ll crush whatever you do (more WUI Pod? :wink:). And remember that I’m always here, whether you want to bounce off ideas or simply share updates :+1:


On repeated occasions through the forum I had the opportunity to receive comments and feedback from AVB that helped to concretize great ideas for LATAM. His comments were always highlighted by their punctuality, clarity, and objectivity, so it only remains to thank him for the work and the legacy he leaves here.

I consider it vital that the people who represent communities always invite us to keep growing in a positive way.
Keep building and see you later, master :handshake:


Thank you for all of the hard work, blood sweat and tears you have put into the marketing DAO and NEAR governance. I have learned countless things from your feedback and truly appreciate the benefit you have given the NEAR ecosystem. Your absence in the marketing DAO council will be felt. :sob:


Never stop providing critical feedback and never stop BUIDLing. All the best in your next venture. I’ll grab you a beer the next time our paths cross :beers:


All the best as you soar in your new adventure… You did well and we trust you would do better and better.

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Yes, one of the key focus areas of the NDC is to Revitalize the NEAR Community. Here are the three core objectives NDC is working on:

NDC Mission

  1. BuiDL Web3 Gov on NEAR
  • Governance, core principles, guidelines and processes and procedures
  1. Restore Funding to Grassroots Community
  • Constellations with Charters and Budgets
  1. Reboot NEAR Community
  • Let Community BuiDL Web3 Gov Contribution + Rewards

#source about NDC
^ #gov #moving #onchain


I wanted to like this post but I must admit that I find it difficult to genuinely endorse this particular development. Nevertheless, I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude. Thank you for investing your time and energy into this endeavor, for the tremendous efforts you have made, and for the countless opportunities you have presented. Most importantly, I want to express my sincere appreciation for your role in shaping a decentralized future.