[Announcement] Marketing DAO Trust completed


The Marketing DAO has completed a major milestone in the decentralization of the NEAR ecosystem. We have:

  • Completed the setup of our Guernsey Purpose Trust. The trust structure will enable the assets of the Marketing DAO to be held within the legal structure to be deployed to the community by the Trustees who are bound to work for the benefit of the Marketing DAO community. This allows for more independence of the Marketing DAO in treasury management, whilst ensuring that it continues to be aligned with the NDC goals.

  • Appointed three Trustees and an Enforcer to oversee the operation of the Trust. The trustees @johanga @Sine and myself are all long standing members of Near community and will oversee the operation of the Trust. The enforcer is an expert in Web3 who will provide valuable advice and oversight.

A big thanks to the Near Foundation legal team - Bianca, Markus, Shreyas, NDC legal team (William), Blaze and our great Community who made all this possible!

The relationship between the Trust and DAO is outlined in the Marketing DAO Charter (link). In simple terms - the decision making body will continue to be the DAO council members and the Trustees are responsible for execution of their decisions. The council will continue to review proposals from the community and allocate funds.

To ensure that we are providing best value for the community, we will be reaching out to key projects building on Near to understand more about their marketing requirements. If you are looking for marketing support feel free to get in touch!


This is good news :blush: @cryptocredit another grassroots ready to start receiving funding from the CT (Community Treasury) glad to see your trust completed , kudos to that.
is it something you would want to AMP around the NEAR Community? So the Announcement can reach a wider audience.
We Can help you with that I & My Colleagues the NDC Mods :ok_hand:


@Psalmy absolutely! Feel free to spread the word. We are looking forward to collaborate with NDC and the rest of the community


Fantastic! Congratulations for a job well done.


This is a good news and we hope much more!


Congrats, great milestone! Onward and upward :raised_hands:



  • Can you please also add the name and details of Trustess and Enforcer
  • What happens next? Would be great to have some guidance as to what this means for applicants. Do we continue to apply on forum > Poll > KYC + Ironclad to NF, etc? Delays? Etc.

  • When is Marketing DAO having elections?


Post ammended to include trustee tags. We will be making a separate post to introduce the Enforcer.

Expect regular updates as we transition to working with NDC.


Thank you Carl,

I note that @sine profile on forum was created hours after I asked for information on Trustess and his profile remains blank to this date.

Can you or someone else please provide information on who these Trustees are?

Also, can you confirm that you are simultaneously a Council member and Trustee? When are you stepping down as Council member to remain as Trustee?

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Hi Carl, The India regional hub website is not working now, Wanted to apply for grants for marketing project, may I know what’s the process to raise the grant proposal?

Hey @saicharan4b8

The website is no longer functional because the India Hub was deprecated a few months ago. I’d encourage you to join the Near India community on Telegram and see how you can get involved and add value: Telegram: Contact @nearindia :slight_smile: